Signs of the ugly times in D.C.

Predictably, the Redskins loss on Sunday to the Lions has been received in our nation’s capitol like the proverbial fart in church.

And the Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post in his always entertaining D.C. Sports Bog enumerates some of the visible symptoms of this.

There’s one fan auctioning his team loyalty on e-bay:  “The Winning Bidder will get my undivided, unwavering support for their team for the rest of the season. . . .  I will watch my new team’s games and will cheer wholeheartedly for victory on sundays, even if it mean against my beloved redskins.”

Another is trying to pawn off a single ticket for Sunday’s game against Tampa on Craigslist:   “You have the awesome opportunity to see the offense stall out in the red zone multiple times and the defense literally fall over trying to catch receivers LIVE”.

Not totally novel, but entertaining nonetheless.

More intriguing is the hard-line, on-line coverage of the team by Larry Weisman, the Redskins Editorial Director, and criticism of Redskins owner Dan Snyder that a Snyder-owned radio station “re-tweeted.”

Weisman, a respected NFL writer at USA Today for 26 years, has certainly brought his objective chops to his new role with the Redskins.

Per Steinberg, Weisman wrote that “[the Redskins] are the NFL’s new mullets.  The slaps.  The team to abuse.  Is there no pride?  No sense of what it means to be a part of this team? . . .  This team has enough veterans.  What it lacks is heart, speed and quickness, not necessarily in that order but that’s not a bad order to start with.”

Meanwhile, it’s no surprise that former Redskins running back John Riggins was going off on Snyder during Sunday’s loss.  It was a surprise that Riggo’s line calling Snyder a “loser” (first noticed by Stet Sports) was re-tweeted by the folks at ESPN 980, which Snyder owns.


Certainly, the Redskins and Snyder have larger issues at hand than a few disgruntled fans and straight-shooting writers.  But it’s worth pointing out that the villagers already have their torches lit before October.

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  1. “…like the proverbial fart in church.”
    Are you finding religion today, Florio? First the Childress thing and now this.
    In the future, don’t use the fart in church line. A more effective line is “…like a turd in the punch bowl.”

  2. Why is all this outrage over the Redskins suckitude just because they lost to Detroit? The loss to Detroit should not have come as a surprise given how flat the Redskins looked weeks 1 and 2.
    Honestly , the Redskins haven’t been relevant in the decade and a half since Joe Gibbs retired the first time.

  3. Gotta love guys like Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones, trying to buy championships. These guys can’t get out of their own way. I do believe that winning is only important to them as long as it keeps the ticket sales going. That, along with ego and pride should hold their teams back. Granted, they should always remain respectable, but championship caliber? Not on their current trajectories.

  4. Hey skins fans…there is a talented team with a lot of heart and a knowledgeable front office just 40 miles up I-95 you should root for.

  5. Don’t forget about a local radio stations effort to distribute paper bags to as many ticket holders possible for this Sunday’s game. Think a Saints game in the 70’s or early 80’s.

  6. I am really surprised that things are turning this ugly in D.C. I read somewhere that the Redskins were going to win the Super Bowl.
    This is stunning.

  7. Being a Skins fan, resident of the greater DC area, and regular listener to 980 I will say it would seem the bitching and moaning was more pronounced last week after a lackluster win than it is after a loss to the lowly Lions. It is possible most of us Skins fans are still in shock and won’t wake up until tomorrow, but I believe after the last 18 years of joke drafts (Heath Shuler and Desmond Howard) and joke coaches (Norv Turner and The Old Ball Coach) we are just resigned to more of the same old crap.
    I know I am.

  8. Keep dreaming 4+28….I’m no Cowgirls fan, but the Deadskins have no shot against any NFC East Team.
    So…..where is that Redskin douchebag fanbase now? You know….the ones who said……cough….cough….cough…..that this clown team was going to the playoffs.
    “Playoffs? Playoffs?–Did you say playoffs? We just want to win a game.”– Jim Mora…, Zorn.

  9. Where is all the Redskins fans who were predicting them to win the division this year after fat albert signed with them? Crawled back into your holes?

  10. Everyone tries to buy championships! Jesus, the Pat’s brought in ten new guys, the Bronco’s even more. Ridiculous argument that only two owners are trying to buy championships. Even the Bills overpaid for Owens in an attempt to add life to their offense so they could win more games.

  11. i’m with twinkletoes – you can’t buy championships.
    the saving grace is at least snyder is less insufferable than jerry jones. jones falls under even al davis on the insufferability chart.

  12. Across the street from 32 Suck St where the Browns live, it’s 31 Suck St. where the Redskins are.
    Both places are a long, long way from the SuperBowl.

  13. At least Jones won some Super bowls, Synder can’t get past round one in the play offs. Not that the Deadskins have deserved to get THAT far!
    Heartless, this team has been and is heartless! The only difference is the rest of the country now knows it.
    Zorn had them at 6-2 last year before their seasonal implosion, this year it’s here after only 3 games. Come to think of it, this is easier for their fans, no point in getting their hopes up.
    If the people of DC want change, try staying home on Sundays. If you can’t do that, start asking for paper when checking out of the grocery store. Place bag on head when you reach your seats, for those who didn’t get the reference. These are Deadskin fans after all!

  14. If they had an ounce of smarts they’d get underrated QB Jeff Garcia from the Eagles to run this west coast offense. Once McNabb returns he’s probably let go from the team. Do what you want with Zorn as long as he’s gone at the end of the season or a week afterwards. And Danny Boy that also goes with your puppet Vinny Cerrato… Then drop a pile of money on Parcell’s front yard or some credible GM or coach (Shanahan, Cowher) somebody!!! Use your money for good Daniel… not on a fat DLinemen or an overrated Hokie at CB. Next up find that QB… that’s really the only hard part b/c you just can’t buy that… you may need a credible GM to actually search out some talent in the draft.

  15. I’m very pleased with the developments in Deadskin land! hahahahahaha!!!!!
    This team is pitiful, they can’t get anything going on offense and they continue to overpay for loser’s like fat albert… They won’t beat anybody in the NFC Beast! not even the cowgirls lmao! Get ready for a 4 and 12 season deadskins!
    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. First, it’s the D.C. Sports Bog, Florio. At least get the title right.
    Regardless of what they “retweeted”, ESPN 980 is a Snyder-owned station and consistently touts the Skins. Nothing remotely negative comes from that station.
    For a more unbiased look at the Skins- and all D.C. area teams- check out LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes, 2p-6p, at 106.7 The Fan or at

  17. hey, there’s nothing wrong with the redskins that a new owner, GM, head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator won’t fix …

  18. As irrelevant as the skins are they have still been to the playoffs twice in the past 4 years and have actually won a playoff game. Cowboys have beaten two 0-3 teams this year. Cowboys don’t have a playoff win in over a decade.

  19. Someone pointed out they were 6-2 last season before it started going down hill. I didn’t realize that. I don’t follow or pay attention to the skins so could someone with better knowledge tell me how they got to this point?
    Did they lose key players? Injuries? Coordinator? Change of philosophy? Easy 1st eight games last season?
    Seriously what changed between then and now because right now they are really bad and I’m not trying to pile on.

  20. Uh, don’t put the Broncos in the same league as Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones.
    The Broncos didn’t go out and try to buy a championship. They dumped a lot of dead weight, brought in guys with good work ethic and leadership skills, got rid of a whiney, self-absorbed punk, and put the hammer down on a malcontent.
    They are nothing like Dallas or Washington.

  21. The radio said it best this morining. No excuses, the Lions simply walked on the Skins on Sunday. For all the sad rhetoric, the Lions are not the same team as last year. They still are a long way off from being a contender but their two losses came to New Orleans and Minnesota. Those aren’t bad losses to take.
    I think the Redskins should be somewhat happy. Without a few miscues from Stafford, a couple dropped pick sixes, and a questionable call on a long, offensive pass interference against Calvin Johnson, this game would have, and should have been, easily a 20 point win for the Lions.
    Count your blessings Skins’ fans. If this game came in the second half of the season when Stafford has found his rhythm with his receivers and learned the game better, this game would have been long over by halftime.
    Nice $100 million given to Haynesworth. LMAO

  22. Wow there are a ton of redskin haters. Yeah they suck, they have for a long time. So what’s the big deal? They have talent but no coaching, no chemistry, and more importantly no heart. They need a coach and from the looks of things, that could be happening very soon. I actually think the cowboys are a bigger bust, experts have said for years that they are gonna win the superbowl and every year they choke, there aren’t any expexctations for the redskins, they are always picked last in the division and that’s where they finish.

  23. @ WetHog
    I agree with you about the Baltimore Browns, but M & T Bank Stadium is 100x better experience than the disaster that is FedEx Field.
    FYI- when in Baltimore park in the UM Medical Center garage downtown, it’s a breeze, no chop shops, only a few homeless people, $10 if I recall correctly.
    – bummed the Braves and Redskins left Boston

  24. The Burgundy Revolution has begun.
    It started when the clocked reached 0:00 in Detroit on Sunday.
    It will end when the owner is changed…
    that doesn’t necessarily mean when Snyder is replaced (although that is the ideal solution)…the Burgundy Revolution will cease when Snyder changes his ways, until then, get ready, this shiznit is fo’ real and it’s nationwide.
    We’re calling upon ALL skins fans to revolt and rise up aginst Snyder and Vinny.
    Losing is one thing. Losing with zero class is another. WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

  25. “As irrelevant as the skins are they have still been to the playoffs twice in the past 4 years and have actually won a playoff game. Cowboys have beaten two 0-3 teams this year.”
    Uh huh, and the Deadskins got beaten by an 0-19 team.

  26. Why is this a suprise to anyone? The Skins have absolutely no depth and they have an old inadequate offensive line. Jason Campbell is not a good quarterback. Sure he has a good QB rating but that is simply because he doesn’t take chances downfield. There is a reason that his career high for touchdown passes is 13.
    I would feel sorry for skins fans but they are just so annoying. Every year they are the superbowl champions of the offseason and disappointments during the regular season. Next offseason will be no different. The skins will hire Mike Shanahan then restructure several players contracts to get under the cap so that they can sign a big name free agent, probably Julius Peppers, rather than using the money to sign lower tier players to add depth to the offensive and defensive lines. I really hope Snyder never sells this team because it is a pleasure watching him run this team like the Dolan’s run the knicks.

  27. To Root or not to Root
    That is the question, my friend. It seems that the Redskins have yet again, well, in Lehman’s terms, failed. In the offseason, they signed free agent Albert Haynesworth to a 7 year, $100 million deal with some $40 million guaranteed. Those numbers are staggering for a defensive tackle that has one sack in 3 games and to whom the entire defense which has given up more than 100 yards rushing yards in every game so far. This is just the brief synopsis of my anger, and I really do hate to do this, but I am going to root for the Redskins the entire season…to lose. They already have one win, so we won’t be the Lions of 2008…but we will lose to them (harsh!) What’s also harsh was how former NFL players said the Redskins appeared to be “out of it” and it looked like they “didn’t care.” Really (Seth and Amy)? You make hundreds of thousands of dollars each game and are role models to kids and adults and you don’t try against a team who is winless in its last 19 games (sigh). I think for the Redskins to become a better team, they need to have an absolutely dreadful year, in which everything goes wrong for them. Head coach fired, starting QB benched, Portis goes off on a tantrum, Haynesworth gets injured, defense stops trying (oh wait, they already have). This, hopefully, would catch the attention of owner Dan Snyda, who would hopefully finally realize that money can’t buy wins (or happiness in a fans view). Cerrato needs to be given the boot, and Snyda needs to leave from the GM or operational position or whatever he does wrong. This horrible season would finally teach Snyda a lesson to start growing a team from the inside out, with a GM, steady ownership, and an efficient coach. With an awful season, Snyda would lose ticket value and revenue which would ultimately make him have to do something rash (maybe even purchase another bust-of-a free agent). It’s like the old fable: Learn from your mistakes. Well, to say Snyda has learned from his mistakes, would be, um, wrong. Message to Snyda: Get rid of Cerrato. Get rid of Zorn. Get rid of Portis/Campbell/Haynesworth. Draft a QB. Go from there. To lose to the Lions would be like me losing to his dad in fantasy football (damn, even that happened). Like I said, it pains me to root against the Redskins (and it probably won’t happen), but I truly think that the only way for the Washington Redskins to get better is to lose…a lot.
    p.s. I hope this reaches Snyda.

  28. WetHog… you’re right Homer…DC has a better color than Baltimore other than that the Ravens destroy the Redskins. These past couple of seasons watching these two teams play is like watching OSU play some Division II team. Holmgren or Shanahan won’t be this franchise’s salvation either….

  29. @SliKRiK
    Were you loving it when this same pitiful team SWEPT your overachieving chokers last year? Get ready for round 2 clown. Wake up and realize that you’re a Philly fan and know your place. Oh and you misspelled that little cheer, let me help you out:

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