McKelvin to injured reserve

Leodis McKelvin’s rough season just got worse.

The Bills placed the second-year cornerback on injured reserve Thursday with a broken leg, ending his season.  McKelvin was in the news earlier this year after a key fumble in Week One enraged a Bills “fan” enough to vandalize his lawn.

McKelvin was drafted eleventh overall out of Troy in 2008, but this was his first season starting.  Drayton Florence will step into the starting lineup, and Reggie Corner will get a lot more playing time.

The Bills secondary is coming off an excellent performance against New Orleans, and they face Chad Henne of the Dolphins in his first NFL start Sunday.

McKelvin was taken off the roster to make room for Marshawn Lynch, who was activated from suspension Thursday.  Look for Lynch to split the workload evenly with Fred Jackson, who is currently second in the league in yards from scrimmage.

“I don’t know if [Lynch] will get half the reps,” coach Dick Jauron said.  “But somewhere near there if
he’s ready to do that.  And as I said earlier, trying to keep them both
out there fresh.  So he’ll spell Freddy, Freddy will spell him, and
we’ll move forward like we had planned.”

The Bills have suffered  a lot of injuries, but they desperately need a win in Miami to avoid a big early hole in the AFC East.  My PFT pick in the game was the Dolphins, which should make Buffalo supporters feel good about their chances.

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  1. He broke it kicking his front lawn sprinkler. Oh, that was the vandal peeing not a lawn sprinkler.

  2. It had been circulating Monday afternoon in and around the Buffalo area that according to a person who is a not in good standing with the upper brass at Bill’s headquarters has mentioned a few things of interest was said a little too loud about coach Jauron whom once again, showed many confusing signs of his downward spiral as Buffalo’s coach.
    This is only what I heard from a source that I have always had been given very good information from.
    It is sounds as if our coach’s health is not what people might think.
    It has been said that the reason Jauron was wearing sunglasses in the fourth quarter of the NO game, when it was overcast was just out of concern for the appearance risk he was trying to avoid while on camera and around media while on the sideline during the game.
    It has been mentioned, that there is talk and more talk lately of a possible medical problem with Jauron.
    A couple members of the local media of which I can not name, questioned each other before (during the game) and after his post game interview of how tiny his eyes were and his reactions and response to certain things. ??
    Some of the questionable logic, programable repeat answers, appearance and confused sideline thinking may be related to medications that he has been on for a what has been heard, a long time.
    There is starting to be talk around town that he has been having some control problems with it also.
    His eyes get very dialated at times and his slow reactions to decisions and questioning are also in question.
    It seems that the Bill’s are trying very hard to not let this already out of the bag story, hit the public.
    It is getting easier to see of late, that there is surely a problem within a secrecy type scenerio that is being played out in front of all of us.
    Think about what you have heard him say lately and how he responds to issues.
    You make your own decision as this is just some info. for you to have. Take it or leave it.
    Some food for thought!

  3. Its official. Patty’s now have zero chance in the rematch with Buffalo. You can bet the mortgage on the Bills.

  4. hey “thebillsupfront”. you’ve been posting that same crap everywhere you can. get a life, buddy.

  5. Child Please! says:
    October 1, 2009 4:44 PM
    Now he can guard his lawn all day.
    GOLD! haha

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