Jags to invade Orlando?

The bad news for Jacksonville residents is that the Jaguars might soon be playing some of their games in another city.

The good news for Jacksonville residents is that they’ll still be able to drive to games that not enough Jacksonville residents are choosing to attend in Jacksonville.

The bad news for the Buccaneers is that another NFL team might be invading their extended market.

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver tells Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel that if/when the NFL expands the regular season to 18 games, the Jags might play some of their home games in Orlando.

“There’s certainly the possibility that we would play some out-of-market
games,” Weaver said. “If it happened, Orlando would be the best option
and most reasonable location.

“In the past, we have reached out to try and cultivate that market and
haven’t had as much success as we would have liked.  We probably need to
do a better job.  That’s a given.  We are looking at a long-term strategy
and thinking out of the box on how we can build a fan base in Orlando.”

But, surely, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would have something to say about this, since Orlando is roughly 90 minutes away from Raymond James Stadium.  (Indeed, during Super Bowl week in Tampa several of the related activities were held in Orlando.)  If the Jags begin to play games in Orlando, folks in Orlando who otherwise would drive to Tampa to see like NFL action would otherwise stay put.

And then, if they establish an emotional connection to the Jags, they’d possibly be more inclined to make the longer drive (by roughly an hour) to Jacksonville than to go to Tampa if they decide to take in an out-of-town game.

Also, we think that Weaver’s trial balloon applies regardless of whether the NFL expands its schedule to 18 (or, more likely, 17) games.  Really, the number of regular-season games doesn’t matter because the maximum annual package of home games — preseason and real season — will remain at 10.  (Actually, it’ll be at least one game lower than that because the extra regular-season games most likely would be played out of the U.S. and at other neutral sites.)

Bottom line?  Like the Bills, the Jags are exploring the possibility of becoming a regional team in order to increase their overall financial viability in their current home.  Unlike the Bills, the Jags have picked a city that would brush up against the extended market of another NFL team.

So, basically, this one could get juicy.

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  1. Hard to understand why people don’t go to more games in Jacksonville. I guess there’s no interest in the sport there, at least not enough to see it live.

  2. It’s a good idea, but the problem is where are they going to play in Orlando? The Citrus Bowl is a dump.
    The Jaguars should however, hold it’s training camp in Orlando since the Bucs left.

  3. It’s still a similar situation to the Bills – Jags invading Tampa, Bills invading Toronto (Argonauts – CFL). The main reason that the NFL would allow this is because they don’t care about anyone else’s opinion.

  4. A few weeks ago Jags owner Wayne Weaver made a mistake by address the Tebow Factor in selling seats in Jax next year. And, of course, the media ran with it.
    Now he mentioned to the Orlando Sentinel that he’d consider playing some games there if the league expands it’s schedule. And, of course, the media has run with it.
    I don’t blame Weaver for a) considering Tebow in the first round to put asses in the seats or for b) moving a few games to Orlando. But he’s been an NFL owner since 1993 now and he should know better than to say anything like this.
    Put both of those meaningless preseason games in Orlando as far as I’m concerned.

  5. brighthouse stadium holds 46000, they could sell that out just to the college kids. citrus bowl is a dump but their going to fix it up its par of their dowtown restoration w/ the new basketball areana they are building, thats 2 great options and just call them the Florida Jags and alternate sights each home game

  6. The problem is older than that. It is just a bad idea to have three teams in Florida, period. The state is too small to have three teams. The league should entertain the idea of moving one of them. California is big enough to handle three teams…perhaps.

  7. This makes no sense. Tampa isn’t the most solid NFL franchise to begin with and this would be a direct hit on their market. The NFL was foolish to put a team in Jacksonville in the first place. Move the team to LA and get it over with already.

  8. But hey, it would cut the number of seats they need to fill by at least 6000, which might help them avoid blackouts.
    Tampa would have to get over it. Many teams play within 90 minutes of each other without hurting the other’s ticket sales (Ravens and Redskins, Giants/Jets, Bengals/Colts to name a few). The problem in Florida is thatpeople care more about college football than the NFL. Orlando would at least give the Jags a chance to pull in tourists who are getting bored with Disney World.

  9. *yawn*….this is about a middle class city feeling the rage of the worst economy since the Great Depression that is primarily affecting the middle class.
    For ANYONE to scold a market and their cities character for being unable to support a bunch of rich children during these times is UNAMERICAN in my view….
    Why not get rid of all teams that are attached to 3rd and 4th tier markets and only have them in affluent cities with a population base that is grotesquely huge? That’s what I am hearing on national sports shows. Just gut REAL AMERICA so the elite class can have EVERYTHING….Leave no identity for middle class America to hold on to….
    Just one more nail in the coffin for a once great labor country….

  10. Does anyone think Miami Dolphins might ahve something to add to this conversation? I know miami is roughly 235 miles south of Orlando, BUT, my question is where does the Dolphin’s fan base start? Where does Miami’s TV base start?

  11. Its Miami’s market too. They should just leave the state PERIOD! The economy is bad there. Move up to Charleston or out to Nevada where the state has no teams.

  12. How about Pensacola? Daytona Beach? Cape Canaveral? Cocoa Beach?
    Make them the first “traveling” team in the NFL.
    Or just move them to L.A. and help the tarp building business in the City of Industry.

  13. They can put Mickey Mouse ears on their helmets and introduce packages to include football tickets with your Universal Studios tickets. That will be rich.

  14. “Jayson says:
    September 30, 2009 8:20 AM
    brighthouse stadium holds 46000, they could sell that out just to the college kids. citrus bowl is a dump but their going to fix it up its par of their dowtown restoration w/ the new basketball areana they are building, thats 2 great options and just call them the Florida Jags and alternate sights each home game”
    There are so many misspellings and grammatical errors in this, I don’t even know where to start. Jayson, you are retarded.

  15. Orlando is an official secondary market to Jacksonville according to the NFL. That is why Orlando is required to air all Jaguars road games and they’ll sometimes air Jaguars home games when the Dolphins aren’t playing at the same time or the game isn’t blacked out. I think the Jaguars have just as much of a right to the Orlando market as the Bucs do. It’s about time they decided to explore those options.
    Many teams in the NFL pull fans from throughout the state. Why should the Jaguars be limited to only Jacksonville?

  16. “How about Pensacola? Daytona Beach? Cape Canaveral? Cocoa Beach?”
    And, where exactly would they play?
    Unless Orlando builds a new stadium, it’s not happening. They’ve been talking about “upgrading” the Citrus Bowl for years. It’s not feasible.

  17. JAG880 says:
    September 30, 2009 9:45 AM
    Many teams in the NFL pull fans from throughout the state. Why should the Jaguars be limited to only Jacksonville?
    Yes – the Jags just reek with tradition.

  18. Why does the state of Florida have 3 NFL teams????
    It’s the wang of America. It doesnt need 3 NFL teams, 2 NBA teams, and 2 NHL teams, which they shouldnt have any NHL teams, and 2 baseball teams.

  19. “No” to an 18-game schedule. It’s perfect the way it is right now.
    The quality of football would decline. Old records and stats would become meaningless. There would be more injuries and a larger roster would be necessary. There would be football on ridiculously hot days in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Dallas, Charlotte, and all over.
    There would be more head injuries.
    It would just suck all the way around. Leave it as it is.

  20. I don’t expect people to know (care) about things outside of their team’s market, but there really is no story here. The only “story” ever regarding Orlando was that Tampa moved there Training Camp into another team’s secondary market (as Orlando has been for the Jags since their inception).
    Orlando is Jacksonville’s secondary market. This isn’t the first time, and will not likely be the last, that a team has contemplated playing games in their secondary market to broaden appeal. Green Bay did it years ago in Milwaukee. The Bills are doing it now. A team will do it in LA in the future.

  21. How do you spell Orlando? Its L O S A N G E L E S.
    Jax was and is a mistake. Meanwhile the No. 2 market in the US is NFL-less. Fix it, Goodell.

  22. I thought the Jaguars would be playing ALL of their home games in Los Angeles in a few years anyway, why the rush to Orlando?
    I guess the Jaguars can start out with a couple of games in Orlando to begin relationship with Disney World and then move to LA to continue the tie in with Disney Land.
    Orlando is too close to Tampa to make the Bucs happy about this.

  23. Alfie says:
    September 30, 2009 9:58 AM
    “How about Pensacola? Daytona Beach? Cape Canaveral? Cocoa Beach?”
    And, where exactly would they play?
    It was sarcasm, stupid.
    But, as long as there is a high school stadium and a popcorn vendor……..

  24. Most of you people that are commenting on the Jacksonville Jaguars have no basis for their comments. I purchased my season tickets at the very beginning of the franchise. Jacksonville has consistently been in the mid-point of NFL home attendance during its first 14 years of existence, including being at the top for the first few years. People who live in Miami, or are Dolphin fans have no right to speak about non-support. Also, have you watched a Florida Marlins game on TV recently. That is the most ridiculous attendance situation in major sports history. For some reason, I haven’t heard alot about that nationally over the past several years, and I can’t understand why. This is a very tough year economically for Jacksonville. But you will see a resurgence by the end of this year, or the beginning of next year, especially if the national economy starts showing improvement.

  25. I don’t remember this media storm like this when Buffalo said they were going to play a couple games in Toronto. And to all of you losers taht keep with the “move to LA” crap, you might as well stop because WW is never going to move the Jaguars out of Jacksonville, and if he did, why would he move the team to a city that has already lost two teams?

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