Chiefs deal Thigpen to Dolphins

The Dolphins moved to improve their depth at quarterback Tuesday following Chad Pennington’s season-ending shoulder injury, acquiring Tyler Thigpen from the Chiefs for an undisclosed draft pick.

Originally claimed off waivers from the Vikings in 2007, Thigpen went on to start eleven games for Herm Edwards’ 2008 Chiefs, impressing fantasy owners but not many others while putting up a lot of passing yardage in the team’s spread offense. 

Thigpen became obsolete when Todd Haley took over as the head coach, falling to third on the depth chart behind Matt Cassel and Brodie Croyle.  This is the second trade between new Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli and his father-in-law Bill Parcells.   (So do they talk family before Thigpen, after, or not at all?)

Thigpen will likely settle into the role of Chad Henne’s primary backup in Miami, with Pat White remaining an active part of the Wildcat formation. Thigpen is also very athletic and has experience with gimmicky offenses, so he could be another tool for the Dolphins to use when they go to the Wildcat.

To Ron Jaworski’s dismay and Jon Gruden’s delight, Miami figures to use the formation more than ever with Pennington out for the year.

34 responses to “Chiefs deal Thigpen to Dolphins

  1. hopefully it’s just getting the pick we traded for Ndukwe and Alleman back.
    Although, a QB with starting experience should probably return more than two backup linemen.
    but family is family, and you don’t really want to piss off your father-in-law this close to thanksgiving.

  2. Wait for it in the next few post. “What does the Thigpen deal mean to the future of The Honorable Sir Patrick White?”

  3. Did I just see an Ad for Harrah’s of Reno on this site?
    You might want to remove that to avoid any conflict of interest accusations…

  4. my opinion on this will depend on what pick was given up.
    i was against giving up any picks for another QB as we need all of our picks to build this team. we’re not a single player away from competing, so giving up a pick is stupid (unless it’s for a top-flight WR who can, (gasp), CATCH a ball).
    hopefully the pick is no higher than 6th, but i’m guessing it will be a 4th or 5th.
    i don’t mind thigpen though – i think he’s better than most give him credit for.

  5. I was wondering when that would happen. I hope
    the Chiefs received at least a third round pick.We
    better hope Casseland Croyle can stay healthy with our terrible offensive front line!!! if not we are in trouble!!

  6. Parcells is actually not the GM. He is the VP of Operations. So Pioli would not call Parcells, he would call the GM.
    Everyone, get this straight: Parcells is not the GM, he is the VP of Ops. Please stop assuming that every single move this club makes goes through him. If you are going to do that, then be consistent and say that about EVERY VP of Operations.
    That is all.

  7. I second that chief.
    Probably just returned KC’s pick to KC.
    KC doesn’t need him, and he’s more serviceable than Pat White. Good trade for both teams.

  8. Thigpen played alright last year for the Chiefs. Henne has never been good so this situation should be watched.

  9. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? TYLER THIGPEN?!?!?!? Of all of their options, they choose tyler thigpen?! ughhhh…..

  10. It seems dumb to trade for Thigpen, the Dolphins should use Pat White and give him a chance and see how he does as the starter they are already behind the 8 ball. It goes without saying that White was a winner in college and cant do any worse than Pennington.

  11. As a dolfan I like this move because Thigpen’s a young, agile QB that showed last year he can chuck the football (and I’m not sold on Henne at all). The obvious thing we still need is a playmaking WR. I like Bess and Hartline but if I was the GM, I’d be on the phone with SF trying to trade Ginn and a 3rd round pick for Crabtree.
    It looks like Crabtree isnt going to sign anyway so why not get someone who could help this year and a pick out of their headache of a situation. Miami’s season is done so get the stud WR, sign him to whatever it takes, and develop him for the future. I realize Parcells doesnt like “diva” receivers but I really feel Crabtree is just a kid getting terrible advice from his jackass agent. Am I crazy??

  12. dolphan, what were their options? This a backup. Serviceable is all that matters.
    White is not ready, period. He needs a couple of years and HENNE is the “future” qb anyway. He is the only one who will start this year unless he is hurt. Period. If he goes down, Thigpen will come in but then maybe Pat White will get time, but he is clearly not the immediate backup yet. Probably next year.

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if Thigpen is the primary backup (#2 QB) and White is active as the #3, once White enters the game neither Thigpen or Henne could return to the game?
    Or is that only if the other two leave due to injury?

  14. Dolphan – who else would you go after that could be had for a reasonable price? I think Thigpen is probably one of the best available at this price point (price = draft pick compensation, not money)

  15. My 2 favorite up and coming QBs on one team! Pat White and Tyler Thigpen!! I might just become a Fins fan

  16. Wow, I never realized how stupid Dolphin fans are until I read these comments…
    Can’t do any worse than Chad Pennington? Are you kidding me? Didn’t he lead them to the division title last year? You people are flat out crazy.

  17. “if I was the GM, I’d be on the phone with SF trying to trade Ginn and a 3rd round pick for Crabtree. “

  18. READY2CRUSH – i agree with your assessment that we NEED a solid wide receiving playmaker badly… but i don’t think Crabtree is it. I see another Braylon Edwards in Crabtree. If we’re going to give up players & picks, i’d rather do it for an established wide receiver.
    Enter Boldin.
    If the cards want a first, offer a second and ginn. offer a second and someone else (cobbs, hilliard? I love those guys, but the cards need RB help).
    to those making comments about thigpen – he won’t start (henne will), he’s just going to be for depth. He would still have awhile to go to learn the playbook anyway. I will say if henne sucks really bad down the stretch, i wouldn’t be surprised to see thigpen inserted later on in the year.
    we need wide receiver help bad though. we can spend all the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks on WR’s we want, and we’ll get more guys like Turner, Hartline, etc.
    If we want a true playmaker, we’ll have to trade a top pick for it…. and it would be worth it. i just wish our team would do it.

  19. I believe it is their third trade. Phins traded their 7th rounder to the chiefs for a future 7th round pick I believe. They traded Alleman and Ndukewe, and now thigpin.

  20. Nice!!!! I always thought this kid had talent!!! Ow well if KC doesnt want to develop the guy! We can use him, he runs, he catches and he can make throws – and hes proved he can win games. KC just has crap for talent around them. He most likely will play the part of ‘pat white” this year, cause ‘pat white’ is f’n horrible! Missing all his throws, hes the worse pick since ginn

  21. birdmancometh – that’s because most of those kind of comments are NOT from dolphin fans. dolphin fans LOVE pennington. you’ll always get the few crazies in any fanbase though.

  22. Hey Nick wright , you doosh bag dj from 610 sports in KC, who was wrong about an NFL team offering up a draft pick for Thigpen.
    Don’t you get tired of being wrong all the time ?
    dooooooosh bag

  23. Ted Ginn Jr., in his first two years, has put up better stats than 70% of the wide receivers drafted in the 7th overall to 32nd overall slots from 1997 to 2007.
    He has the similiar catch percentage as guys like Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald thus far this year. I don’t understand the hatred towards him. He most certainly not a bust.
    Many people wanted Brady Quinn with the #9 pick. Brady Quinn has done jackshit in his three years in the league. Starting 6 games since being drafted and rumors are circulating that he is soon to be benched.
    I think if people understood Ted Ginn Jr. is not 6’5″ and likely won’t come down with many jump balls in the endzone because of his size, then there would be less hast towards him. People put unrealistic expectations on him because he’s “that guy we took instead of Quinn” when he was drafted.
    Seriously, why the hell would you want a primadonna wide receiver in Michael Crabtree who hasn’t stepped foot on an NFL field and refuses to sign his contract over Ted Ginn Jr? Ginn Jr. has not missed a single game since coming into the NFL. He isn’t detrimental to the team and he is always trying to learn from his mistakes.
    I swear… if I had a nickel for every ignorant comment made on PFT from readers… I’d be able to pay for Michael Crabtree’s contract myself.

  24. Please disregard’s GridIronKing’s last comment if it said Ted Ginn has outperformed 30% of WRs drafted between 7th and 32nd from 1997 to 2007. He actually outperformed 70%. I may have accidentally typed the wrong number.

  25. Gridironking:
    The only reason why Ginn has played every game is because he plays soft. He refuses to take a hit. he never picks up YAC yards unless he has already run past all the defenders on a go route. The guy goes down the second he thinks he is gonna get hit. I simply refer to him as the Sideline Seeker. The toughest man to tackle in the NFL. Try to lay a hit on him. He will be in the dirt or out of bounds before you can even lay a hand on him.
    Look at the Phins defense and the poor tackling we have seen this year. If we would have been going against Ginn it wouldn’t be an issue because he doesn’t even give the defense a chance to miss a tackle. He also has very poor field awareness choosing to slide out of bounds after 9 yards instead of picking up that extra yard for the first and maybe taking a hit (Sometimes he does it when he could have easily have picked it up and gone out of bounds. Check the Indy game on the final drive).
    And don’t even try to compare Ginn to Andre Johnson and Fitz. Just watch Andre Johnson week 2 catch that pass one handed. Ginn missed two against the colts and dropped two passes from Henne week 3. Watch the Reggie Wayne Sunday night TD catch. Those are big time WRs.
    Yes I rather have Ginn than Brady Quinn because Quinn is terrible and at least ginn can do something. But Patrick Willis was also available. We passed on him because we had Zach Thomas who lasted one more season.

  26. Jeff Garcia or Tyler Thigpen?
    Jeff Garcia or Tyler thigpen? Oh decisions!
    Let’s give up a draft pick for Thigpen instead of signing Garcia!!
    The Chiefs dealt while the dealing was good and made a tidy profit on Thigpen.
    Can Thigpen even speak Spanish? He surely will need a bullet proof vest in Miami.

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