Raheem Morris calls out Winslow, again

At a time when many (like us) are questioning whether Browns coach Eric Mangini might lose his players by privately fining them, we think it’s fair to wonder whether Bucs coach Raheem Morris might lose his players by publicly calling them out.

Most noticeably, Morris seemingly questioned the desire of tight end Kellen Winslow on a third-down play from the first drive of Sunday’s 24-0 loss to the Giants.

On a play that needed five yards for a first down, Winslow (per the Tampa Tribune) caught the ball short of the sticks, moved horizontally and then reached the ball out with his arm.

Winslow came up a yard short.

Morris, on Monday, let his disappointment with Winslow’s effort be known.

“Should he have squared his shoulders and tried to get the first
down?” Morris said.  “Yes.  Yes.  He has to.  We all do.  We all have to have that

Winslow wasn’t the only one who was called out.

“I think Aqib Talib should have picked off that pass in the first drive,” Morris added.  “Kellen Winslow should have gotten the first down on that third-and-5.  Jeremy Zuttah shouldn’t have jumped offsides on the opening drive.

“I hate to call out names, but that’s the reality of what we do.  You have to see that stuff.”

Our guess is that Morris, whose inexperience shows most clearly in his lack of control over his words spoken to the press, hastily threw Talib and Zuttah under the bus after realizing that perhaps Winslow shouldn’t have been singled out.

Indeed, it wouldn’t have been the first time that Morris had choice words for Winslow and Winslow alone.  In early August, Morris said that Winslow is “too up and down emotonally.”

Still, it was the Bucs who sent a second-round pick to the Browns for Winslow, and it was the Bucs who gave him a big contract with a lot of guaranteed money.  It’s not as if Winslow had been a model citizen (or a stoic) during the first five years of his career, so the Buccaneers arguably knew or should have known what they were getting themselves into.

They also should have known that Morris wasn’t ready to face the glare that goes along with being the head coach.  Apart from calling out players, he has contradicted himself several times regarding the all-important quarterback position.

Most recently, Morris benched Byron Leftwich a day after saying he wouldn’t.

And let’s not forget the decision to hire — and then fire less than two weeks before the start of the season — an offensive coordinator who was essentially drawing up plays in the dirt with bottle caps and cigarette butts.

Though some might applaud Morris for his candor, the head coach is the shepherd of the team, and of the fan base.  So the shepherd needs to be resolute, and he must exude confidence.

To date, Morris has failed in that regard.  And it shows not only in the results, but also in the general funk into which the franchise quickly has fallen.

So it’s fitting that the Bucs will be donning the throwback uniforms later this year.  For the first time since the red-and-pewter revolution of 1997, the 2009 version of the team is playing like the ones that inhabited the white, yellow, and orange duds for two decades.

44 responses to “Raheem Morris calls out Winslow, again

  1. Love the insight, love the site. Slow down on this one me thinks. Dungy started 0-5 before any signs of things getting better. It’s just way too soon to be condemning any facet of this “project” yet (except for the miserable defense being played). Lets see how an actual quarterback performs this weekend.

  2. The Raheem Morris hire was comical in the first place. Check out his resume – and ask oneself just exactly what qualified Morris to be the head coach of an NFL team?
    His one “plus” was that he was purportedly beloved by his players. So much for that — who wants a head coach repeatedly singling out players in public and placing blame squarely on their shoulders?
    The guy is a disaster — an atrocious hire, possibly motivated by a ridiculously misguided whiff to emulate Mike Tomlin’s success in Pittsburgh.
    Tomlin and Morris are two totally different animals. Tomlin is a leader of men who preaches no excuses and accountability — even when he’s on the ass end of some inarguably poor officiating, or when his players flame out. Compare that to Morris.

  3. This guy is on his way to abject failure. No way he lasts beyond this season. He’s not only losing, which is understandable given the lack of talent on the team, but he’s losing like a jackass. Watch the players bottle up on this guy and just wait for him to be gone.

  4. Yeah it was really important that Winslow should have made the effort to get that first down. That would have stopped the Giants from scoring 24 points and steam rolling the terrible defense. It also would have jump started the offense and made Leftwich play better. Morris is awful.

  5. Morris was set-up to fail and he’s compounded that with some terrible decisions. He obviously chose the wrong QB coming out of camp, he called Josh Johnson a ‘career backup’ (way to motivate him Raheem), fires his OC three days before the season and the offense is still horrendous, and now is alienating his players.
    The Bucs could become the first NFL team to post two 0-fer seasons.

  6. “I think Aqib Talib should have picked off that pass in the first drive,” Morris added. “Kellen Winslow should have gotten the first down on that third-and-5. Jeremy Zuttah shouldn’t have jumped offsides on the opening drive.
    Are you serious? Guy sounds like a disgruntled fan, not a head coach.

  7. …Dungy started 0-5 before any signs of things getting better….
    Not a great comparison as Dungy had more real experience (e.g. defensive coordinator) before becoming a HC. And Dungy was not throwing everyone under the bus when he was the Bucs HC during struggles.

  8. Tampa is terrible. They will beat their streak of consecutive losses with Morris leading them! 0-16 will be their record after the year is done!

  9. Hey Florio, you thought that Mangini lost the team one minute after they announced his hiring.
    What is this vendetta you have against the Browns? Did someone in your family or a friend get fired from a job in Cleveland?

  10. Dear Glazers,
    Thank you for dismantling our team, giving us the largest gap in salary cap in the NFL, and making us the laughing stock of the league. Please sell the team to DeBartolo and pick up your one way tickets to Manchester United.
    Buccanneer Nation
    PS… Are we on the clock yet?

  11. Right now, I REALLY wish Winslow had a Twitter page. It’s one of my favorite trends of the 2009 season.

  12. I’ve been watching the press conferences, and it’s amazing how much you guys (the media) take these quotes out of context.
    When Raheem was asked if Leftwich would remain the starter. He said “If I take him out, I might as well take everybody out.” He didn’t say he wouldn’t bench Leftwich.
    On the Winslow quote, even TBO.com didn’t provide the proper context for the question. The question posed to him was very specific about Winslow. It was “”Should Winslow have squared his shoulders and tried to get the first down? ” The tbo article makes it look like Morris called out Winslow, but in fact he was responding to being “baited”. His answer was yes. Then he mentioned the other players names.

  13. So far, Morris has been an awful coach. Fires his offensive coordinater, went with Leftwich, bad decisions right and left. He may have already snapped.

  14. The Bucs are just trying to maintain the status quo with this current team. They are clearly in downsizing mode, despite a high profile acquisition like Winslow Jr. Just like the Jags, Tampa is very much subject to the collapse of the Florida real estate market and all that came with it. The Bucs will probably find a way through this, but Wayne Weaver and the Jaguars? I don’t think so, and this team will probably be in another city in the future. The fact that Florida had three NFL franchises is a reflection of the bull market days. Jacksonville? Are you kidding me?
    There are major market cities in states with no representation that deserve a shot one of these future transplants. Birmingham, Portland, LOS ANGELES. Heck, there are entire states that deserve at least one NFL team. How can there be no NFL in ‘Bama? Football is big in Oregon and Portland isn’t some small hick town.
    It’s entirely predictable that Al Davis will pull up stakes again and move the Raiders to L.A. again after 2010. Where teams like the Jags and maybe the Bucs go remains to be seen, but they will be moving on after their leases expire.

  15. Morris + no coordinator experience + BAD decision making= LOSER!
    Use that money to hire a REAL HC and stop hiring Failures!

  16. Worst than Layne Kiffin. This guy has contradicted the major offseason moves that the team made. Starting Caddy over their multi-million dollar free agent running back. Now this public rift with Winslow Jr. and the other players. In a matter of months, the Buccaneers have destroyed the credibility infrastructure that Dungy and Gruden built.

  17. Hey Junior, wasn’t it your front office who gave this headcase a big fat contract extension in the off season before he ever played a down for the Bucs? SWEEEEEET move.

  18. Is this rebuilding? You dump payroll, hire a coach whose only apparent quality is that he will take bottom dollar for himself and his staff, then hope you don’t fall for a DeMarcus Russel clone with the first pick of the 2010 draft?

  19. If you really want to call your players out and sound good, take notes next time Ozzie Guillen has something to say. It’s too bad someone wouldn’t give him a job in the NFL. There are quite a few teams that need to hear this. OVERPAID PREMADONNA’S. Dungy looks like he made your franchise what it WAS. All of his players are finally gone or too old to comete in this league anylonger. The curse of Dungy will continue for years to come. It’s gotta suck to be a Tampa fan.

  20. The Bucs moving? It’s a little early in the day to be drunk twinkle toes. Lots of sour grapes because your home state doesn’t have a team?
    Now that the Bucs have made him the highest paid TE, Winslow is starting to slide back into the attitude he had with the Browns.
    The Bucs should NEVER wear anything creamsicle ever again. All that old crap does is bring back memories of past bad ownership.

  21. Florio: so, you jump on a coach that is providing “too much” information AND you jump on a coach that isn’t “forthcoming” enough with information.
    Geez, sounds like there’s just no pleasing you.
    Someone else mentioned taking quotes out of context…..welcome, sir, to the internet rumor blog. Always double check what is posted here. 99% good stuff, but that 1% will make your head spin and crush coffee mugs with your bare hands.

  22. Exactly what Pudge Heffelfinger says. This is what they do. Gotta find a story somewhere even when its a non-story. He was asked about Winslow on a specific play and responded truthfully and went on to cite other examples of why they arent getting it done on the field. Somewhere along the line players are going to have to step up and make plays. Tampa isnt doing that and Raheem will let you know.

  23. kellen = p**sy who lives off daddy’s success, he’s always been a punk since his hurricane days

  24. When does morris start calling himself out for being a crap head coach.
    He like throwing his players under the bus but is it really their fault, when nothing the team does is done well that generally falls on the shoulders of the man overlooking the team, that being Morris in this case.
    We cant so a single thing well, to me thats not on the players, that shows the guy in charge has no clue what he’s doing.
    Trade the QB that performed best in preseason.
    Fire the OC before he’s coached a single regular season game
    Bench the QB he started over the one traded
    Zeros wins
    Zero losses that weren;t by double digits.
    Calling players out.
    Builds an offense that favors the run game then throws the ball twice as much as he runs it.
    Nobody can tackle now including a guy that Pro Bowl calibre at MLB the previous 2 years.
    Can stop the huge pass
    Love to draw flags.
    In what has Morris run/coached this team well?

  25. What the BUC is going on down there in Tampa? I mean the guy reads from a teleprompter at is press conferences so he doesn’t make a mistake. Can’t figure who the BUC selected this guy to be a head coach?

  26. Bucs fired the wrong coach in preseason, Jim Bates should have been the one fired!
    Perhaps the Tampa-2 makes a return next season as the Bucs admit their mistakes and lure Leslie Frazier from the Vikings or give Monte Kiffin the head coaching position. It was his defense that made Dungy succesful in Tampa and it was his defense that won Gruden the Super Bowl.
    Bates is a joke and so is any scheme that relies so heavily on man-2-man coverage. The team needs to get back to investing early and often in the front 4 and making defense a priority with a defensive minded coach running the tampa-2.

  27. Almost all of you (including you Florio) are stupid! He wasn’t calling anybody out! They were all asking him about Leftwitch being blamed and Morris pointed out that Leftwitch wasn’t the only one to blame and gave some examples of other foul ups. If the players don’t want thier name brought up like that then they need to hold themselves accountable for what they do on the field. Morris is inexperianced but he is a good coach and a good motivater. Give the guy a break, he has only been the head coach for 3 games… the world isn’t over yet.

  28. …great opportunity to use my precious 4 hours on Sunday doing something fun. Thanks Bucs for the “rebuilding” year. Living Florida it’s our time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather….

  29. Winslow should be called out. Whats wrong with a coach calling out some of his players. Its his team. Its not like he goes calling out the same people all the time. Winslow shouldn’t be mad about it. He still got paid. And thats the whole point. If you got paid a serious contract to be a NFL TE you shouldn’t have to your coach tryin to motivate you by calling you out. He’s getting paid serious to do stuff like that and square his shoulders up. Your coach shouldn’t b noticing stuff that you didn’t do, he should be doin that win other players not his star tight end.
    Can’t judge Raheem Morris so early. The man only has 3 games under his belt. You can already write the team off but not the coach just yet. Its not like he’s starting off like a team like Tomlin did. A TEAM 1 YEAR REMOVED FROM A SUPER BOWL WIN, to a Bucs a team that needed to be blowed up(haha) after losing their last 4 games of the season if they would’ve at least won one of the four(which they should’ve won 3 out of 4) to they would’ve at least been a wildcard team playing on the road in the playoffs i instead of Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football . and start the whole team from scratch again. St the time of the Morris hire there wasn’t any other good canidates out there for a coach. Why not choose a different way and go with Morris. Can’t just write off the decision just yet. Its gonna be a Sh***y year. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. You know what? The Bucs front office should’ve also traded for Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Peterson. But since that didn’t happen, Leftwich should’ve never thrown an interception and every pass attempt should’ve gone for a touchdown. Every week the defense should’ve pitched a shutout and generated 4 takeaways a game while the offense should’ve scored at least 40 while putting up 700+ total yards of offense.
    See? I could coach the Bucs too. I have officially diagnosed all of Tampa’s problems this season in one quick post.

  31. Since its so easy to get your coaching degree over the internet, I went ahead and got my doctorate in Psychiatry. Diagnosis…You’re a complete and utter idiot. Including all of you who read into this as a legitimate story. Go directly to the source. Here’s the press conference for those of you that cant make decisions on your own. Raheem may have said those things but not in the light Florio is trying to portray. Its all subjective but you can’t believe everything Florio says. For God’s sake he picked Washington to win the Super Bowl.

  32. I say with every action their should be a reaction.
    Since this joke of a coach has decided to call players out in the media, bring on the players to the media about how much of a clown this so-called coach really is.
    What a PATHETIC excuse for a coach!

  33. Steeler fan…was Tomlin not handed a Superbowl ready made team just like Gruden??? 1-0 w/ Troy P…0-2 w/o him…Talent makes the coaches look good…Tomlin still has some(dwindeling) and Morris has none…we’ll just watch and see:)

  34. Raheem Morris deserved to be an NFL head coach about as much as Barack Obama, nominated within 2 weeks of swearing in, deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. And the only way to compare Morris to the great Tony Dungy is to admit there’s no comparison.

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