Haley says he wasn't waving white flag

Trailing 24-7 at halftime against the Eagles, Chiefs coach Todd Haley made a surprising strategic decision to start the third quarter.

He started to emphasize the running game.  This caused much teeth-gnashing in Kansas City, with the impression that the Chiefs gave up on winning the game.

“It was in my gut because of the way we performed early in that game and ran for three yards,” Haley said, looking exhausted Monday.  “I got to halftime and
I thought to myself, what are we doing? We need to make some progress in this game. I just felt like our best chance
offensively to make progress was to figure out what we wanted to do.”

While Haley was admittedly thinking ahead to the next week, the Chiefs also pulled a number of trick plays out in Philadelphia.  That’s not a sign of a coach that has given up. 

“It was, in my gut and as the head coach that something had to be done to benefit this team,” Haley said.  “Not in that particular
game but to benefit this team as we go forward, to establish our mindset and to lay it out there. Let’s see who’s got

“I think you started to see some signs of guys deciding whether they were going to lay down or they were going to
fight. I saw some positive signs despite the outcome of the game.”

Haley is facing a lot of heat, but the Chiefs played hard in their first two games before the Philly meltdown. 

Unfortunately, playing hard isn’t likely to be enough with the Giants in Kansas City this week.

13 responses to “Haley says he wasn't waving white flag

  1. another loss for the Chiefs… They will put that white flag up again like they did against the EAGLES!!!! haha

  2. Face it.We don’t have the talent to be a half way decent team!We are a work in progress,and it will possibly take all season,and into the 2010
    Draft!!!..Just reality!

  3. I feel for Haley…..that team was/is a mess.
    Herm Edwards should not be allowed to critique any other coaches or teams in the NFL on TV, radio, or in print. As well as Matt Millen.

  4. Hey, it was week 3 of Season 1 in the rebuilding of the Chiefs. Why not work on a facet of the game that needs to be established after the game is already out of reach (when the far less talented team is down by 17 points on the road early in the 3rd quarter, the game is out of reach).
    That not giving up. It’s not like he traded away a QB with as much starting experience at the injury-proned and inconsitent No. 1 and No. 2 QBs.
    Wait, nevermind about that last point.

  5. stupid fans and media make those comments. mailing it in does not involve an end around where your wide receiver throws a pass or a fake punt. He’s doing just fine with what he’s working with.

  6. Cassel will come through if they put a decent team around him.
    That’s been proven, you can not go 11-5 accidentally.
    I expect the Chiefs to be competitive in 11. Anything sooner than that is a bonus.

  7. When teams play the Eagles and get embarrassed, that team is having a meltdown.
    When the Giants beat the Redskins, the mediocre Cowboys, and the hapless Bucs, they’re the #1 team in the NFL.

  8. Source on the radio in KC today said that he had a source inside the organization that told him that after Haley fired Gailey, Haley addressed his offense and told them to pass their playbooks forward that they are starting over.
    KC was not very good last year, but at least Chan the Man revamped the offense to be competitive. This offense is vanilla and doesn’t stand a chance. I can’t remember how many plays were given to LJ for a 1 yard gain or a 1 yard loss.

  9. This is outstanding. Watching this pitiful excuse for an NFL team warms the heart of this Broncos fan.
    When the schedule came out and I saw Arrowhead in December, I couldn’t see a positive spin. Thanks to Pioli and Haley, this doesn’t seem daunting at all.
    But I have to go with magsdad1 on the Edwards/Millen thing. What kind of credibility are these sock puppets supposed to have? Spare me.

  10. The Broncos are the worst 3-0 team. See you in December. Good luck. Enjoy the smell of the BBQ and the gloating for now

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