Trotter returns to Philly

After two workouts in roughly a week and an absence of more than two years, veteran linebacker Jeremiah Trotter is back where he started.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the Eagles have agreed to terms with Trotter.  Per Glazer, it’s a one-year deal.

Trotter told the Philadelphia Daily News that his second workout was “two to three times better” than his initial workout.

Trotter also says that arthroscopic knee surgery from 2008 has improved his mobility.

“To say my knee is better is an understatement,” he said.

Trotter could push Omar Gaither for the starting job, which Gaither inherited when Stewart Bradley tore an ACL during training camp.

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  1. See….this is a good, well written, INFORMATIVE article for — it’s what got me started with in the first place, articles like this that is. The BS you and your imbeciles have been posting lately has been atrocious though. Get back to the basics Florio.

  2. Eagles just add more and more depth! Smart move! Can only help for a deep play off run! I invite all the Dallas and Washington fans to sit by and watch!

  3. Chuck Bednarik is available. Might as well bring him back too.
    The Eagles are a joke. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. This comes as a shock to me. Doesn’t follow the current youth movement the Eagles are currently following. Not to many have noticed but the Eagles have been in Re-Building mode without missing much of a beat. Two years ago, many said the window was closing on the Eagles. The window is now wide open and their roster is currently set up for another 5+ year run with a lot of young impact players. I commend AR and the Eagles front office. Bringing Trotter back surprises me but at this point, if AR liked what he saw, I have faith in this decision. Hopefully the AX man can give this defense the edge it needs.

  5. okay I was a fan of Trotter when he was an eagle but this dude is old… Why didn’t they keep B. Dawk when they had the chance and why didn’t they resign Big Jon Runyun? This team confuses the hell outa me.. And above all we sign a quarterback that we don’t need… wtf?

  6. SliKRiK- Because Trotter costs about 1/8 of what Dawk did and has no other bidders. Secondly, if you’re talking about Garcia, he’ll be gone with this signing. If you’re talking about Vick, then I agree 100%.

  7. I love my Eagles, but I don’t understand this move.
    Trotter LOST his job to Omar Gaither 2 years ago! Why bring him back? I can’t see how Trot helps this team, but I hope I am wrong.

  8. Trotter is 32. Also please quit with the other past player comments, they aren’t even original or funny. Again, the Eagles know more than you do so give him a chance before you rip him. You know who is a real joke, the Cowboys – Romo is such a fairy, evidenced by Beason busting through the middle and Romo screaming and turning out of the way like a little girl.

  9. Did you know that the Eagles are the only NFL team whose nickname begins with a vowel?
    I bet Trotter makes a solid contribution for the Eagles.

  10. For those saying Trot is old, he is actually only 32 (as opposed to Dawk’s 35). Furthermore, he’s been out of football the last two years, without the accompanying wear and tear. If the surgery actually cleaned up his knee problems, meaning he’s no longer gimpy (which I assume is what they looked for in the “tryouts”), then he is a far better interim solution than D. Brooks would, given the axe man’s familiarity with the defense.
    Obviously, the ripples from S. Bradley’s injury are still being felt. This is as much about leadership. and generalship on the field as it is about Trotter’s physical abilities. I’m not saying he’s going to play like he did the first go-round, but A. Reid is NOT one for sentimental signings, so he must feel pretty good about Trotter is he’s signing him.

  11. time & knee issues will always slow down people, he is no exception. 6,7,8,9 years ago he _was_ a beast. Now, I think he’ll be average – which of course isn’t bad for the eagles, they need depth. I cannot WAIT to see Jacobs, Jones and Portis light him up on runs though.
    Not as fast as he once was + semi-recovered knee = will get hit HARD by NFCEast running backs. Look for some good highlight involving him – good and bad. Jacobs, Barber and Portis will look to seriously test what he has left.

  12. Philly should bring back Chris T. Jones for some depth at receiver.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    What a joke of an organization.
    O Super Bowl wins.

  13. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    The preceding was a vain attempt to convince someone (anyone, please!) that they just read something humorous. Yeah, I know. It’s beyond weak. Right, Mike Vick Pet Detective?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  14. I think this was a great signing…is trot a little beaten up(yea) can he still be a beast in run D(yes) even when he was young pass cover was not a strong suit…lets see what happens

  15. Hey Mike Vick, Pet etc.
    That’s about your forth or fifth comment on a post concerning the Eagles. I see relevance there. I also see that they’re living in your head.
    Oh, I almost forgot:
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  16. straverse, seriously – that team is a joke..can’t wait to play them this year.
    antneejay2, way to call him out. Its like romper room in here, slightly retarded individuals
    Dont let them get to you – we will just show it on the field. Djack is top 5 receivers in the NFL and by the time the end of the season is near, our offense WILL BE clicking as if it isn’t now. See you in the Super Bowl cockaroaches.

  17. He won’t start…this is about depth, and veteran leadership on what has become a very young team. But i bet he opens a can of whoop-ass on someone real soon.

  18. If they wanted an old, washed-up hasbeen that Cowboys players have a lot of experience running over they could have called Andre Waters.

  19. “Two years ago, many said the window was closing on the Eagles. The window is now wide open”
    Based on what? Signing Trotter? 31 NFL teams passed on that JAG and you think the 2-1 Eagirls are cntenders because they signed him?

  20. Let me see. They don’t sign Dawkins because they don’t think they need leaders so they sign Trotter to be a leader???? I really don’t get why THEY DON’T WIN SUPERBOWLS!!!!

  21. “But i bet he opens a can of whoop-ass on someone real soon.”
    He should take care that he doesn’t spill it on himself.

  22. Hey Vox,
    How about you open your mouth when either:
    1) The Cowgirls lose to the Eagles by less than 20 points
    2) The Cowgirls win a playoff game?
    Since I don’t see either one happening anytime soon, you can safely go back to reading about your quarterback in People magazine.

  23. I noticed Crayton step out so he did not get hit by the punter as well. What a pussy. Also Romo intentional grounding…..
    I also noticed Gruden with Romo’s sack in his mouth all game. I am surprised Florio hasn’t had an article linking his verbal fellatio to potential new coach.

  24. Trotter says he feels better now than he felt during his second year in the league. I wouldn’t doubt him. Signing him is a no brainer… he’s taking the spot of the 4th QB. if he can’t run, he won’t see the field except maybe on short yardage. If he can (and by all accounts he can), he’s still one of the hardest hitters in the NFL.
    Denver made Dawkins the NFL’s highest paid safety, on a multi year deal, at 36…so there is no comparing the two situations..

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