Ingle Martin, Fakhir Brown resurface in the UFL

The UFL, which will launch its premiere season next month, has been sending out daily personnel transaction notices.

On most days, the list of moves includes at least one former NFL player.

Today, the UFL has announced that former Chiefs quarterback Ingle Martin has been signed by the New York Sentinels.

Over the weekend, former Rams cornerback Fakhir Brown was reunited with former Rams defensive coordinator and interim coach Jim Haslett by joining the Florida Tuskers.

Martin replaced former Utah quarterback Brian Johnson, who was cut by the Sentinels.

10 responses to “Ingle Martin, Fakhir Brown resurface in the UFL

  1. Fakhir Brown, another of Haz’s boys he brought with him from N.O to StL. to Orlando.
    I won’t how long it will be until a smiling Aaron Brooks joins him?

  2. If you got cut by the Winnepeg Blue Bombers this year… you couldn’t throw a temper-tantrum, let alone a football!!!
    Desperate is an understatement… I think they even sign guys who play quarterback in movies!!
    1. Keanu Reeves – Canadian background – may fit in the Canadian (non-import) quota that the league has
    2. Jaimee Foxx is mobile, and can sing the National anthems
    3. Duane “the Rock” Johnson already played for Calgary in the CFL… knows the crazy messed up rules we have too!!)
    Either way… ALLLL better than Ingle!!!

  3. sentinels [i]cut[/i] Brian Johnson? yikes! If you can’t cut it in the UFL, maybe football isn’t for you?
    i thought he was spectacular in college, but i guess that just shows it doesn’t always translate.

  4. you know what would be an intruiging thing for the NFL & UFL to do? institute the relegation model used in soccer around the world.
    the bottom 3 teams of the premier league move down to the “league 2”, and the top 3 teams of league 2 move up to the premier league.
    so, when the UFL gets “big enough”, have the top 3 UFL teams move to the NFL, and the bottom 3 NFL teams (Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland), move to the UFL.
    the biggest reward here is it might push NFL teams who seem to perenially occupy the last place to be more motivated to try harder – it will also reward fledgling teams in the UFL a chance to shine & reward them for good play. This will keep everyone on their toes as well.
    obviously this couldn’t happen for a decade or so (UFL or whatever league 2 they set up would have to have plenty of teams), but as of now the UFL seems like the best option to explore this idea with.

  5. Vegas and NY Will play for the Useless Football League title.
    Because the league is fixed and these two are in a Americas biggest markets.
    UFL= XFL sugarcoated

  6. I still can’t get over the fact that Brown’s parents actually named the poor guy Fahkir. That’s a tough moniker to have to go through life with.

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