Cable doesn't rule out pursuing Garcia, again

With quarterback Jeff Garcia back on the market after a shot of espresso with the Eagles, his second most recent former team might be thinking about bringing him back.

Per the folks at, coach Tom Cable hasn’t ruled out a reunion with the man whom the Raiders cut — supposedly at his request — on September 5.

We haven’t talked about it at this point,” Cable said.  “That’s all I can say right now.”

Well, they need to talk about it.  Because starter JaMarcus Russell is not good.

His passer rating this year?  39.8. 

Against the Broncos, Russell generated an abysmal 22.6.

So, yeah, they should get Garcia.  Now.

And the Panthers should try to beat them to it.

39 responses to “Cable doesn't rule out pursuing Garcia, again

  1. I’m not saying Garcia wouldn’t sign with them, but considering he asked to be released from the team kinda makes me think he’s not interested in playing with them.
    I mean, if he wanted to be playing for the Raiders, he could’ve already been doing that.

  2. The Raider fans have been mighty quiet as of late. Can’t figure out why. [EYE ROLL]
    The thing that makes me laugh is that everyone say my Donks have won against wildly inferior teams (true).
    That must *really* burn for the Black Hole.

  3. Hey Punchy, if you had Garcia starting the season as your #1 QB; da Raiders would have been better off in the first place. Get him back if you can! GET ON YOUR KNEES!!! Do whatever it TAKES!

  4. I can’t imagine both sides going along with this.
    Somebody will have too much pride or a grudge.
    I think.

  5. they simply shouldnt have ever released him.
    if he was banged up, he eventually would heal enough to do better than jamarcus bustell.

  6. We are all so shocked by this news. Why is it that a bunch of fans who post on are better at personnel decisions than the Oakland front office?

  7. Garcia left that circus on his own. Why would he want to go back? The Raiders are run so badly, they make the Clippers Donald Sterling look like Art Rooney.

  8. Garcia is 40 years old and he has more potential than JaMarcus Russell. Garcia may still lead another team to the playoffs, JaMarcus doesn’t even have .000000001% chance of ever taking a team to the playoffs he sucks at everything related to putting the ball in receivers’ hands. Most of his rockets land in the dirt.

  9. “GET ON YOUR KNEES!!!” – The usual place for most Raiders fans.
    It was such a mistake letting go of Garcia, he’s a gamer. Actually, it was such a mistake for the Niners to get rid of Garcia. So I feel your pain.

  10. Should look into getting Russell a decent QB coach/mentor. Might be able to fix him for next year, but of course he is in Oakland.

  11. Vick’s failed drug test says:
    September 30, 2009 8:31 PM
    39.8 is still higher than Vick’s 39.6 and JaMarcus blows chunks.
    That fact that you needed to compare Russell to a guy who has only thrown 2 passes in the last year proves the point.

  12. Garcia hasn’t done shit all year, has been hurt and looked fairly average when he played in the preseason…all you Garcia lovers need to give it up – he’s done.
    SmackMyVickUp: Have you heard of Paul Hackett? Supposedly one of the best QB teachers/mentors in the history of the game? Well, he’s employed by the Raiders to try and fix JaBustus and we’ve all seen how well that has worked out.
    You just can’t fix stupid, isn’t that right milehiclown? If anyone should know it would be you…

  13. The Panthers don’t run a WCO, Mike. They already have AJ Feeley sloooowwwwwwllly learning their offense coming from a WCO, and he’s younger and has a much better arm than Garcia. I don’t see any way that Garcia helps them that Feeley couldn’t do just as well or better.

  14. I’d say if somehow the deal gets done then Al Davis is officially throwing in the towel on the Jamarcus Russell experiment. The team could still salvage some respectability (8-8). They would look a lot more competitive the rest of the way. But during the offseason, the team will have to draft another QB in round one. Which, unless you’re Al Davis, everybody in the Raider Nation already knows.
    What a shame… another Raider blessed with the tools but no heart. How many times have we seen this movie before?

  15. Well, at least Jamarcus’ passer rating is higher than if he hadn’t completed any of his attempted passes this year… by .2 percent….
    Yeah, we’re f–ked.

  16. @ bills9951 says:
    September 30, 2009 10:07 PM the bills should try to beat them to it. edwards SUCKS! Garcia to TO works
    Are all Bills fans as stupid as you? Do you not know what happened last time those two were on the same team?
    Wow you are one heck of an idiot, but I guess we could of all figured that out from you name stating you are dumb enough to cheer for the Bills!….
    Shall I say?
    WIDE RIGHT!!!!!!!

  17. Jamarcus has had 3 years, he has clearly not put in the time and especially the effort. Jamarcus lacks the IQ, intensity and command presence needed to be even a good QB. I’m a true Raiders fan but he is not the answer. Start Gradkowski and try to get Tebow in the draft.

  18. SmackMyVickUp says:
    September 30, 2009 9:01 PM
    Should look into getting Russell a decent QB coach/mentor. Might be able to fix him for next year, but of course he is in Oakland.
    Sorry, Shanahan WOULD NOT touch that friggin’ team!!!

  19. What a shame… another Raider blessed with the tools but no heart. How many times have we seen this movie before?
    VERY SAD to see!!!
    WHO can save this sorry GREAT franchise??

  20. That is hilarious – Tebow?!?!? Are you frickin’ kidding me. You think Al Davis is going to replace a guy with a cannon who can’t hit a wide open school bus with a guy who can’t throw the length of a school bus?
    In keeping with the school bus theme, I believe the one on which you ride is much shorter than the one the rest of us ride, Mr. President.

  21. Is everybody using the Al Davis Wayback Machine? This is 2009. Garcia is awful. He is useless to a young team like the Raiders. Playing with Antonio Bryant last year, he was still worse than JaMarcus.

  22. Panthers won’t go after him, because they need a new GM first. And the coach and GM are connected at the hip. And they need a new O-Coordinator that knows how to use him. Why would you go to the Browns to get an O-Coordinator, and the Colts to get a D-Coordinator?
    Let the Bill Cower era begin, please Jerry.

  23. Listen up, sheep.
    Garcia asked for his release when he realized he wouldn’t be starting. He figured he could start elsewhere, and he was wrong.
    The Raiders merely obliged so all this “they never should have released him” talk is just plain dumb and wrong.

  24. Why not go after Culpepper, at least he can manage a game and play within the system, also he can be had cheap and is on the last year of his contract

  25. “Why not go after Culpepper…”
    Wow. Seriously? When has Culpepper ever been considered even a marginal QB?
    Where are all the JaMarcus people here who said he was a sure thing? If you have to resort to gimmicks like throwing the ball 70 yards from your knees, then you’re just using misdirection to prevent a GM from noticing that you just can’t bring the goods. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB play from his knees in a game but that’s sure what everyone was talking about.

  26. First mistake was drafting JaMarcus Russell based off “upswing” potential. He was regarded as a McNabb prototype on ‘roids. His accuracy was always a question mark, but some thought he could improve in this category. His leadership skills were also uncertain, but again there was always hope and faith he could evolve into a leader.
    What’s done is done. He was drafted # 1. He’s being paid # 1 dollars. He’s expected to produce. You don’t just pay someone that kind of money (not sure how much is guaranteed, but I’m sure it’s a pretty penny) and then toss them away.
    The Raiders are just screwed basically. That’s the risk you take with drafting a QB high in the draft, especially at the # 1 position.

  27. I think the Raiders are still quite hopeful w/ JaMypasserratingisshit, no worries.
    Ja got a rocket arm, Ja just got a brain that can’t keep up.
    Does Daryle Lamonica still have an agent?

  28. garcia won’t play for the raiders – he asked to be released from there and has said he doesn’t like playing for them.

  29. db3300 says:
    October 1, 2009 10:37 AM
    “Why not go after Culpepper…”
    “Wow. Seriously? When has Culpepper ever been considered even a marginal QB?”
    Uh, you do recall him in a Vikings uniform back when he and Moss were tagged as the strongest QB/WR team in the league?
    He was really good at one time – unfortunately that time has gone the way of his knee injury. We tried him once in Oakland, and it panned out about as well as JaMarcASS Russell.
    Russell needs to be given his walking papers. At this point, we’re not just wasting money, we’re wasting time. Al needs to realize he’s gonna take a financial hit keeping or releasing him, but by keeping him, he’s taking a hit to the win/loss catagory too – ditching him might actually help us get somewhere that we may aquire wins.
    And, while I’d like to see Tebow in silver & black, I have to agree with IWanttoPunchFloriointheFace. Al used to HATE the fact that Gannon stuck to the 5 yd. and 10 yd. short passes to walk the team down the field. It worked yes, (in fact it got us to a super bowl) but Al’s all about the gunslingers, the electrifying long bombers. Someone like Tebow isn’t even on his radar – and that’s sad, because he could be a big difference maker for Oakland, even if he doesn’t end up being the next superstar QB in the NFL.
    and to respond to one more:
    rangersleadtheway says:
    October 1, 2009 6:39 AM
    “at this point I’d even be open to them seeing if Vince Evans is available”
    Man, at this point, I’d be willing to give Tim Couch or Ryan Leaf a jingle on the tele!

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