Report: Felix Jones out for 1-2 weeks

Calvin Watkins of (who somehow broke free from his contract with AOL FanHouse after less than a year on the job) reports that Cowboys running back Felix Jones will not play on Sunday due to a knee injury.

Jones has a sprained PCL in his left knee.

The Cowboys travel to Denver for a game against the 3-0 Broncos.

Per Watkins, Jones will be evaluated for a possible return on October 11, when the Cowboys head to Kansas City.  But Watkins says that Jones has a more realistic shot of returning to the field after the October 18 bye, for an October 25 visit from the Falcons.

With Jones out, Tashard Choice will be the starter against the Broncos — unless Marion Barber is able to return from a quad injury.  Barber reportedly wanted to play on Monday night against the Panthers, but the Cowboys opted to rest him, given the presence of Jones and Choice.

The Cowboys have been getting full use out of their running game this year.  With injuries piling up, however, the Cowboys might have to spend more time throwing and less time running.

26 responses to “Report: Felix Jones out for 1-2 weeks

  1. the article’s been up for 20 minutes and you’re calling vox to it? maybe you should find something better to do with your time.

  2. # East Bay Ray says: September 30, 2009 12:26 PM
    Uh, didn’t this news break yesterday?
    Yes, it did, but since Calvin broke it again and he’s got such a high integrity level (he of the Cowboys plane was delayed for TO multiple times misreport that got him fired from the DMN) it will be bandied about again for a while.
    In other breaking news, President McKinley has been shot, VP Roosevelt is speeding to his side, the nation waits to see if the President will survive.

  3. It’s all doom and gloom for the the Cowgirls going forward. They will be lucky to score at all against the Broncos.

  4. # East Bay Ray says: September 30, 2009 12:26 PM
    Uh, didn’t this news break yesterday?
    Correction East Bay, this “story” broke yesterday, since it is Felix Jones, and he lives in a perpetually injured state, it is hardly “news”, lol. But your point is well taken, the story is a day late…..

  5. Kid is fast. And good. He’s going to have trouble getting big paydays if he can’t shake the stigma of being injury prone, though.

  6. # Resolution says: September 30, 2009 12:06 PM
    Tell me he doesn’t look like Palpatine’s younger brother.
    Jerry still looks great for his age
    He hasn’t decomposed a bit

  7. 4+28=2SB….you must REALLY hate the Cowboys for some reason. You have made a negative comment on every single Cowboys article that Florio has written in the last few weeks. Obviously you are a Vikings fan, so where does all of this come from???
    As far as Felix Jones is concerned, he would be a great RB if and only if he could stay healthy. We had him for 5 games (5 productive games) and then lost him for the season last year. This year he goes down in Week 3 the first game that he was called to carry the load. I don’t think that he will ever be a “feature” back b/c of this, teams need to be able to have a RB that they can rely on. That being said, I like him has a #2 / #3 guy behind a more powerful RB such as Barber…now if only that guy could stay healthy as well….

  8. Broncos will lose to the Cowboys even without Felix Jones. They are NOT as good as their record suggests. They have had some lucky wins thus far and they are not that talented.
    McDaniels’ and the donkeys’ luck will soon run out.

  9. I hate the cowboys as much as any eagles fan, but the broncos are the worst 3 – 0 team of all time.
    If they put up 27 points, I’m going to change my name to Derek Jeter…

  10. “Broncos will lose to the Cowboys even without Felix Jones. They are NOT as good as their record suggests. They have had some lucky wins thus far and they are not that talented.”
    Lucky wins? Plural? What?
    They basically played like the Steelers did against Cincinatti (losing on a last minute drive) before Stokley bailed them out. Then they blew up the Browns and the Raiders.

  11. You are measuring the greatest of the Broncos based on blowing up 2 teams that are actually self imploding???????????? And eeking out a win against the unproven Bengals??

  12. Broncos may not score and Dallas will break all you naysayers hearts this yr for certain. DC’s played miserably against The G-men and still almost won.

  13. Great, now Cowboys fans have their excuse prepped for the ass whopping they’re about to take this weekend.

  14. # VoxVeritas says: September 30, 2009 5:36 PM
    “What happened to my post ??”
    It failed, like your parents.
    Or like the Cowboys in the playoffs.

  15. Chiefs will beat dem cowgurls 24-21!!!!!!!!!!! I will be there to watch my team continue to help the cowgurls pile up injurys and lose, then again if dem cowgurls do win its only cause they can only beat teams that have no wins!!!!! HAHAHA go chiefs………..down with tha cowgurls!!!!!!!!

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