Felix Jones has sprained PCL

No one can deny that Cowboys running back Felix Jones has quickly become one of the most electric players in the league, averaging over nine yards per carry in his brief career.

His problem has been staying healthy enough to get those carries.  The latest injury is a sprained PCL in his knee

“It could get well quickly,” coach Wade Phillips said.

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News writes that PCL injuries usually take two weeks to heal, which would keep Jones out through Dallas’ bye week.  Jones will not need surgery.

Jones’ injury will likely put more pressure on Marion Barber to play this week in an intriguing matchup against the undefeated Broncos and their aggressive defense.  Jones missed 10 games in his rookie year and has hurt practically every lower body part imaginable despite only 54 career touches. 

A unique weapon, Jones clearly doesn’t seem like a player that can handle a huge workload every week. (Still, things could be worse: the Cowboys picked Jones over Rashard Mendenhall.)

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  1. Its intresting to see that Felix Jones is a way better back even with him getting injured often than the much heralded Darren (I hate contact) McFadden, gotta give it to Jerry Jones for not being swayed by the hype of McFail…

  2. If Jones could stay healthy he would be mentioned in the same light as Chris Johnson. He’s clearly way better than McFadden, Mendenhall.

  3. if felix jones could stay healthy he’d be the best back in the league. only other player besides bo jackson to get 400 yards in less than 50 carries

  4. @ why so serious Thank you very much for answering that question for me.
    @Gautum know some football and the intricacies of the draft before commenting. Thanks

  5. Gaytum, they were negotiating a trade up in the draft with oakland to do just that.
    too bad felix jones is the better arkansas back and we snatched him 😀

  6. # stevemcguigan says: September 29, 2009 7:09 PM
    No big deal, right Vox? Deon Anderson would be a hall of famer on any other team in the NFC East.
    umm, wtf? This is a candidate for most senseless post of the season so far.
    Quagmire says: September 29, 2009 7:24 PM
    Sure seems to be injured a lot, and he’s not a little guy…maybe he’s just a pussy.
    Oh, good theory Quag, why don’t you ask him if he’s a pussy. I’ll pay to watch.

  7. I Felix Jones could stay healthy….. Anything that you guys say after this opening is irrelevant because he cannot stay healthy.

  8. “Sure seems to be injured a lot, and he’s not a little guy…maybe he’s just a pussy.”
    I think that his body physically cannot stand the incredible G-forces generated by his acceleration and cuts. Jerry Jones is at this very moment meeting with Boeing officials that are contracting to build a body suit that will better able the players of today’s NFL to withstand such superhuman abuse.
    Or maybe he just should start wearing knee and thigh pads.

  9. # WhySoSerious says: September 29, 2009 7:27 PM
    Gautum……its called trading up
    Brilliant. Exactly how was Dallas to do this when they didn’t have a # 1 or #3 pick? Secondly WHY would they want to do that? Jones is a better pro than McFadden. It may turn out to be the steal of the draft, getting Jones at #25 — except maybe getting Scandrick in the 5th round.
    Over two seasons Jones is averaging over 10yds/carry. That’s insanely good.

  10. Bill In DC
    “Oh, good theory Quag, why don’t you ask him if he’s a pussy. I’ll pay to watch.”
    You like to watch…kinky.

  11. # Quagmire says: September 29, 2009 8:20 PM
    Bill In DC
    “Oh, good theory Quag, why don’t you ask him if he’s a pussy. I’ll pay to watch.”
    You like to watch…kinky.
    Oh, absolutely. Watching Felix pwn you would be excellent. I’d wager a good bit we’d soon find out who the pussy was.

  12. I love it…This scrub of a RB has only been in the league 2yrs and is ALREADY breaking down! Last time I checked, at least McFadden is still upright!
    I can’t wait to see Dallas and Washington play…It just may be the Tim Teabow bowl!

  13. # stevemcguigan says: September 29, 2009 8:53 PM
    Stay in DC and let the adults speak.
    If you have yourself in mind as an adult, then the discourse on this site would be pretty sad.

  14. @ vox
    you’d better hope he stays healthy. their WRs s**k. the QB too. Oh yeah, and the coach as well.
    shall we review the team’s performance in December/January?
    Season Rec.
    2005 2-3
    2006 2-3
    2007 2-2 *plus an embarassing choke in the playoffs
    2008 1-3 *44-6 and the epic choke vs. the Steelers.
    In all seriousness – Jones is a tremendously talented RB but clearly too fragile to be counted on. Barber is already starting to break down too which is not surprising given the reckless way he runs. I doubt either of them are healthy at the end of the season.

  15. troll_aikman8 says:
    If Jones could stay healthy
    that is the big question now isn’t it?
    the talent pool is getting pretty shallow for rb’s on the boys . It sucks having injuries on your team doesn’t it? Well at least he didn’t collapse in the SHOWER! HAAAHAAAHAAAAAAA

  16. “you’d better hope he stays healthy. their WRs s**k. the QB too. Oh yeah, and the coach as well.”
    Thanks for the astute analysis.

  17. Both Mendenhall and Jones seem like bad picks overall. Mendenhall can’t get himself on the field and Jones can’t stay on the field. I’ll grant you that Jones has done better overall so far but it’s only week 3 and he’s going to be out for a while again. They need to figure out something for him to keep him healthy or otherwise he’s not worth a spot just to get a couple of long runs for a small handful of games.

  18. what i wonder is why jerry jones felt it nessasary to release julius jones to make barber the premire back just to in turn add another complimentary back? he is wanting the good 1 2 combo when he already had it in julius and marion.

  19. Oh and Bill In DC….I think felix is a pussy aswell and would have no problem calling him one to his face.

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