Chad plans to push the pink envelope

The uniform-obsessed NFL is permitting a significant deviation for Week Four of the 2009 season.

As recently reported by Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, players will be allowed to wear pink cleats and/or pink gloves to promote breast cancer awareness.

In Week Four, and presumably only in Week Four.

And, of course, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco sees this as an opportunity to push the individuality envelope.  He has indicated, Twitter style, that he plans to wear pink shoes and gloves for the entire month of October, and to supplement them with a pink chin strap and a pink mouthpiece.

He also says that he’ll match any fines imposed with a donation, most likely to breast cancer research groups. 

Given his specially-made cleats and orange chin strap and “Ocho Cinco” name plate and the change his name to “Ochocinco” to circumvent the rule against using anything other than his name on his name plate, Chad craves to be different, and he plans to take full advantage of the tiny crack in the door that the NFL is providing by kicking it all the way in.

And so the NFL faces a real dilemma here.  If the league office repeatedly fines him for blending pink with orange for the entire month of October, the league office might look like it’s bullying a guy who is merely trying to promote breast cancer awareness.

So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Jensen has an updated item that addresses the extent to which Brett Favre and other Vikings players will be wearing pink shoes on Monday night.

He’s tough enough to wear pink,” Deanna Favre, a breast cancer survivor, said of her husband.

“There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me, so he’s
helped so much through my cancer and through my treatments,” she said.  “He was very supportive, and he continued to treat me like a wife, not
some sick person.”

So it’s great that the league is doing this.  And, as usual, we can count on Ochocinco to make it even more interesting.

68 responses to “Chad plans to push the pink envelope

  1. The entire month of August, eh? Is this really such a hot story that you can’t take a minute to proofread it?

  2. “that he plans to wear pink shoes and gloves for the entire month of August, and to supplement them with a pink chin strap and a pink mouthpiece.”
    That would be fantastic, if they played real football in August.

  3. this idiot is the most egocentric person alive.
    what a fricken joke he is.
    and the bengals are playing well and this tool still feels th eneed to make it “all about chad”
    if he was my teamate I’d give him a steve smith love tap.

  4. At the same time, if they don’t fine him he won’t donate(or at least not as much), so this is really a no-win situation for the league!
    Kudos to Chad for underlineing the fact that NFL really is the No Fun League, and at the same time using this to enhance breast cancer awerness!
    The NFL really needs guys like this.

  5. Aren’t the league sort of inclined to fine him if he indeed does wear them beyond week four?
    They more they fine him (The more money they get) and the more they fine him (the more money the breast cancer foundation gets). With all the doe he’s making, I see no downside to fining him.. Plus, this scenario would for once put him in the spotlight for something positive and might make people soften up to him? 🙂
    Sounds more like a PR move from his agent to improve his image than anything else 🙂

  6. Entire month of august? They are going to do breast awareness for the pre-season? Huh interesting

  7. In an age where NFL players make so much news for off-field antics, this is just a great thing. I hope other players pick up on this and follow his lead.
    I used to resent Chad for his college criminal issues. Domestic violence and skipping out to avoid prosecution was inexcusable to me. But, this is a great equalizer.

  8. This isnt a noble gesture. This f-ck is using BREAST CANCER as a pawn in his chess game. This is more than embarrassing, its down right shameful. Why cant he just be a normal guy and write a check or spend time at St. Judes(and Im not saying he doesnt) but he cant even let CHARITy have its time in the spotlight.
    If I were Goodell Id fine his ass $50,000 each time he does it and see how just much he cares about cancer.

  9. You might say Chad is being a real BOOB.
    He’s really going to MILK this for all its worth.
    This is UDDER-LY ridiculous.
    Florio, will you keep us A BREAST of the situation?

  10. Chad is going to play the NFL against the principles of supporting breast cancer in a way to generate attention for himselfy. That is a pretty slick play indeed to entertain us all. Great job to you Chad for finding another loophole to pin the NFL between a rock and a hard place in dealing with your antics. And of course thanks for it all being because of a good cause too! 😉
    Instead of having repeated fines for various offenses, maybe the NFL should take a more aggressive approach. For example, if you violate the equipment rules unknowingly and are notified afterwards that you violated a rule then you get fined a small amount. But, if you know that their are clear violations in advance and provide evidence that you do know of these violations and do it anyhow, perhaps knowingly and purposefully breaking an equipment rule is a large fine, say $1M? That way, the Ochocincos of the league will have a deterrent to their schenanigans.

  11. “that he plans to wear pink shoes and gloves for the entire month of August.”
    August, huh?? Sweet, Chad has a time machine.

  12. “He has indicated, Twitter style, that he plans to wear pink shoes and gloves for the entire month of August . . . .”
    Entire month of October, yes?
    But if the league doesn’t fine Ochocinco, then it’s preventing a sizable donation from occurring on Chad’s part, which could be viewed as worse. Unless they just say they send Chad’s fine $$ directly to the Breast Cancer Research fund. But then that opens the door crack a little wider for other players to break uniform rules and try to force the league to donate their fines to a cause.
    I’m OK with Ochocinco putting a little pressure back on the league, because I think their rules (and the commish) have become over-the-top.

  13. You know what everybody, embrace this!
    Och-(enta y)-ocinco can do much much worse than this! Plus since the Bengals are doing decent he’s generally happy & is already recieving diva-doses of fan-attention.
    Why take the opportunity for a lot of much needed positive publicity away from breast cancer reasearch development and from the NFL itself?
    The NoFunLeague should, this once, let the baby have it’s bottle! He gets to be appeased while doing a nobel deed ((although alterior motives dilute it a tad bit)), this could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing here… he’ll get to be a positive/constructive distraction.

  14. Umm, you said he plans to wear them all “August.” I think you mean October.
    Gonna be interesting. Will the league fine him? Will the league draw criticism for doing so? Or will it all be chalked up to PR and a worthy cause?
    I think the league SHOULD fine him, and then donate the money to breast cancer awareness charity, maybe even matching the fines, like 85 is planning. His wife IS a survivor, so I would think a little sensitivity is in order.

  15. “He has indicated, Twitter style, that he plans to wear pink shoes and gloves for the entire month of August, and to supplement them with a pink chin strap and a pink mouthpiece.”
    I think you mean October

  16. He has indicated, Twitter style, that he plans to wear pink shoes and gloves for the entire month of August,
    The entire month of August?

  17. “He has indicated, Twitter style, that he plans to wear pink shoes and gloves for the entire month of August, and to supplement them with a pink chin strap and a pink mouthpiece.

    So, he is going to were that stuff in training camp next year? Not sure that will have the impact he is hoping. Get an editor Florio. The proofing of you post have been bush league since signing with NBC. I am free a few hours a day. Let me know.

  18. Only Cindy Lauper could turn a real genuine gesture into something about him and make it extreme. God, I’m getting tired of him.

  19. If Chad really plans to do it, some people will be jacked, but if its for a good cause and not just for publicity, I’m all for it.

  20. Argh! Just when I thought I had safely avoided a Favre story, you manage to slip it in there at the end!

  21. Nice gesture, but it’s not like he really cares about the cause. Just looking for more attention.

  22. Much as I hate to side with this tool, I think uniform regulations go a little overboard, anyway.
    Footwear, mouthpieces, gloves, and chinstraps shoud be at the discretion of the individual players, anyway. The league should have jurisdiction over helmet, jersey, and pants only.

  23. The proof reader comments really add nothing.
    Figures Chad would use breat cancer to hide behind to get himself some attention.
    We hear Chad’s name all the time but its sad most of the time its not because of how great he played on the field.
    He’s not a off the field issue guy or a steriod guy so he’s not a bad guy or anything, it’s just sad that 9 times out of 10, if there is a Chad Johnson article it has nothing to do with him playing good or making a big play.

  24. Personally, I love the fact that Chad Johnson is in the NFL. (It’s still really hard for me to call him “Ocho Cinco.”
    But I do like the fact that he makes those stupid rules into jokes.

  25. Well let’s see, when Paul Lukas of ESPN posted the news about the NFL doing Breast Cancer Awareness he said, “Here’s some of what you can expect to see this coming Sunday, and throughout the month of October:
    • Players will wear pink wristbands, gloves, sideline caps, helmet decals, captaincy patches and quarterback towels.
    • Coaches and sideline personnel will wear pink sideline caps. Coaches and team executives will also wear pink ribbon pins.
    • The goalposts will have pink padding.
    • K-balls — the ones used for special-teams plays — will feature pink ribbons.
    • Players catching a breather on the sidelines will use pink Gatorade towels.
    • Officials will wear pink-accented caps and pink jersey pins.
    • Pregame coin tosses will be conducted with pink coins.
    • All fans attending the Sunday- and Monday-night games on Oct. 4 and 5 will be given pink rally towels.
    • And in a move that may single-handedly bring the term “twinkletoes” back into mainstream use, dozens of players will be wearing pink cleats. ”
    The key words being “and throughout the month of October”.
    So tell me again why is everyone jumping all over Chad Ochocinco for saying he is going to do something that REPUTABLE journalists have already reported was going to happen?

  26. Glad to see that as always most of the comments are dealing with a typing error. Anyway I think the NFL should allow it for the entire month. Its ridiculous all the fines that have been handed out this year. Its almost like most of the players don’t even know whats allowed and whats not allowed so they are just going to do what they want anyway and if it gets a fine they know they have the money to write a quick check and move on.

  27. I really don’t like Chad Johnson but this is a great idea, he’s going to make Goodell sweat a little bit on this one.

  28. Wow, hard to believe the lack of “I hate this guy for having fun” comments. Way to lighten up!

  29. I highly doubt that Chad will write a single check. The NFL should fine the crap out of him and double it each time. And fine him again when he doesn’t cough up the money for breast cancer, and then give all money from the fines to breat cancer research. Face it Chad is one Cheap SOB, this has nothing to do with breast cancer. Once again it is all aobut Chad.

  30. My only problem is Chad is famous for saying one thing and doing another. Remember the Lexus promotion? The one he denied knowing anything about while admitting everyone was at the club because a Lexus would be raffled off?
    IF he actually donates anything to breast cancer research great. But, he most likely won’t since he is well known to be cheap.

  31. How about the League just tells Ochocinco what it would fine him for that, and then the NFL and Ochocinco make matching donations in that amount?

  32. Yea, let’s villify OchoCinco even more.
    Straight from
    “The NFL, its clubs and players are proud to support the fight against breast cancer. Our campaign, “A Crucial Catch”, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is focused on the importance of annual screenings, especially for women who are over the age of 40. Throughout October, NFL games will feature players, coaches and referees wearing pink game apparel to raise awareness for the campaign, as well as on-field pink ribbon stencils and special K-balls and pink coins. All apparel worn at games by players and coaches and special K-balls and pink coins will auctioned off at NFL Auction (, with proceeds benefitting the American Cancer Society and team charities. This is an issue that has directly touched the lives of so many in the NFL family, and we are committed to helping make a difference in breast-cancer prevention.”
    That OchoCinco just wants attention. Do your homework, Florio. These past couple of days have been terrible. First that Moss article, now this. What’s the matter?

  33. And so the NFL faces a real dilemma here. If the league office repeatedly fines him for blending pink with orange for the entire month of October, the league office might look like it’s bullying a guy who is merely trying to promote breast cancer awareness.
    He is merely trying to draw more attention to himself. If another player did this I might say it is a great thing. It is still good that Ocho is too, but he has ulterior motives.
    Be nice if you did some stories on players doing non-profit work and not blatantly asking for attention while they do it.

  34. I love the ocho, and I hope he follows through and donates a ton of money. I don’t care if he’s using this to attack the league or not. The No Fun League is getting a little extreme. Everything has to be Reebok, everything has to be the same color, socks have to be the same, towels have to be a certain way. Chad is exposing the league’s idiocracy for a good cause. Why can belichick wear a torn and tattered hoody that a bum wouldn’t wear because it wouldn’t keep him warm, and a coach can’t wear a shirt and tie? Because the hoody says Reebok, and the suit and tie say I have some dignity and self respect. Mabye the problematic WR in Cincy was Housh all those years?

  35. The NFL is a damn joke. I personally do not believe in fines for celebrating, wearing materials the NFL don’t like. Where I do believe fines should be given are for things like fighting and other misconducts. Chad is a great guy and he doesn’t deserve to be punished for the silly things he does. It is all about the RATINGS. Ratings means money. Think about that NFL and change your stupid policies!!

  36. The league told Jake Plummer he couldn’t wear the “40” decal to honor Pat Tillman any more than the one week the whole league did, and you think they won’t go after Chad for this? Your nuts.

  37. I don’t like Chad even if he is on my favorite team, and I don’t mind him using Breast Cancer Awareness as a vehicle for promoting himself, because it is a great cause to do it for. And I won’t get down on him for promoting himself because the whole league is doing the same thing. Chad is rich enough not to care about the fines and donations, I just hope the league follows leatherneck’s suggestion and instead matches Chad’s donations.
    And how does anyone here know that Chad doesn’t or hasn’t had anyone in his family with breast cancer. And I hear he is kind to fans and a great tipper. The media is all over him, and I am old school myself, so I don’t care for his shenanigans, but he is a decent human being, so get off his nuts.

  38. do we need 30 people pointing out a typo? Obviously he meant “October”, jesus….
    i would think this is a stunt to just advertise his being different & keeping himself in the media. but he *did* say he would match every fine with a donation to breast cancer research…. so you have to respect that. at least he’s coming full-circle and not just rebelling for the sake of being a rebel.

  39. You guys act as if 85 doesn’t care about winning. To 85, it’s always about winning first and foremost. That’s the type of athlete he is. He wants to be the best of the best, and his inflated ego just comes with the territory; especially at his position.
    In this particular case, Chad is raising awareness to breast cancer, and people on here are complaining? Cut the guy some slack.

  40. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t all NFL fines go to charity anyway? It doesn’t sound like much of a dilemma at all for the NFL, if that is indeed true. Fine him every time he wears pink, but make sure that everyone knows where the fines are going.

  41. I dare chad to wear PINK socks and use PINK grease paint under the eyes.
    Go ALL OUT Chad, support breast cancer awareness!!

  42. Pay attention bungles, this is why you’ll go nowhere… Your biggest star is about me and not we. How about wearing that stuff for one game then writing a check to the charity? Attention whore.

  43. OK wait…is participation in this whole pink thing mandatory or voluntary? If it’s mandatory I have a big BIG problem with it. If not, no biggie.

  44. Chad may be a great guy, I don’t know him. But Legend says “To 85, it’s always about winning first and foremost.” And that’s just plain wrong. What does he do? Tries to force a trade. Misses minicamps. Misses training camps. Fights with coaches. Chad may have a legend in his own mind that these things are about winning — but that just shows how little he really knows or cares about winning and about team work. For Chad, its always about Chad, “first and foremost.”

  45. The thing I find ver INTERESTING is Ochocinco
    Carson is ALWAYS INJURED AND HASN’T PROVEN HE BELONGS AS A NFL QB.What is the difference between Carson and Romo ? they both haven’t gotten it done, but Carson for some reason is not held accountable because it safe for me blame Ocho, by the way Ocho has led the AFC in receving the last 2-3 years, GO CHECK.
    Ocho, give the NO

  46. I will leave EdReed out of my now changed response, save for this: You, dude, are a hater, plain and simple, you sure you’re not a steeler fan? Drat, Chad was at every minicamp and every day of training camp this year, and has by all accounts rededicated himself, so yes you were right in 2008, not this year though, and the “fight” you speak of, that no one in the organization has ackowledged as such happened FOUR years ago. ANd I just can’t not go a step further for Ed, dude, your “top star” went to trial for MURDER! and your former top star (on O) was CONVICTED of felony drug conspiracy charges! No room to talk, and further, I won’t say that we’re one hundred percent “going soemwhere” but this is not an example of why we wouldn’t, how does it have anything to do it? Has he produced on the field? Yes, has he been the same Chad as last year? No. Your logic is flawed.

  47. Chad will be a winner when the Bengals draft a NFL QUARTER BACK and NOT A GUY PRETENDING TO BE ONE.
    By the way are any of you fellas doing anything to raise money for BREAST CANCER, THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE STORY it wasn’t about HATING ON Ocho……… AND WE COULD USE OCHO IN NEW YORK, WE HAVE A REAL NFL QB TO GET HIM THE BALL, WE CALL HIM SAN-CHISE AND WE DON’T HATE.

  48. Hey curseofbojackson-
    Obviously you’re well versed in the trials of two ravens. Ray didn’t want to give up his boy, and jamal gave out a phone #. Now pay attention cause this applies to your TEAM. Good teams say we, chad Johnson apparently wasn’t hugged enough as a kid and it’s all about ME for him. He rededicated himself? How are you not pissed that he wasn’t dedicated to your team all along? He is a joke.
    Chad keep your gay little cornerbacks I’ve burned diary… That’s really f–cking swell for you. You will be remembered as a selfish waste of god given talent and will be ringless forever.

  49. Chad it the “answer” for the Bengals………… He will take PINK to the next level!!!!!! GO BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Carson Palmer is still the real deal. Yes, he must prove himself first, but he still has the ability to dominate this league at the QB position.
    This year is CP’s moment of truth if you will. He hasn’t exactly been a “stud” this year, but he’s pulled of wins and completed drives late in the game when his team needed it most. He did this in all three games in fact, and the Bengals should be 3-0 right now.
    Don’t be shocked if Cincy wins a wild-card slot this year.
    Last note: back to my point about Palmer. Perhaps not a fantasy numbers QB like his astounding season before he was injured, but the greats find ways to win when it matters most. That’s going to be CP and the Bengals identity this year. The team that never gave up, came back and beat you when you least expected it.

  51. Seems to me that first, OchoCinco is indeed trying to make this NFL event another OchoCinco event. Second, the NFL is in a difficult position. If they fine him, they look heartless; if they don’t, Chad wins. I would propose that they fine him, then donate the fines to the Breast Cancer Research/Awareness Group.
    The Breast Cancer Group will doubly benefit, the league doesn’t get held hostage and Chad will have to match the fines/donations.

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