How many losses will it take to get to Vince Young?

Titans coach Jeff Fisher is not benching Kerry Collins this week.

Based on his comments, Fisher won’t be benching Collins soon, and he didn’t even consider a change to Vince Young.

The decision is to be expected.  Collins wasn’t the one fumbling punts against the Jets, and he wasn’t giving up huge passing yards to the Texans. 

“Kerry is not the reason. He is certainly not the reason for the situation we’re in,” Fisher said this week. 

We completely agree, and expect the Titans to exhaust every chance possible to get back into the playoff race with Collins under center.

With that said, there has to be a number of losses or games under .500 that would make it impossible not to go to Young.

Young is a favorite of Titans owner Bud Adams; it was only four years ago in Week Four that Adams pushed for Young to replace Collins, and Young went on to win Rookie of the Year.  A lot has happened in the meantime, but he has an untenable raise in his contract next year.

It defies belief that Tennessee would give him that raise or cut him without giving him a chance to prove his worth this year if the Titans fall out of the playoff race.

So what’s the number?  Would the Titans make a change at 0-5?  4-6?  7 losses?

Even Fisher probably doesn’t know the answer right now.  But Collins will need to get Tennessee’s record turned around quickly or it won’t make sense to keep playing him at some point. 

That day may not be near, but Collins has only a handful of losses to work with for the rest of the season. 

He’ll have to use them judiciously.

36 responses to “How many losses will it take to get to Vince Young?

  1. I root for Vince Young, but you cannot go to Vince Young unless you are pretty sure that this year is gone. Then, you treat it as a rebuilding year and put Vince under center.
    But as long as there’s a shot to make the playoffs, you gotta keep Collins in there.

  2. “How many losses will it take to get to Vince Young?”
    -the simple answer should be 16, lol
    -the complex answer, is that if they are winless when he takes over, they will be the 2nd coming of the ’08 Lions….

  3. Patrick Ramsey is still a better option than VY. Young sucks as a pro, and is just another case of a dominate athletic COLLEGE QB that parlayed a great senior year into millions of dollars in the NFL ie. JaMarcus Russell and in 2010 Tim Tebow.

  4. I said it 3 weeks ago and was told I didnt know anything about football, so I’ll say it again.
    Titans will not make the playoffs this year.

  5. Too answer the question jeopardy style :
    what is the same amount of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll ?

  6. Stop already. Vince Young is done. How many losses will it take for Fisher to be fired after a gazillion years in Tenn? That’s the question. And if they wear those damn throwback Oiler uni’s again, he should be immediately fired.

  7. Shouldn’t have let Jim Schwartz go. Titans are 0-3 and the old D-Coordinator is 1-2 with his new head coaching job.

  8. I’m pretty sure Vince Young replaced Billy Volek in ’05. Kerry Collins was off sucking for the Raiders.

  9. I remember last year after the Titans won 10 in a row to start the season some of their players were saying they were an “elite team.”
    Sorry guys. Truly elite teams don’t publicly announce they are elite.
    Now they should publicly announce they are a crappy team.

  10. You can look at a similar historical situation to see that Vince could come in at this point and stabilize the team and return them to winning. In 2000, the Steelers had handed the qb reins to Kent Graham, a veteran journeyman like Kerry Collins. After a few losses to open the year, they went back to Kordell Stewart, who had been benched halfway through the year prior. They gave him limited packages on offense, and used his legs plus Bettis and the short passing game to keep moving the chains. The Steelers won 9 of the last 13 that year with Kordell under center, and 13 of 16 the following year, plus a first-round playoff win. He took them within one score of the Super Bowl with a simplified offense, and an emphasis on running the football, winning the time of possession game, and defense.
    Tennessee has a very similar situation this year – strong running game (stronger than Pittsburgh had in 2000-2001), good strong defense. Vince could go in with simplified packages designed to move the sticks and avoid high-risk passes, and could probably help them win the majority of their games the rest of the year with his legs added to those of Johnson and White, plus short passing and good special teams and defense.

  11. Big Stretch –
    Are you looking for the actual Tootsie Pop commercial… or the Little Kim Version?
    I think Little Kim’s version would have VY starting in the preseason… of 2008.

  12. how can you pick any amount of losses when Collins isn’t the problem?
    Put Young in at QB for the games Collins was, and you’d have MORE turnovers if anything else. I don’t see how Young can spark this offense when he was the one that was pulled last.

  13. DJP is a tool. Did you honestly just suggest fisher should be fired? take a look at the numbers. one of the most consistent coaches of the last decade, not to mention the longest tenured in the nfl right now. Ridiculous. He is not the problem, the talent around him is. This team has repeatedly overachieved given the talent they have had bc jeff fisher is a great coach. He constantly gets the best out of average players. I don’t even like the titans and i think jeff fisher is good. with that being said the clock has struck 12 this year and they are looking to be a .500 team at best, but at little fault of fisher.

  14. wowbaka says:
    September 29, 2009 2:30 PM
    kinda out of nowhere trying to stir the pot
    not at all…
    this subject has been discussed amoungst Titans’ fans ever since the Steeler loss and has only magnified with each resulting loss…even the non-VY-nutswingers are warming to the idea of it now…

  15. severs28 says: September 29, 2009 2:34 PM
    Shouldn’t have let Jim Schwartz go.
    ‘Cause its so easy to keep a Defensive Coordinator from taking a head coaching job. Great observation.
    I’d predict if the Titans get to the halfway point at 2-6 or worse, VY will get the nod.
    Fact is, they have to see if he’s got what it takes to be an NFL quarterback (after getting some time on the pine, learning from a vet). If not, they better start shopping (and smart money is on the Titans going shopping).

  16. hahahahahahahahahhaa.
    Technically Lil Kim is old school. lol.
    but fine – I’m with you – 3 more!! Or I would still take VY over JR. Even swap – basically borrow him for a year where he exceeds any and all expectations then we trade VY for the #1 pick in the draft and hopefully get an actual QB!
    Wait – that makes no sense – exactly why Al Davis would act. Read Big Al.
    Just Read, Baby.

  17. Yeah, the way to fix an 0-3 team is to insert a Me-First QB who couldn’t hit the side of a barn with the ball if he were standing 2 ft away from it.
    Ask Oak how their experiment with inaccuracy is working for them.

  18. @meatbat: Constantly overachieved? Yeah, maybe in 06 and 07, but we have the talent and we had the talent before 2005. He’s turned that into one Super Bowl appearance (which we lost), although we would have lost in the first round if our special teams coach didn’t draw up a great play.

  19. Blame Ryan Mouton for losing 2 fumbles on kickoffs vs the Texans and then losing another vs the Jets. Maybe Jeff can explain why this turd is still starting.

  20. Sorry guys. Truly elite teams don’t publicly announce they are elite.
    I guess the Jets didn’t get that memo. Looking forward to that crash and burn.
    As far as making the move to Young, I’m thinking this guy isn’t going to be an NFL quarterback. I like Kerry Collins, but he’s just not good enough to keep anyone on the bench.

  21. So, are we to assume Vince Young was personally responsible for all the losses that he carries as a QB? If he were to lose the first 3 games of the season the next QB would be starting week 4, provided that he’d last that long. Perfect time to get your QB of the future into the starting line up. A lot of sacks Kerry Collins stood there like a scare crow & took, I have to believe that VY would have run for a 1st down. Hypocrtites.

  22. It really doesn’t matter what they do – they will continue to lose until lard butt apologizes for dissing the Terrible Towel!

  23. It will be an act of stupidity if VY is not put into action after their last loss. Young proved himself right out of the gates his rookie year, but because of one dumb trivial incident early last year, before he had a chance to redeem himself going forward Fisher stubbornly and stupidly sticks with this aging dude who cannot handle pressure and has no legs.
    Young is a winner, pure and simple.
    Collins was excellent last year, but he apparently aged about ten years since the end of last season.
    Time to inject some winning energy. Time to go with Young.

  24. Kerry Collins has always been a mediocre-to competent QB at best, with an occasional very good game. You will never win a championship with him however. You will never win a championship with Vince Young either.
    Option-type, ‘Run first and pass when you don’t have a choice’ QB’s who spent 4 years at college learning this way, have ALWAYS been inconsistent in the NFL, depending on their natural talent to show flashes of crowd pleasing brilliance and occasionally have an outstanding game, but in the long run not being able to deliver. NAME ME ONE WHO HAS.
    I am a solid Jeff Fisher fan, but I’m dreadfully afraid he’s in an impossible QB situation that will eventually lead to his firing. What a shame……..

  25. Starting Vince Young is not even an option. He has shown that he can’t throw the ball effectively and come on the Offensive Rookie of The Year was awarded to him because of that one run against the Texans. With Vince Young at quarterback they will be even more one dimensional on offense. If I remember correctly, they were the favorite in the AFC to go the Superbowl last year.

  26. All this crap about no option with VY is crazy but those folks will never change so let’s forget about them. I’ve think I know what will happen and when. If titans go 0-4 and assuming another sub par QB like last week, vince starts game 5. But very likey first win next week and will not be until they drop next 2 and 1-5 than VY gets start. You need to look at last dozen games at that point and it’s a no brainer. You ten straight people are living in distant past.

  27. I like VY, and I think he would be a better choice than Collins. Remember that every year that VY played in the past he brought the Titans to a winning situation. However, I do not know if VY is strong psychologically, I am still afraid that he does not have the maturity to play the game and to act as man when he loses. He lost the starting job because of his awkward behavior and emotional unstability!

  28. Geez, give the guy a break. What happened that was so awful that you have labeled him as forever ‘awkward and unstable’?!!
    Ridiculous! Good grief, what the heck did he do to get forever blacklisted? He was just a kid, he hasn’t even been given a chance. With your assessment and apparent unatainable standards, most of the players in the NFL would have been benched for the rest of their careers in their first two seasons! From what I have seen in the games he has played thus far, both in college and as a pro the guy is a winner, pure and simple.

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