Jets receiver Clowney gets benched over Twitter comments

Jets wide receiver David Clowney has written a new chapter in the growing book about players doing things they later regret on Twitter.

Clowney’s words had repercussions quickly.  They got him planted on the bench by Jets coach Rex Ryan.

The offending tweet was pretty tame.  After the Jets win over the Patriots, Clowney wrote: “1 play in the 1st Half, 4 plays in the 2nd half . . . A bit disappointed
about my playing time but very happy and satisfied about the win.”

Ryan found out about the comments, and decided to bench Clowney completely for Sunday’s game against Tennessee.

“I was upset with him,” said Ryan.  “No individual is bigger than the team.”

36 responses to “Jets receiver Clowney gets benched over Twitter comments

  1. “It’s also an example of how Ryan is putting his imprint on the Jets, even if it’s easier to make a statement while using a player who wasn’t contributing much in the first place.”
    Yeah, probably wouldn’t bench Cotchery for doing this, but who knows, Rex Ryan is just crazy enough he might. At least everyone in the locker room knows where the line is now, even if they claimed they didn’t before.
    For all his talk, Rex is definitely giving the Jets an identity, I’ll give him that. Good job so far, but like last year, alot can go wrong in a hurry.

  2. Looks like another example of ownership and the league slapping fines on players for everything possibly justifiable under the CBA in order to give them a straw man to go after in the next round of negotiations. There’s absolutely nothing he said wrong there at all. A guy only gets in on 5 plays, if he isn’t disappointed and wanting more playing time, that’s when coaches should be concerned. Instead the league will continue to throw fines at players to the tune of $100’s of $1,000’s of dollars every week for questionably late hits, and Napoleon complex coaches who’ve never done anything to deserve the respect of their players like Mangini will continue to hand out fines for telling the truth. This shows how truly bad the NFLPA is compared to the MLB Players Union. No way the MLBPA would have ever agreed to a system where there isn’t a neutral arbitrator to appeal fines to.

  3. Wow Rex is really trying to be a tough guy eh ? Nicky Barnett tells Packer Fans to kiss his ass and he gets nothing.

  4. LOL, Ryan is due for a fall. First he mouths off. Then his players mouth off and he says he dowdn’t mind as long as they play well. Then a player runs his mouth, doesn’t say ANYTHING against the team, and he gets benched. Starting to sound like a mouthier version of Mangini.
    All the player said was he was disappointed with his playing time, but satisfied with the results. He didn’t say that the Jets SHOULD have played him more, or that they were stupid for not playing him more, and Ryan gets all bent out of shape. Another micromanaging egomaniac coach for the Jets. The fall is coming, and it is gonna hurt. Just don’t know if it will happen before or after the Jets get busted for cheating again, or if it will come before or after Ryan starts charging 1,000 fines for hotel incidentals.

  5. Pretty pointless, really. I’m not sure that a message needed to be sent. His team is playing balls out. Clowney wants to be more a part of that. I’d be more concerned about the guy if he didn’t want to be a bigger part of the offense.

  6. Mr Wizard these are grown men….you’re just a hater that’s mad these “children” as you refer to them are making more than you. Haters always gotta hate! LOL

  7. Hey the best part is he got his game check to sit and watch
    This sucks I get paid to sit on my ass and do nothing no one hitting me no running that will show him Rex
    Wake up call next week when you get to play a NFC team
    Also who did Rex get to read the tweat to him?

  8. Should have fined Sancho for that ‘stache he tried to rock yesterday. Did his BF dump him for that thing?

  9. The “MORE VICK/FAVRE!!1!” comments are just as annoying as the abundance of stories about them, just much less informative.
    That said, Rex is a bad dude.

  10. Choke-O Stink-O to Rex: “Child Please”…
    I guess we can call this the Clowney rule… lets see if Rex does anything the next time Bart Scott runs his mouth…

  11. The generation that fought WWII is often called America’s greatest generation. This generation will be known as America’s dumbest given their penchant for self publishing damaging information about themselves on the Internet.

  12. I read the tweet after the pats game and thought it was BS. Hours after the team puts the pats down..first time in 8 YEARS and you are disappointed in your playing time? He deserves to sit.
    and of course its easier to sit Clowney..but I don’t think you’d get STARTERS like Scott or Sanchez talk about their disappointment in their playing time. But I bet if Thomas Jones did it, Rex would react the same way.

  13. Are you guys idiots, of course he wouldn’t bench any of the starters for saying this, because they wouldn’t say this. I bet you can’t guess why. If you said because they are starters, you are correct. Starters don’t have anything to complain about when it comes to playing time.

  14. “I was upset with him,” said Ryan. “No individual is bigger than the team.”
    In Ryan’s case, I think he may be bigger than the team.
    a lot bigger

  15. What is punishable about that? A player is writing on his personal page that he would like to play more. That doesn’t mean he thinks he is bigger than the team, but even if he thinks he is, what the hell is wrong with that? Think about it, whether a player tweets about his big toe or about how much PT he gets, each statement has the same effect on how the team plays on Sunday. None. So why punish the player?

  16. TheBigOldDog says:
    September 28, 2009 7:51 PM
    “The generation that fought WWII is often called America’s greatest generation. This generation will be known as America’s dumbest given their penchant for self publishing damaging information about themselves on the Internet.”
    And this generation is waiting patiently (while surfing) for the previous generation to die already and leave us the hell alone.
    On a side note: Thanks!

  17. Ryan will get kudos for running a tight ship. If Mangini had done the same thing, there’d be articles calling him an overbearing and out of touch taskmaster. That’s the difference between 3-0 and 0-3.

  18. As a coach you cannot let the players drift off into thinking about their own stats. (Their greedy grasping, slithering agent do enough of that). The focus of every player must remain on the team. Yes, coaches have egos. Yes, owners like control. But they are the face of the team the players have to pull togeather.
    “TheBeave” appears to have never played the game and certainly never coached. One can only imagine how such comments go over with the other players in the locker room (picture large angry offesive linemen here).
    The technology is seductive however, a player simply cannot tweet, email, or blog anything he would not say in a press conference in front of a camara.
    I am as far from being a Jets fan as there can be however, the Coach is right!

  19. Had to look this up based on Kerry Rhodes most recent comments on twitter last night after the loss to the dolphins. I wonder if Rex will do anything about Rhodes throwing Revis under the bus on twitter last night?
    From Kerry @NFLsmack u must have lost ur mind I don’t blow coverages big dawg that td wasn’t on me learn football. But I won’t throw a teammate under the bus
    Hopefully the Jets get it together next week against the Bills and cool the banter on twitter. Last thing they need is more suspensions.

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