Introducing the "Sanchize"

Though his surname lends itself to a far more obvious nickname, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is known by some of this teammates and his head coach as simply “Sanchize.”

It’s a twist on “franchise,” as in “franchise quarterback.”

“The Sanchize thing is just funny,” Sanchez said Wednesday, in comments distributed by the team.  “Guys in here call me that and Rex [Ryan] calls me that all the time.  That’s just the way it is around here.  You play quarterback in New York and you get a lot of attention.  We’ve deferred a lot of interviews and extra things that I could have been doing and just focused on football.  So, it’s funny how you still get all of the attention going the route we have, being ultra conservative.  That’s just the kind of stage I’m playing on.  I’m fortunate to be part of an organization that helps me out with that everyday.  The pressure really isn’t all on me.  I have guys that I can throw the ball to, guys that can block and guys that can run.  They take all the pressure off and I just play ball.”

He’s right.  Actually, Sanchez’s experience with the Jets hasn’t been much different than it was at USC.  When surrounded by a bunch of very good athletes, the quarterback doesn’t have to be Johnny Unitas.  (As long as he’s not Aaron Corp.) 

Frankly, Sanchez hasn’t played like a Pro Bowler, yet.  His passer rating is 87.7 (which actually is ten points higher than Eli Manning’s number for his career), but Sanchez has thrown two interceptions and he has fumbled the ball four times.

But he’s 3-0.  And that’s the only stat that matters.

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  1. As a Patriots fan I’m looking forward to this rivalry even more. These teams hate each other and it’s just another version of Redsox/Yankees. It’s great for sports to have such heated rivalries and now that the Jets would appear to be headed down the road of not sucking it will be even more fun hating the Jets.

  2. insert Florio USC dig here. You just couldnt resist. Sanchez sucked when he was 19 too. Corp is a sophomore. He actually looked OK last year. What I want to know is what the hell happened to Mitch Mustain????

  3. “But he’s 3-0. And that’s the only stat that matters.”
    Not when your discussing whether he’s a future franchise QB it isn’t.

  4. We’ll see.
    I know most guys that get a bunch of hype before they accomplish anything oftentimes never do accomplish anything.
    I thought maybe people had learned after Romo.

  5. ” When surrounded by a bunch of very good atheletes”….florio are u admitting that USC have- dare i say it “athletes”.

  6. “But he’s 3-0. And that’s the only stat that matters.”
    Too bad you don’t feel that way about all QBs, Florio. Just the first round picks, apparently. Maybe Sanchez will have a 29-13 record someday… but I highly doubt it. That’s a winning percentage of .690, rarified air in the NFL for a starting QB with appreciable playing time. And maybe he’ll be able to get his passer rating in the mid-90’s and keep it there, closer to 20 points higher than Eli Manning’s, but that’s just as doubtful for the same reason. I think it’s safer to say that Sanchez will one day get his TD pass number above his turnover number, but I wouldn’t expect him to get his YPA number on the good side of 8.0 per, ever. That’s Otto Graham, Sid Luckman, and Tony Romo territory.
    Eagerly awaiting your next “Tony Romo sucks” type article.

  7. “I thought maybe people had learned after Romo.”
    Little different situation, don’t you think? Undrafted small school guy, top 5 guy from USC?

  8. # hayward giablommi says: September 30, 2009 8:00 PM
    As Bill Parcells said of Tomy Romo, let’s not induct him into Canton just yet.
    What a joke.
    He’ll make it long before Tom Brady does. Loser.
    Mom says so.

  9. lets see how he does once the winds start howling in the meadowlands.
    they did win the Superbowl in week 2 and pro bowl in week 3. not much left to accomplish

  10. take it easy when he actually starts winning games instead of not losing them over the next couple of years then we can call him a good qb.Until then scratch that forever he will be known to me as dirty sanchez.

  11. Eli (for the last 10 or so games) has been impressive. At first he reminded me of a “Forrest Gump” type of guy. A half retard…who always misses stepping in shit.
    But then the SB run…and the SB. They dump Shockey….Plax “shoots his thigh out” (both big A-holes…but both big targets).
    But Eli continues to get it done. I was a doubter….but not any more.

  12. Prediction: the Saints will jump on the J E T S this Sunday forcing Sanchize to throw a lot. The underrated Saints D will have a field day and pick him 3 times (one likely for a pick 6).
    Saints in a romp!
    The NY media will then proclaim “well, it was bound to happen, after all he IS a rookie”.
    Mark my words!

  13. Little different situation, don’t you think? Undrafted small school guy, top 5 guy from USC?
    It’s not about the guy, it’s about the media proclaiming him to be a “star” before he’s done it on merit.
    They did it with Romo, and they’re just about there with Cutler. I hope Sanchez gets a chance to make it based on what he does over a few years and not what pop culture tries to decide for us.
    Nascar has major egg/face problems these days because it happened with Dale Jr.

  14. Jets are building their offense the right way-nice young o-line & tight end, franchise QB. I’m happy for them, their fans deserve it. They have played 2nd fiddle in NY for so long.

  15. I don’t understand the need to make a final judgment on a QB after 3 games. Most very good QBS make huge leaps in year 2 and 3.
    I am not sure we can say much about Sanchez right now except a few observations. He has poise, great feet, pocket awareness, his arm strength is much better than I was led to believe, when given time to throw the ball down the field he makes plays, and seems to be a team player. I was not a fan of starting Sanchez but I have been very impressed. But then again 3 games does not make a career and I am not at all impressed by the Jets offensive line play this year.
    The Jets need to get their running game working to help Sanchez get better protection and avoid being killed. I am not ready to anoint him the teams savior yet but he certainly looks like he is on his way to being a good or maybe even a great QB in a few years. But for the next few years I hope he can remain healthy and continue to develop. Maybe he can make the leap that Flacco and Ryan seem to have made in year 2 next year or in 2011. Although the odds of QBs working out like Flacco and Ryan are never good and no matter how much Sanchez has surprised he is still a baby in terms of his development.
    If the Jets are going to be a contender this year it will have to be without depending on Sanchez to win games. Fortunately for him the rest of the team is loaded in all areas except WR and OL depth returning 11 of last years 12 pro bowl players and alternates plus adding Leonard, Douglas and Scott. With the huge upgrade in coaching by axing Mangini its not surprising they are 3-0 even with the brutal schedule they have played.

  16. The proper name is SANCHISE! Please note that ESPN AND FOXSPORTS provided this information to us almost a week ago…
    Please learn to spell Florio!

  17. @tv
    Uhhhhhmmm…it is bound to happen. Or do you think people expect Sanchez to never lose a game?
    New Orleans looks like a very good team a lot of teams with All Pro QBs would lose to them.

  18. “It’s not about the guy, it’s about the media proclaiming him to be a “star” before he’s done it on merit.”
    If you’re a top 5 draft pick you better damn well be a “star” or the pick was wasted. The media may have jumped the gun but Romo *is* a star and worthy of a top five pick, as much as some would hate to admit it. The sports media world rises and sets with the Dallas Cowboys, and Romo is the QB. He’s about 105 pass attempts from making the record books in terms of winning percentage, career passer rating, yards per attempt. And I’m talking all-time records, the guy already owns a lot of Cowboys passing records and I want to remind you that I’m talking about the Dallas Cowboys, not the Jaguars or the Bills or the Eagirls. The Cowboys have had some of the most prolific passers in NFL history. And he was not drafted. Playoff wins are great, but as far as I’m concerned anything short of a Super Bowl win is just not getting it done. Nobody but Bills fans give a shit about Jim Kelly just like nobody cares about Danny White and Don Meredith but Cowboy fans.

    The reason that this list is surprising, DJBAMBAM, has nothing to do with the players at the top. It has to do with the critically revered players that are either in the middle, or at the bottom!
    My point was less about Eli Manning’s competence as it is how the media (and Florio, specifically) is very inconsistent with their usage of passer rating as an indicator of one’s success as a QB. On one end, Florio is saying that Eli’s rating means that he is a middling football player. On the other, all you hear about is how so many of the QBs of yesteryear were amazing players. Unfortunately, when you apply the same standard, their poor QB ratings are rationalized in a variety of ways.

  20. Should be ‘Sanitize’ as in sanitary napkin, because the Jets fans will soon want to flush him after he goes on the obligatory losing streak…

  21. actually word around jets camp is a lot of players have taken to calling him “skittles” in reference to his being a little light in the loafers.a rainbow of colors.its actually on a fairly popular gossip sight,

  22. GregO
    It IS bound to happen. What I’m saying is that when it does, this week, the media hype that right now pegs this guy as being the best QB in the NFL will automatically excuse poor play as being “he is just a rookie”.
    The media pendulum always swings in favor of the media darlings.

  23. Most top 5 picks never develop into stars.
    Romo might be a star to you and sports media, that just tells me you have low standards.
    Wins are all that matter for an NFL quarterback in the end.
    Dan Marino chose stats over wins, nobody thinks of Marino as a great champion. If he weren’t still hanging around doing media work, today’s generation of kids would know nothing about him.

  24. There are so many Jet haters out there. Sanchez will take the blame for all the losses but he has not taken credit for any of the wins. This is the first complete overall team I can remember for the Jets. No one knows how Sanchez will be for his whole career but he has a very good start.

  25. “the wizard” you my friend are an idiot.marino chose stats over wins?hmmmm…he is the second winningist qb of all time behind john if all that matters is wins i guess elway is the best ever and marino is second.additionally if farve hadent decided to make a joke out of his career he would still be known as the holder of every single major passing record.

  26. Show me the rings, wej
    The rings.
    I don’t care how many times he beat a bad (at the time) Colts team in week 5.
    Nobody else does, either.
    Only made the Super Bowl ONE TIME.
    That’s an ATROCIOUS (that means very bad) record for such a “great” quarterback.

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