Rumors of Marvin Harrison to Chicago likely are off base

Rumor surfaced Tuesday on WSCR in Chicago of an SUV with “Indy 88” tags at Halas Hall, the headquarters of the Chicago Bears.

As we understand it, a regular caller spotted the vehicle, prompting speculation that Harrison could soon be a Bear.

We’ve done a little homework (for a change), and a source with knowledge of the situation says that such a development would be a “shock.”  

Though former Colts coach Tony Dungy has said that Marvin can still play, Dungy also has said that Marvin “does want to get paid,” and that likely continues to be the primary impediment to getting a deal done, in Chicago or anywhere else.

So while Harrison has not retired, his NFL career will continue only if he dramatically drops his asking price — or if an NFL team suddenly decides to give him what he wants.

31 responses to “Rumors of Marvin Harrison to Chicago likely are off base

  1. The Bears don’t need him. Both Hester and Bennett have improved and continue to improve, and Knox is far from the worst #3 in the league. I don’t think Marvin gives them anything they don’t already have at this point.

  2. I will NEVER understand, why a player would rather get paid nothing, instead of signing a contract that pays them less than they want, because they “want to get paid”.
    I dont know the real numbers, but a veteran like Harrison, would probably command atleast $1 million for a season of work. But he probably wants 5 or 6 million. So he would rather pass on $1 million, because he thinks he deserves more…..? What a dope. Just make the contract laden with incentives, and everyone wins. If he is reluctant to sign an incentive based deal, that means he has no gas left in the tank, and doesnt think he can earn the money, and thus wants the money up front…..

  3. slipkid says:
    September 30, 2009 10:22 AM
    More like
    Jerry Angelo.
    Done deal.

  4. The Bears could be a good fit for him, they need WR help for Cutler. Hester will be back returning kicks by the end of the year……

  5. The city of Chicago has enough violence already, thank you.
    And the Bears have already stunted the development of their young WRs enough by bringing in old, stop-gap vets (Booker, Muhammad, Lloyd, etc.)
    So let’s just continue to develop our own young talent–Hester, Bennett, Knox, Aromashodu, Iglesias, etc.
    We’ve only seen the beginning of what some of these guys can do–sky’s the limit.

  6. the Bears were intersted in Harrison before the season started & they could really use a #1 WR. Hester wont win many games as a WR & Bennett hasnt developed into any kind of threat.
    dale jr & Indy dont have anything in common, he hasnt even won a race there so theirs no need for a “indy 88” plate.
    L.Smith & Dungy are long time friends & the Bears need major help at WR so its a perfect fit if Harrison’s agent can cut reasonable deal. if Harrision still think’s he’s worth 9mil a year he might want to retire, no ones going to give him that kind of money with his past injuries & his age.

  7. NO…Matt Jones would be a better fit, younger, faster and a bigger target, plus he would be at a much better price.

  8. Always beware an aging good receiver who spent his career with a very good qb. No guarantee he can do the same with anyone else.

  9. Wouldn’t be any better than what they’ve got, unless they need him to shoot fans hassling Cutler about his haircut.

  10. why would they waste money on someone ron turner won’t throw the ball to?again his plaly calling will be what dooms the bears this year and not cutler.why does he wait untill the end of games to take the cuffs off cutler?if he did this earlier and the bears got ahead then teams would not stack the line and stop the running game!how hard is it to throw a play action pass when teams are sitting on the run?again the only team in the nfl that runs it then are the bears and ron turner!

  11. BEAR-A-HOLIC says:
    September 30, 2009 10:52 AM
    NO…Matt Jones would be a better fit, younger, faster and a bigger target, plus he would be at a much better price.
    Nice post, I agree Matt Jones has alot more potential and should come at a resonable price.

  12. Wants to get paid huh? I’m starting to wonder when he started his decline, since 2006 the Colts Offense kind of lost thier big play capability, in fact last year when he was a Colt, Manning had only 7 plays over 40 yards. This year he’s already got 4. Count another Jacksonville game where Harrison was injured last year where Manning had his best game as a Colt in 2008 throwing over 450 yards thats 4 games without Harrison the passing offense thrived, not counting the whole 2007 year when he was injured. It’s clear that Harrison has declined for sometime and since then has slowed the offense down a bit. Him being gone allows Manning to spread the ball around more freely and not have to worry about Marvins numbers. So far great results, not 2004 results, and still not better then when Marvin was in his prime, but you have to wonder when was he in the decline, how far and why so many other teams passed on this guy. One thing is for sure, he sure in the hell isn’t worth the money he is asking. Dungy doesn’t say a bad thing about anyone, he could tell you Tarrik Glenn is available and ready to play and is in great shape today if he was asked.

  13. Considering I would say at least 2 of the 3 (and arguably all 3) of the Bears starting WR’s have performed better than expected so far, I think the odds of Harrison becoming a Bear are much lower now than they were before the season began.

  14. Cutler is trash and he needs help. Harrison is old and shitty, but definitely better than “no-hands Hester”. Marvin would at least take attention away from Johnny Knox, which could end up helping the Bears stretch the field vertically, in turn allowing Forte to snap out of his sophomore slump. Still hate the Bears though, and hate Cutler even more.

  15. SATAN567- “no-hands Hester” Did you happen to see his game-winning TD catch that was above his head and overthrown? He also managed to break two tackles as well. You’re just another hater with no concrete evidence to back you up.
    I know someone who hates you…
    “The Bears could be a good fit for him, they need WR help for Cutler. Hester will be back returning kicks by the end of the year……”
    Umm…no he won’t be. Actually he’ll have roughly 70 catches, 1,013 yards, and 10 TDs. Yes, that’s what his current pace is.

  16. Bring him to Miami Gat Dammit…I am tired of all the crap going on down here. We will take any one that can stretch the #$%%@#$ field!! and catch!!

  17. Chickenfoot says:
    September 30, 2009 11:50 AM
    Lions get thier 2nd in a row this week!!
    Could even be the third, if the refs weren’t so enthusiastic about helping the Dikes with phony pigshit calls each time they play the Lions.
    P.S. I know I taught you the whole “i before e” thing once already, but it doesn’t apply to “their”.
    I take responsibility for that, though.
    I should remember you need “special” education.

  18. Harrison is done, d-o-n-e. If he werent, he’d still be a Colt. Instead, Peytons doing better throwing to a 6th round pick, Garcon, whos quickly becoming a star, btw.

  19. It’s time for people to stop preaching that the Bears need better WRs. Go watch a Bears game, go watch some of the catches that Johnny Knox and Devin Hester have made so far. They caught balls in dense traffic vs the Steelers that helped them win the game.
    Fact: Bears WRs have put up over 500 yards and 4 touchdowns in 3 games thus far. Last year they put up about 1600 yards and 9 touchdowns in 16 games. Do the math, you’re looking at around 2700 yards and over 20 touchdowns receiving out of Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox and Devin Hester (the only Bears WRs to catch balls thus far). Looks to me like they’re doing alright.

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