"Final" UFL rosters include a Super Bowl MVP

The UFL’s premiere season starts next week.  And so the UFL teams have unveiled their final rosters.

Here are some of the guys with recognizable names.

For the California Redwoods:  running back Obafemi Ayanbadejo, quarterback Mike McMahon, receiver B.J. Sams, receiver Bobby Sippio, linebacker Dontarrious Thomas, and running back John David Washington.

For the Florida Tuskers:  running back Tatum Bell, quarterback Brooks Bollinger, cornerback Fakhir Brown, defensive end Patrick Chukwurah, receiver Doug Gabriel, defensive back (and former Super Bowl MVP) Dexter Jackson, running back Michael Pittman, punter Todd Sauerbrun, defensive lineman Darrion Scott, guard Charles Spencer, linebacker Odell Thurman, tight end Jermaine Wiggins, running back Quincy Wilson, and defensive tackle Claude Wroten.

For the Las Vegas Locos:  defensive tackle Wendell Bryant, running back De De Dorsey, receiver David Kircus, quarterback J.P. Losman, quarterback Tim Rattay, running back Marcel Shipp, and linebacker Gary Stills.

For the New York Sentinels:  cornerback Tra Battle, quarterback Quinn Gray, quarterback Ingle Martin, defensive end Simeon Rice, receiver Koren Robinson, and receiver Craphonso Thorpe.

The games start on October 8.

47 responses to “"Final" UFL rosters include a Super Bowl MVP

  1. Oh, boy… it’s almost time for minor league football to start!
    I can hardly wait…

  2. Wow. Quite a few familiar names, might actually turn into a triple A league for the NFL after all.

  3. wow, I see at least 7 fromer Chiefs on that list, Sams, Sippio, Sauerbrun, Stills, Gray, Martin & Thorpe. I dont’ know whether it’s a good thing they don’t play for us anymore or a bad thing that they played for us at all. Good Luck to ’em now.

  4. Good luck to former Vikings Dontarrious Thomas, Brooks Bollinger, Koren Robinson, Jermaine Wiggins, and any I missed.
    I hope the new league does well.

  5. Have to be impressed with at least the name recognition of the players who make up this roster. Time will tell if they can play.
    If they make it past the first year will they lure away NFL players who are willing to take less money for more playing time? What about old guys who aren’t ready to quit.

  6. I just saw these rosters and the first thing that popped into my head was…WHO THE HELL ARE THESE GUYS!?

  7. Mr, and Mrs. Thorpe ought to be shot for naming their kid “Craphonso.” That’s beyond brutal.

  8. Umm, who really cares about this league that obviously has no chance of succeeding just like all the others that have tried before…Flowerio, please keep stories about this crap-honso separate from the only league that matters, and that would be the NFL.
    Only losers who actually watched the AFL would be interested in watching yet another fledgling BS attempt at actual football…just stop it already.

  9. What the hell is a Sentinel? Oh boy here comes those fightin’ Sentinels again!!! Is this 1776 football?

  10. @SlimPickens
    Of all the names you’re gonna pick on the Sentinels? How about what the hell is a Tusker?
    How about that famous chant “We are……Redwoods”
    Seriously, the XFL had better names. How long do we have to wait until Ashton Kutcher proclaims we’ve all been punked.

  11. i’ll watch the first few games because of curiousness but i ain’t promising anything.

  12. The UFL has a good overtime rule. (Each team has a chance to score, being guaranteed one possession.)

  13. “IWanttoPunchFloriointheFace says:
    October 1, 2009 9:25 PM
    Umm, who really cares about this league”
    I do. Seems like others in here do as well. Probably NFL teams looking to restock their rosters midseason. They might have an interest.
    In fact, it seems like you’re the only one opposed to it to such a degree that you spend time voicing an opposition to it.

  14. Please….this league will fold like a cheap lawn chair after one season.
    They shoulda got the puppy killer Vick!

  15. People can talk all the crap they want but these rosters don’t look too bad. I’m pretty excited to see how it works out and how the players will be able to feed into the NFL

  16. Mike McMahon! The guy who made Joey Harrington look good.
    I think this league will be fun. They need some more teams though.
    Looks like the old USFL is trying to start a new league as well. Saw an article about it over the weekend (can’t remember where though) http://www.newusfl.com/.

  17. Prediction – Former Bengals Odell Thurman and DeDe Dorsey tear up the league. Odell gets an offer from the Bengals but he shows up drunk to sign the contract.

  18. how exciting can it be with 4 teams? No one to root for. the nearest one is NY and that would be like rooting for cancer

  19. 7 former Broncos on that list…
    Tatum Bell, Patrick Chukwurah, Michael Pittman, Todd Sauerbrun, David Kircus, Ingle Martin, Simeon Rice

  20. Wheres Cecil Sapp at. can these players just quit the league whenever the nfl calls or do they have to stay true to there contract in the ufl??

  21. hell! where do I sign up at!?
    I’m pretty sure that even I would be an upgrade over Brooks Bollinger.
    guess those backyard football highlight videos I did with the kids won’t be going to waste after all! I’ll be sure to send them in!

  22. The difference between this and the AFL or the NFL Europe or the XFL or whatever is that these teams have seriously legit NFL experience amongst their ranks. SERIOUSLY.
    You never cared about the AFL because the rules were too hokey, and you never cared about the Euro trash we were force fed because by and large the players were garbage, but this has a real opportunity for some of the younger players looking for second chances to prove themselves against former top talent in the NFL. Simeon Rice? Dexter Jackson? Mike Pittman? These guys have been significant contributors on teams (laughably all former Bucs). And I know age plays a HUGE factor but c’mon! There are some legit players here and I got $50 that says scouts will be showing up at these games in full effect looking at guys like DeDe Dorsey, and Odell Thurman and any of the many QB’s who never got a chance to get major snaps in the NFL. Especially as BuckFutter said, in the heat of the grind when guys start going down and teams are on 2nd or 3rd stringers.
    Watch. These execs play their cards right and I’ll be buyin stock in this thing. It’s a bit lofty but could be achieved, done right and with a few years of growing it’s talent base from the recognition of all the guys who played this first year. One success story is all it needs. I think if all the other leagues can establish minors, so can the NFL, regardless of affiliation.

  23. Contra- if u know the 30 lives code as well as u know the NFL i would say uve never played with 30 lives. (editor note* UFL players names are recognizable)
    Jungle Juice-the only player that has ever signed a contract drunk and deserves to be written about is Kerry Collins (editors note* do i have to say duh)
    ur userame outsmarts me but ur knowledge makes less sense than church
    no suprise ull watch a UFL game considering the browns are the new lions…ur an idiot
    your piss poor comment is the reason i created an account, (editors note*i remember my first beer)
    your more innacurate than the injury reports, maybe u should just watch playoff baseball this fall.

  24. In Florida we’re just glad to have Fakhir and Chukwurah.
    We just call ’em Facker and UpChuck.

  25. DeDe Dorsey is going to show that he’s a legit running back as long as he stays healthy. I really thought that another NFL team would pick him up after we cut him. And if Mike Brown had the gumption to give Chris Henry another chance then Odell should have gotten another chance. He’s a hell of a player. He’ll be back in the NFL after he shows he still has it.

  26. In all seriousness – it makes sense to have some kind of minor league season during the NFL season.
    There is no way to compete against the NFL.
    By the end of the UFL season, some team is going to be decimated with injuries and at least this gives some commodities opportunity to shake off the rust and play under real NFL coaches. With the possibility of a NFL team calling them and saying come play for us!
    The Browns could have really capitalized on something like this last year when Quinn and Anderson went down due to injuries.
    Will be interesting. If ESPN pays attention to it, it might become something relivant to the NFL.

  27. “J says:
    October 1, 2009 8:36 PM
    Las vegas locos seriously?, why does Florida has all the “good” talent?

    Compensation. Our 3 NFL teams suck!!

  28. I’m all for this league, and I hope it stays around awhile. But as a long time Denver fan, it’s pretty telling that alot of the guys making up these teams used to be on the Broncos. What was Shannahan thinking? Hopefully in his next gig, he’ll actually listen to his couts.

  29. Its Football people! Football…the same game you cherish every Saturday, Sunday and Monday (and Thursday too)…
    Whatever the skill level, I am confident this is a product that will sell.
    Now anyone know where can I find a Michael Pittman, Florida Tuskers jersey???

  30. NINE former chiefs on that list? Wonder how many more weren’t mentioned – tribute to carl peterson

  31. the tuskers look like they are pretty solid, looking at the rosters alone.
    is there a tv schedule you can post for this? i’d like to watch

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