Hanson tells cops that Cable broke his jaw

Though the story has migrated away from the back burner since the start of the regular season, it’s not going away.

And that’s not good for the Raiders.

According to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, Raiders defensive assistant Randy Hanson has told Napa police that Raiders coach Tom Cable broke Hanson’s jaw during an early-August confrontation.

Hanson’s lawyer, John McGuinn, declined to delve into the details, but McGuinn said that it was a “textbook case of felony assault.”

Hanson was interviewed by authorities investigating the case on Friday night.

Hanson initially declined to press charges when he sought treatment for the injury.  As we’ve heard it, he wanted to avoid publicity.  Once the matter became public — and once Cable flatly denied (directly and through former college teammate Mark Schlereth of EPSN) that anything had happened — Hanson’s mindset apparently changed.

According to McGuinn, Raiders defensive coaches Lionel Washington, John Marshall,
and Willie Brown were present in the room when the incident occurred.  It’s unknown whether they’ve been interviewed by authorities, and what if anything they saw.

33 responses to “Hanson tells cops that Cable broke his jaw

  1. Cable should have punched all of the guys at Mcdonalds, Burger King, Carls Jr, In and Out, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, Arbys, and Pizza Hut, whose been selling Grub to his QB

  2. Cable should have broken JaMarcus’ jaw. Maybe it could have landed him on the IR list, and the Raiders would be better off at QB, since ANYONE would be an upgrade.

  3. In the offseason, I thought by now Garcia would be running the offense, and they would be a competitive team.
    Gannon was right, only a king size enema can fix this.

    Sour grapes Schlereth continues to make an ass of himself. He and cable are such douchebags.

  5. The level of stupidity within this franchise is amazing. And fantastic, for a fan of any other team in the AFC West.
    The Raiders are an embarrassment to the league. As long as Al “President of the General Pants-Crapper” Davis is in charge, no one need worry about this pathetic bunch.
    Look at every other coach in the league. Then look at Cable. Look at the fans in any other city, then look at the Black (Bung) Hole.
    Can the picture get any clearer?

  6. It’s good that Hanson’s attorney weighed in with his opinion. Up until that point I wasn’t sure if the assault ever occurred.

  7. Oops, looks like there may soon be one less human soul in Raiduhland for Arch Lich Al Davis to feast upon.

  8. Couldn’t help but notice yesterday that stupid mohawk Offthemarcus was sporting and those rediculous diamond earrings. Yeah he’s gonna lead us alright…….right into the crapper….If big Al still has a pair he should cut the lazy, fat bastard and find a reason not to pay him like Shanahan and Kiffin……..

  9. Huh, where are the usual parrots? I’d have thought for sure that we’d hear from the True Believers by now…

  10. Take it easy, slow down, remember this is only one persons account of the events.
    There are 4 other people still employed by the Raiders who may have seen something entirely different…

  11. Shouldnt a (fellow california) Lawyer know that its a textbook BATTERY, not an assault?
    Assault is a present attempt or threat to commit a battery. If successful, its no longer an assault.
    (its like the new PC term for rape: Sexual assault. If there is physical contact, it is in no way an assault. Its a Battery).
    That said, Cable looks not long for this job, but still, there are only 32 teams, so expect his subordinates to minimize what happens, or just claim “I aint see nothin, I aint hear nothin, I dont know nothin ’bout nothin.”

  12. As a Raiderfan, nothing surprises me anymore, even this. This team is on the verge of another nervous breakdown. The locker room finger pointing can’t be far off.
    In true leaderless form, Jamarcus got the ball rolling by calling out his receivers. If he truly meant it, you’d think he would’ve done this in private, instead of via the media.
    Gannon’s right; this thing needs to get “blowed up.” The Raiders are debacled for 2009.
    Al Davis’ mission this offseason:
    1)Draft a new QB of the future
    2)Hire a new head coach; no more sticking with whomever the interim coach may possibly be during this season
    3)Allow that coach to bring his guys in; all of them
    4)Hire a GM
    5)Stop meddling with personnel decisions.
    6)Get out of his own way.

  13. I think the league should suspend him. Then he should have to meet with Roger Goodell to be allowed back in, and make speeches on behalf of anger management or violence or something.

  14. DAMN IT T.O. i don’t know how but someone will figger out a way to blame him lol
    Al (elvis) Davis is the one who needs a beating, he will keep (soon to be) convict cable, hire mangini in a few weeks when he gets fired ….. then bring in pacman jones, tank, t.o., vick, burress, oj (running backs coach) stallworth, who’s the ex-detroit wideout that just iolated probation driving high with no license?
    get yer tickets early for the parole bowl …. a few changes will be made. quarters last 12 1/2 – 15 minutes with good behavior, if called for a major penalty you have 3 minutes to appeal it to the jury (instead of cheerleaders) your attorney will be on the bench. …………… i really need to start drinking decaff

  15. Tom Cable should be the new coach for the “Mean Machine.” Or….. they need to get a pay-per view boxing event going.
    Tom (Tubby) Cable VS. Rex (The Next) Ryan

  16. Shocker, Willie Brown does’nt need his laptop. Something is fishy here. Why would the lawyer say he is secretly coaching DB’s? His ability to get another NFL job is done for a few years at least. Is he trying to take credit for Huff’s emergence? I don’t get why the atty would toss that in. Is it a shot that AD doesn’t know what’s goin on? Seems like a comment that can only hurt, not help. Are the guys chanting Cable, Bomaye!, bypassing Lionel Washington and asking for extra help away from the facility? Seems incredible. Are they meeting in his basement? A HS field?
    Huff gives all credit to Nam for his film work. Mitchell wouldn’t really know Hanson. Nam is his own tutor. Bowie rarely plays. Routt is awful, no one should want credit for way he played in first 2 games. That leaves Eugene, Branch and Johnson. Should be easy enough to ask them if it’s true. If not a seemingly credible story about Cable breaking his jaw, loses cred if he lied about this.

  17. @twinkletoes nice to see a pragmatic Raiders fan, you got the order a little wrong though. If he’s bringing in a HC before a GM that’d be kind of strange. Most GMs make that decision along with the rest of personnel decisions on the football side. As much as I dislike the Raiders as a Chiefs fan I want to see them (and the Chiefs) be better, and make those rivalry games into a bigger deal like they used to be.

  18. redstorm, nice touch …. i forgot carruth ….
    IWanttoPunchFloriointheFace says:
    September 28, 2009 11:20 PM
    Hey Drafty and phootballphag, come on over so I can Cable both you idiots…
    why???? don’t be embarassed because you don’t understand the humor, besides phootballphreak is my son and he would enjoy taking you apart
    we didn’t insult you or try to incite anyone, so lose the tude
    we come here to laugh and learn
    now, have a great day

  19. Tom Cable has proven himself to be just one helluva football coach. i think everyone would agree with that (snickersnickersnicker)
    now hes gone and shown that he is also one of the classiest guys around by punching out an asst coach.
    what a classy top notch pro.
    now if you were a free agent wouldnt you want to go
    to oakland and play with J Russ and be coached up by
    Tom ‘punchem out’ Cable.
    what a flaming POS
    and a fine example for the youth of america as well
    (including those whos last name is Cable)

  20. Cable shouldn’t have done it and thus should pay the price, but word has it that Hanson has been a whiney undermining ferrett at every team he’s worked for. I’d be suprised if he works in the NFL again.

  21. twinkletoes says:
    September 28, 2009 10:13 PM
    As a Raiderfan, nothing surprises me anymore, even this.
    Al Davis’ mission this offseason:
    1)Draft a new QB of the future
    2)Hire a new head coach; no more sticking with whomever the interim coach may possibly be during this season
    3)Allow that coach to bring his guys in; all of them
    4)Hire a GM
    5)Stop meddling with personnel decisions.
    6)Get out of his own way.
    Twinkletoes, I like your dedication to your team. Raiders fans are certainly among the most dedicated in the league. They have to be to hang on this long with this much hope.
    But really, your list of the things Al Davis must do in the offseason to make the team better omits the one and only chance the team has for success.
    Just die baby.
    Until he is gone there is no hope for the team to be successful. He is the root of all evil and failure.
    So Al if you care about your fans (he doesn’t), Just die baby. Go away peacefully, but just go away.

  22. I know a guy who hit another guy in the nose with his elbow (accidentally, he claims; part of a basketball game) and was sentenced to 19 months for assault 2. I’m sure Cable would have a much better lawyer, but jail time is possible.

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