Kevin Smith practices for Lions

As the Detroit Lions hope to double the first winning streak they’ve enjoyed since December 2007, one of the biggest pending questions is whether running back Kevin Smith, a budding star in his second season, will be able to play.

We’ve been told that Smith is week-to-week with a shoulder injury suffered during Detroit’s win over the Redskins. 

As of Wednesday, it didn’t look like this week would be Smith’s week, since he didn’t practice.

According to the official injury report, he was back on Thursday, practicing on a limited basis.

The key will be Friday — both as to whether he practices and as to the label the team applies to his availability for Sunday at Chicago.

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  1. Stafford, Calvin Johnson, this kid Smith & the young tight end they have – great building blocks for that offense. Detroit is closer than people think – they need 1, maybe 2 drafts where they focus on defense and this could be the team to beat in the North 1 day. And there fans deserve it, they’ve had to watch a lot of bad football over the years.

  2. Smith could be a very good running back but he must learn how to stay healthy. He takes a lot of unnecessary hits that cause these injuries.

  3. jamesz23, they need an offensive line first and foremost. i would’ve taken an offensive lineman in this draft rather than a tight end with that second 1st round pick. they gotta pick a tackle this time around.

  4. I agree the o-line needs to be upgraded. Unfortunately this draft was heavily influenced by Detroit’s economic condition. They picked players that were more likely to sell tickets rather then build the o-line. Although now with most skilled positions being filled, I would expect the next draft will focus on the trenches and secondary.

  5. While certainly not a group of pro bowlers, the Lions O-line has actually been servicable this year. They’re giving up less than 1.7 sacks per game and just had two 100+ yard rushing games, including 150+ against Washington.
    There are definitely much bigger holes on this team. DT and CB come to mind.

  6. Mustbechris,
    I used to think that as well, but think about it… Are we in the bottom 1/3 in sacks, rushing, or passing? No. But, we are one of the worst defensive teams in football, though. Backus takes some heat sometimes, but he’s an average tackle, not better or worse.
    I say leave Backus be and get the best pass rusher of the draft, IMHO. If that pick is gone, just get the best defensive talent on the board.
    PS: Besides that, Millen gave Backus a raise not too long ago before he himself got canned and trading Backus or cutting him would use up a lot of cap money for nothing.
    Improve the D to 16th or better and we are in the playoffs. Our offense scores enough points to be competitive week in and week out.
    Deal with Backus’ replacement when his contract is coming to an end.

  7. @loyallionsfan
    “They picked players that were more likely to sell tickets rather then build the o-line.”
    I’m not sure I’m buying this. The only star player was Stafford and the staff was really sold on him being a good NFL QB so that’s a no-brainer. You can’t possibly say a TE known as much for his blocking as his hands is a ticket seller. I won’t even go into how minimal of an impact drafting a safety from Western Michigan has not to mention a converted LB from Wisconsin. These were all very legit picks and had nothing to do with seat selling, well aside from Matty.
    That said, we need to focus on DT/DE in the draft and free agency more than anything. CB would be the next area of need, then OL.

  8. I agree that the Lions are closer are than people think–even in last season, they were able to hang in *most* games up into the 4th quarter, rarely ever getting completely blown out. (Thanksgiving aside).
    Plus, they got robbed a couple times with shitty calls by the refs (against the BiQueens, for example).
    With each draft, they amass more talent…and one day, all that talent will start to click.
    Good effective rebuilding does have to start from the inside (lines) and go out, though.
    Fun fact: last week was the first time all 4 North teams won since week 10 of 2005.
    I expect the Lions will be able to be competitive in the near future. Hopefully it just doesn’t happen to start with this week… 😉

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