Eagles say goodbye to Jeff Garcia

The Eagles have only so many roster spots for aging veterans from their 2006 division championship team.

With Jeremiah Trotter added Tuesday, the team announced Tuesday that it has let go of quarterback Jeff Garcia.

Garcia’s acquisition made a splash in the news, but he was no longer useful with Donovan McNabb returning to health and Kevin Kolb playing so well.  (Michael Vick will also be active on gamedays.)

Now 39, it’s possible we have seen the last of Garcia in the NFL.  He may have received a chance to play in Oakland this year, but asked for his release before the season, according to coach Tom Cable.

40 responses to “Eagles say goodbye to Jeff Garcia

  1. i dont blame him for asking for his release from oakland. They wanted to start jamrcus russel over this guy!!

  2. Some very telling video from Sunday morning.
    They showed the Eagles arriving at the stadium.
    Garcia in a suit, looking sharp, no loose ends. Clean shaven.
    Vick and Kolb stumbling in looking like dirtballs, shirts not tucked in, stupid goat beard, ball tickler facial hair.
    What a contrast. I hope he gets to play somewhere, the guy is a class act.

  3. Steve Smith might hate him as a person, but I’m sure he’d love him as a quarterback right now…

  4. Damn, already??
    “it’s possible we have seen the last of Garcia in the NFL”
    I bet it isn’t.

  5. Right now he would easily be an upgrade at QB for any of the following teams:
    Cleveland, Oakland, Miami, Tennessee, Jacksonville, St.Louis, Seattle, Washington, Carolina, and Tampa Bay.
    There are also numerous teams that he is close to being better than who is currently starting. This guy will not be at home for long.

  6. its weird how this guy gets slept on when everyone here knows he would make an inpact on any NFL team in need of a QB….he’s got alot to choose from.

  7. Oakland needs to (re)sign him…Garcia is the last hope for the team. The have an ok quad but they do not have a QB. Garcia knows the system and is in shape. Come on Raiders make it happen. At the very least it will cause Russell to step up his game.

  8. Jeff is a class act. Too bad we’re not keeping him over the puppy killer.
    Good luck man. He should be in Cleveland faster than you can say BradyQuinnblows.

  9. Miami, Panthers & i bet the Raiders would love for him to come back now. Al dont have any problems writing big checks & i think they seen enough JRuss to call it a bust.
    he didnt mind getting released bcuz he still wants to play, he’s probally better then 1/2 the QBs starting in the league now & i look for him to signed before tomorrow evening.
    D.Synder took a ride in his private jet not far from M.Shanahan’s house in Denver. its been confirmed he’s in the area but nothing written stone about what he’s doing . theirs belief that he’s up their talking to him about a job with the Redskins organization, who knows he could be a GM

  10. Cleveland?
    I want to see him win some games this year.
    That excludes Tampa, too.
    Oakland will cling to Russell for another year or two before they admit what everybody knows.
    Miami would be logical. #2 man for the Patriots maybe.

  11. Ah, that’s funny jeffz303! Because Garcia is married to a playmate of the year and your wife has big soup cooler triceps and a chinese moustache you have to call him gay. Funny.

  12. If I was Jeff Garcia I wouldn’t rush out to sign a contract with a bad team like the Rams or Browns, or even the Dolphins.
    May as well rest up, keep the arm fresh and wait for a team in the playoff hunt with an unproven back-up (like the Packers or Bears) to lose their starter.

  13. They keep the scum of the earth and let a class act go
    I am sure one of many teams will sign him I doubt if the red skanks are smart enough

  14. After watching Carolina last night, I wouldn’t be suprised if the team plane has already been dispatched to pick up Garcia. Delhomme is one sorry ass QB. How did he get this far in the NFL anyway?
    Just another reason to hate the Eagles. They keep the thug “Con”vick over a decent guy and capable QB.

  15. Cable told Garcia he’d punch him in the jaw if he didn’t throw for 35 TDs with the Raiders…so Garcia was out like shout!

  16. the best possible fit for him this year has to be green bay. a west coast offense team with no legit back up QB. if rodgers goes down the pack is fuct.

  17. @WashingtonRedstorms
    Hey, go beat Detroit and then come talk to me…..or better yet beat the Miami Hurricanes then we’ll talk…..

  18. Garcia made a bad economic move by leaving the Raiders to only sign with the Eagles unless he wanted to get out of a bad situation cant blame him though

  19. Bigbluefan says:
    They keep the scum of the earth and let a class act go
    Wait till the offseason and see what kind of draft picks we get for Vick. What is Garcia Worth ??
    WashingtonRedstorms says:
    The Eagles are complete trash,
    Hello pot I’m Kettle and your black!
    the washington REDSTORMS is that what they have in thier Pantyliners every month?
    Redskins and Cowbots fighting for the the title
    ” trash of the NFC East”

  20. Jeff is a class act! Green Bay should pick him up immediately! If Aaron goes down, they are done for the season.

  21. the only thing thats news worthy about the guy is that T.O. called him gay and that his wife and baby mama was a fromer playmate model. Just a good enough QB.

  22. Leave the poor Redskins fan alone! He’s mentally blocked this weekend out of his mind.
    He’s reverting to a form of trauma called “The Cowboys Fan”, where you ignore the longtime failures of your team and mask the pain of reality by being extra-mean to divisional rivals.
    In the end, though, they laid down against the Lions. They’d lose to the Florida Gators. They’re the biggest joke in the NFL this week, and the punchline doesn’t come until December, when they weakly mutter “There’s always next season” knowing that next season? Things will get worse. Although how, nobody knows.

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