T.O. keeps hammering on Harrison

Bills receiver Terrell Owens, who has five catches for 98 yards and one touchdown in three full games, doesn’t like to be criticized by the media.

The latest target of T.O.’s retaliation is NBC’s Rodney Harrison, who called Owens a “clown” during Football Night In America.

Last night, Owens posted multiple tweets asking Harrison, who was suspended for HGH possession two years ago, to send steroids to the Bills’ facility.

Today, Owens is at it again, Twitter style.

We’ll defer to the chain of tweets.  Basically, Owens continues to chide Harrison for taking HGH.

Owens also reflects, Twitter style, on his current predicament, explaining that he has been thinking about what he can do to help the team, and pointing out that it’s the first time his team ever has been 1-2, and that it’s the first time he has been held without a catch in a game since his rookie year of 1996.

And he’s right about that.  His last game without a catch came on October 14, 1996, more than two months before the last time the Cowboys won a postseason game.

But he’s wrong when he says it’s the first time his team has been 1-2.  The 49ers were 1-2 in 2003, and 0-3 in 2000.

He probably forgets that because both seasons ended up being forgettable.  And, eventually, he’ll be hoping to forget all about what surely will be his only season in Buffalo.

36 responses to “T.O. keeps hammering on Harrison

  1. They should argue who is the bigger douchebag, because that’s what they both are. Perfect for each other.

  2. TO….why are you listening to Rodney. Can’t stand him on SNF…..he is so full of himself. They need to get rid of him and get Tikki or Bettis back….at least they had something good and bad to say about people. All Rodney does it put players down. He sits back in that chair like he is god or something…..what and ass for a personality.

  3. Your predatory remarks toward T.O are becoming very hackneyed. It’s a shame, PFT used to be very informational and enlightening about the NFL, but now that you’re under the NBC umbrella your opinionated rants and attention grabbing headlines are nothing short of the mindless status quo. Maybe you wish T.O would shoot back at you, thus giving you publicity, which seems like the very thing that bothers you about NFL players. Hypocrite. With articles like these, you no longer have the right to mock ESPN. But hey, at least you’re rich now.

  4. Keep at it TO…It’s about time someone called out ESPNFL’s cast of characters, whether they are juiceheads, criminals, or guys unable to complete a sentence. What are the odds ESPN would hire a baseball player even accused of steroid use? And it was probably the first time Harrison used them. And will Harrison respond to any of this like Golic did?

  5. That T.O. sure is a rebel. Yep, knows how to stir the pot and everything. Yessirree he’s a rare breed – a muckraking WR. Wonder how someone who’s more popular than Mr. T can stand just living in his own skin.

  6. I usually don’t agree with anything that comes out of T.O.’s mouth, but he’s absolutely right on this one. Harrison was a cheat and a cheap shot artist.
    Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones with HGH-enhanced arms.

  7. So does T.O. think he acts like a clown, and drops passes, because he has not yet been caught taking HGH or steroids?

  8. Someone should tell that idiot TO that steroids only make you stronger, they don’t help you catch the ball. He needs stick em, not steroids.

  9. Amazingly, T.O. has found a way to make himself look good – by calling out one of the all-time goons in the NFL for juicing and cheating.
    Smart move! Give those PR ladies a bonus this week, Terrell.

  10. “Bills receiver Terrell Owens, who has five catches for 98 yards and one touchdown in three full games, doesn’t like to be criticized by the media.”
    This coming from the guy who directly responded to people when the story you broke was being questioned about a month ago. Who likes to be criticized? God forbid he responds to something the media says, because the media is allowed to say whatever they want and people should just live with it.

  11. “Bigbluefan says:
    September 28, 2009 6:59 PM
    Hey TO look north your next team is right there across the river
    The CFL”
    I, for one, am happy you clarified.
    No I’m not, that’s sarcasm.

  12. I’m confused as to why Terrell got upset with Harrison in the first place. It couldn’t be that he thinks he’s not a clown, could it?

  13. It’s interesting that out of all of the posters here that have bashed Harrison for his comments, not one has attempted to dispute them.
    Guess Rodney was right. T.O. is a clown.

  14. Damn Florio are you required to take a shot at the Cowboys every chance you get? What the hell, does your wife have a crush on Romo or something?

  15. TO = Hall of Fame. Harrison = Has been voted dirtiest player in the NFL multiple times. Who’s the clown here?

  16. Harrison is a cheater. I dont give a shit when he used them, if they were used while injured to help him back on the field than he cheated. Other players were not afforded that luxury. I cant believe NBC hired this douche bag.
    Nice play in the superbowl rodney, couldnt even dislodge a ball from a guys helmet.

  17. T.O. isn’t a clown….he’s a fool! A kid that didn’t get enough attention and is making up for it. Rodney was a team player. Something T.O. has yet to learn.
    This was a desperate move by Juaron…Let the games begin! Wait till he gets cabin fever once the Montreal Express blows a couple of feet of snow on Buffalo…..ought to be entertaining…

  18. For all of you that talk all the shit about T.O. and dropping balls and saying hes a fool blah blah blah, how about you get into a game a (NFL game not highschool or college game) and see how well you do i bet you everything i got that all of you get destroyed in that game and you prolly wont catch one ball either. I think you all need to stop and think about what Owens needs to go threw week in and week out, to be a top WR in this game.

  19. There you go flori-ho. Take a cheap shot at the cowboys randomly throughout the day.
    Comments like that one make you the biased piece of shit that you are. You have ZERO integrity, ZERO credibility.
    Real football reporters laugh when they hear your name….

  20. LMAO, comments about having to play in the NFL before you can criticize. That is priceless. Wake up! NFL self-anointed “superstars” are supposed to make those catches. They are supposed to go to the ball and make plays rather than giving up if the ball doesn’t land in their hands. In the NFL, if you are complaining that you don’t get enough balls, you should probably be catching the ones you DO get before you can expect more. The ball goes to the player(s) that are making things happen out there.
    TO (or his agent) once said he has 25 million reasons to want to play, or something to that effect. Don’t know what he is getting paid now, but I bet the Bills think they have a few million reasons to expect him to catch the damn ball!
    About the Tweets: If I were commissioner of the league, I would fine TO over these Tweets. Asking someone to send you steroids, and continuing to bring up steroid use like this is bad for the league. First, the whole classless thing is bad for the league’s image. Second, repeatedly bringing up someone’s steroid/HGH use is also bad for the league. Unfortunately the league has never dealt well with technology. Don’t think they are about to start.

  21. you guys should list the tweets here for those of us who can’t view twitter from work. a buddy told me how hilarious they were, would have loved to see them.

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