Chiefs sign Pope, try out Mark Tauscher

Chiefs coach Todd Haley didn’t throw in the towel last Sunday despite protests to the contrary, and the Chiefs front office certainly isn’t done trying up upgrade the bottom of their roster.

A league source has told PFT that the Chiefs signed tight end Leonard Pope Tuesday.  Pope played under Haley in Arizona last season, catching nine passes.

Ideally, Pope would provide Matt Cassel another weapon in the passing game.  (We’ll see.) But Cassel needs better protection more than anything.

To that end, the Chiefs tried out former Packers right tackle Mark Tauscher Tuesday. 

Drafted in 2000 by Green Bay, Tauscher has been recovering from ACL surgery.

The Packers wouldn’t rule out re-signing Tauscher over the summer, but they haven’t publicly expressed interest in him recently despite their struggles on the offensive line.

UPDATE: Kansas City released linebacker Monty Beisel and cornerback Ricardo Colclough.

7 responses to “Chiefs sign Pope, try out Mark Tauscher

  1. Chiefs also cut LB Monty Beisel, CB Ricardo Colclough, and practice squad TE Tom Crabtree today, replacing him with T Chris Patrick.
    Signing Pope takes up one roster spot created by the trade of Thigpen, but there are still two more to fill. One will probably be Lance Long from the practice squad. Will the other be Tauscher?
    I think another trade might be in the works. You don’t cut two vets without knowing who you’re going to replace them with.

  2. I really like Pope, he never got a fair shake in AZ. Tauscher would be an improvement over anybody KC has.

  3. A guy that caught nine passes last year is hoped to provide another weapon in the passing game. Nuff said.

  4. We need help any where we can get it. I just don’t think anyone we pick up off the scrap heap after week 3 is going to be the answer, or even a worthy stop gap. Pioli needs to do the right thing and dump LJ. We can get out from under his huge contract with the court ruling and his bad attitude will eat away at this teams chemistry. He doesn’t even try any more. He just runs into someone and falls down. Once he lost that chip on his shoulder, he was done.

  5. Tauscher willl be an upgrade for the line…..protecting Cassel. But KC has too many problems. Give Cassel time and someone to throw to. Gave away Gonzalas….what were you thinking.

  6. Pope is a monster to look at it, but he plays like a girl scout. Another Vernon Davis. He cant help this team or any other 1. Tauscher would be on a team if he could play/be healthy, so he’s another waste of space. Bring back Herb Taylor.

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