Gannon responds to Raiders

On Friday, Raiders exec John Herrera said that former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon, who now works as an analyst for CBS, was not welcome in the team’s facility for production meetings, given that he has openly criticized the team.

(Under that standard, the only broadcaster who’d ever get in the door is John Madden.)

The Raiders relented, but then Gannon missed the production meeting due to travel delays.

Gannon has responded to the Raiders on his Sirius NFL Radio show.

“Let me just say this. I tried to take the high road on that
,” Gannon said, via Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times.  “It was
unfortunate and it is what it is.  I will say this:  I really feel like
the organization should care less about who is broadcasting the games
and more about the product on the field and putting people in the
stands.  I think that’s the bottom line.  I wish, certainly, the Raiders
well.  But it is frustrating to watch the team right now.”

He’s right.  And we continue to believe that Herrera was clearly in the wrong.

29 responses to “Gannon responds to Raiders

  1. Luckily, I don’t think anyone in the Raiders office knows what the internet is. Otherwise I think that everyone in the world would be banned for criticizing Raiders.

  2. The Raiders management can’t stand the truth and admit drafting JaBust #1 was a huge mistake! They’re going to hate on you because you hit it right on the head! Good call!

  3. you have got to be kidding me …… if your not allowed to attend if you critisize the fraiders, the stands would be empty….. hell half the cheerleaders couldn’t go under those criteria …. i wish them luck

  4. I’m a Raiders fan…and the state of this franchise is very painful right now. We have an idiot like Herrera that is the public face of the team. We have a coach that’s eventually headed to prison for felony assault. We have Fat Albert v2.0 as our quarterback (and he talks like MushMouth).
    The last 7 years have been a painful stretch to be a Raider fan. Ever since the SB loss to Tampa the organization has been a mess.

  5. Head Coach assaults Assistant Coach.
    Owner has formaldihide running through his veins.
    QB with a cannon arm, can only complete a screen pass in the NFL, cause he eats his way out of a job…
    … and some guy named John Herrera.
    Who the heck is he? Cryptkeeper?

  6. The Raiders should have their own reality TV show. Nothing a D list, just-out-of-rehab celeb does could be more ridiculous than what these chumps do on a regular basis.

  7. Don’t matter if it’s the LA Raiders, the Portland Raiders or the Drexel, NC Raiders–as long as Al Davis owns the team

  8. That moron Herrera put a statement out which in part said that Gannon was not a popular person when he was a Raider. Of course he was’nt, he wanted to win, not just get by with a paycheck like all the cancers that were on that team or all the cancers on the current team. The goal of a team is to WIN not be popular. He also berrated Gannon for the bad game he had in the Super Bowl. If you think about it, who’s fault was it that Gannon had a bad game? Al Davis traded away the coach that undoubtedly would have had the Raiders in the Super Bowl (Gruden). And of course Gruden beat Gannon because he built Gannon as well as the whole Raider offense. Props to Rich Gannon, if we had him in his prime right now, we would be the better for it.

  9. It’s tough being a Raiders fans anymore.
    Rich Gannon was correct in his assessment of this (dis)organization. Man I miss the days of Rich Gannon-led Raider football. Seems like a lifetime ago.
    Al Davis needs to just go away, and take his meat puppet Herrera with him

  10. I used to love the Raiders, but since Gruden left, the franchise has been in a death spiral. The shyte with Herrera (not the first time) is just the nail in the coffin for me. What a horse’s ass this guy is.
    Badmouth your own former QB, punch your own assistant coach, whine about media coverage (sepite your own massive shortcomings), PSL your fans to death, sue everybody, draft poorly, botch everything….all of this has Al Davis’ fingerprints on it.
    I live where the Raiders practice — in Alameda. If I ever see Herrera on the street, I’m going to spit in his face. And if I see Davis, I’ll just walk up to him and shake my head.
    Just die, baby.

  11. It’s pretty clear that Al Davis isn’t ‘net savvy because if he were, we’d get a message 404 error on this site daily.
    I’m just curious what it’ll take for him to see the light, as he temporarily did prior to the Gruden/Allen era. Al Davis needs to suffer another ephiphany/bout of sanity to bring in actual coaching and management talent.

  12. As a fan for over 20 years, I must admit it is a difficult time to be a Raider fan.
    Although it seems like the franchise has been in turmoil the last 6-7 years, every NFL team goes through periods like the one we find ourselves in at the moment.
    To the TRUE Raider fans, keep your head up and keep cheering for your team – only band wagon jumpers cheer for their team only when they win.
    Take the good with the bad!
    I agree with Gannon, Raider’s front office needs to worry more about the product they put out on the filed!

  13. If it was only one or two people that the Raiders did not agree with on what they are saying about the team is one thing.
    When you have them by the bunches something is very wrong. I watched a comedy show in which the dude stated “If a bunch of people are calling you a crack head for 20 years you are a crack head”
    I do see the Raiders point though, because the Raiders and Al Davis have been at such a high level for so many years and not only dominated but intimidated many a team in the NFL.
    Have always had some of the greatest players and have played in the greatest games and as bad as they have been the past 6 years still HOLD AN NFL RECORD (14) AFC Championship games played in to date.
    It is pay back time by many, nobody cares about Detroit, Arizona and so many other teams that have been at the bottom of the NFL decade in and decade out.
    But the Raiders and Al Davis are like the beautiful girl that you hit on day after day only to have her spit in your face. You see her at all the top functions that you are never invited to and she is always with the studs that have punked you most of your life.
    When they fall you love it, and it is payback time. To that end the x QB’s that are in the media that the Raiders throttled in so many games and Super Bowls, or D lineman that use to play for Denver when Denver was the Raiders bitch year in and year out look for any chance to knock the team, BS or not.
    Plus add in that the Raiders and Al Davis hold the dog shit in the grass in a higher regard than most of the media and you can see where most of it comes from.
    Many of the people yelling that Russell or DHB are busts are the same that were yelling bust during Nnamdi’s first couple years in the NFL.
    One day Namdi before he settled in was down at practice and doubting if he would even make it in the NFL, stepping away had even crossed his mind.
    It was Al Davis that walked up to him that day and stated, “kid you are not just going to become a good corner, you are going to become a great corner”.
    Al Davis and the Raiders will give the rookies the time they need to develop. Early in Favres NFL days even once traded to Green Bay you heard all the same type of stuff that you hear with Russell.
    Big arm that cannot make any of the basic throws and is not accurate as a passer. Favre is slow to grasp the defenses in the NFL and on and on they went.
    Will Russell ever develop into a Favre type player? he has everything he needs to do it and it is all up to him.
    But to all the fools that have went “ALL IN” on Russell, DHB, and the Raiders just remember you might end up looking like that stupid little coach from Atlanta years back, you know the “Not For Long, NFL guy”
    And with Nnamdi today?, most have their nose so far up his ass and including Raider Fans, “they all knew he was always going to be the man”

  14. I read all the posts on this site everyday and I hear all the Raider bashing but?…
    It’s a hand full of teams in the NFL that’s been a little ruff around the edges.
    Teams that have’nt done shit since the 90’s:
    Denver have’nt done shit since Elway
    49ers Have’nt done shit since Montana
    The Bengals have’nt done shit since How Long???
    Dallas have’nt done shit since “93” and they are alway’s the talk of the town.
    Detroit, Jet’s, Miami, Saints, Greenbay, Vikings, Texans. Fans of these teams don’t have shit to be proud about either.
    Jet’s have not seen a superbowl field since Namath and no one bashes them like the Raiders?…
    So why I never hear anything about those teams and alway’s the Raiders.
    I know Y, Ur Haters, Mothers, sisters, brothers were all Raiders Haters. Y, I don’t know but I love being hated, I love being a Raiders Fan.
    There is not a team on Earth I would root for other than the Raiders… We have had more succses on the field than half the teams in he NFL.
    Yeah we suck, but how long did it take bucs fans to win?… Over 20yrs at least, Dallas haven’t won a playoff game in 16yrs, but that won’t be the highlight on the NFL network.
    The Vikings have never ever won a superbowl, but Bret Farve will be heading sportscenter again, and again… Give me a break!…
    KC went 2 superbowl 1 and have never ever seen what a superbowl looks like since… The Cardinals just reached the SB for the 1st time history and lost. lol!!!!!… Look at the Eagles, 1 superbowl apperance in almost 30years…. but we don’t hear about that Y?… Chargers 1 sB apperance in over 17years and they lost…
    Before Hating on the Raiders Look at your team 1st. 6 SB apperance 3Rings
    Go Raiders!

  15. to the raiders fans regaling past glories: the film is Sunset Boulevard, and you are Norma Desmond.
    congrats on the oscar back in the silent film days.

  16. @49erGirl
    C’mon the 9ers can’t even sign their pics, your team has been drop from the press long time ago.
    Thank God 4 Singletary are else ur team would be in 4 another 19yr slump… & Jerry Rice was a way better Raider than 49er, u guy’s ur just lucky 2 have him 1st.
    Don’t u even open ur mouth about the Raiders Girl!… We own the effin Bay, so u and ur Fairy ass fans can fly, fly away~
    Go Raiders!

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