New petition wants Randy Lerner to sell the Browns

Every year, fans find new and creative ways to voice displeasure with their favorite NFL teams.

And they also rely on some tried and true devices.

The petition is a common device for fans to vent, even if we’re aware of no sports-related petition that ever achieved its goal.

Still, it doesn’t stop the process of petitioning. 

The Browns are the latest targets of an online petition.  Actually, the target is owner Randy Lerner; the petition seeks to have him sell the team.

We don’t necessarily disagree with the concept.  After firing head coach Romeo Crennel and G.M. Phil Savage, Lerner seemed to adopt a path-of-least-resistance approach to filling the jobs, locking in on Eric Mangini to be the coach when Pats V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli wasn’t moving quickly enough for Lerner’s liking.

So Mangini became the must-have candidate, even though none of the other teams with head-coaching vacancies gave Mangini a sniff.

If, then, Lerner prefers not to be bothered with the periodic hassles of owning an NFL team, maybe he should sell it.

If Lerner decides to sell it, we’d love to see a certain native of nearby Youngstown, Ohio buy it.

And we’re not talking about Ed O’Neill.

53 responses to “New petition wants Randy Lerner to sell the Browns

  1. the best way to protest the product on field would be to not go to the games or buy any of the products. That’s obviously too unrealistic though, so here’s hoping Lerner at least feels some remorse from his team’s fans going this far in their disgust.

  2. I remember Green Bay trying to do the petition thing for them to keep Favre a couple years back……
    how quickly they seem to forget…..

  3. He won’t sell it because an NFL franchise pretty much a license to print money, no matter how worthless the product on the field might be.

  4. Remember what happened the last time there was talk about the Browns being sold? It didn’t happen, but it resulted in a move from Cleveland to Baltimore.
    And with all this talk about LA building a stadium…I’d keep my mouth shut if I were a Browns fan. It could turn into Browns Leave Cleveland, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

  5. Then who the hell ARE you talking about?
    Not Art Modell. That would be hilarious.
    P.S. This is the umpteenth time I’ve had to login after it said I’m already logged in. FIX THIS FLORIO.

  6. Well it’s either Dave Grohl or Sylvester the Jester
    My money’s on the Jester.

  7. Looks like it will be another 5yrs before we start winning again-we have to wait for the idiot owner to fire the idiot coach and start this whole process again- where is this petition? I want to sign it!

  8. Boy you really like weed dont you? Theres no way in hell youre talking about Kosar. What makes you think hes equipped to run a pro franchise? He apparently cant even manage to balance a checkbook. Do you honestly think the owners will approve a guy who may or may not still be in bankruptcy court when he attempts to purchase an NFL TEAM? Thats the last thing this team needs is for some Townie to come in and start throwing around money like Savage. You can keep your Bill Cosbys, Bernie Kosars, and Drew Careys. Id rather have somebody who doesnt own a soccer team but really wants to make a boatload of money by turning a floundering, pathetic shitstorm of a franchise into the once proud, respected franchise it used to be. The simplest way to do that is HIRE FOOTBALL PEOPLE and not tell people you know football when you mean soccer.

  9. “We don’t necessarily disagree with the concept.”
    Grow a pair, Florio. Stop couching everything you write in double negatives and wishy washy p—y bulls–t.
    Yeah, Lerner sucks. But if Browns fans truly cared, they’d stay away for a year, and he’d HAVE to sell. It’s Cleveland, so they have nothing else to do, so they keep showing up, and Lerner keeps laughing on his way to the bank.

  10. I agree with Ralph,
    Back in the early 80’s, the giants hired George Young and looked what he did with that team. He hired Bill Parcells and had great draft picks such as LT and Phil Sims. Soon after ,
    the G-Men won the Super Bowl.
    To all Cleveland Brown fans, best of Luck.

  11. Bernie Kosar? That’d be perfect, except he already owes the Browns like 5 million dollars.
    Otherwise I have no idea who you are talking about Florio.

  12. “If Lerner decides to sell it, we’d love to see a certain native of nearby Youngstown, Ohio buy it.”
    Never happen. The NFL will never approve a convicted felon buying the Browns. Especially one that got busted for cheating multiple times when he was involved with another team that shall remain nameless. Or are you talking about Carmen Policy?

  13. “OK, maybe i’m an idiot.”
    You are an Eagirls fan so by definition, you are an idiot.
    He’s talking about Eddie Debartolo, Jr.

  14. Lerner wants easy?
    Hire Marty Schottenheimer to run the show.
    Browns fans would crap themselves.

  15. A petition ? What is next ? A visit from President Obama asking for Mangini’s resignation ?

  16. I doubt Maurice Clarett can swing that price tag. License Plate sales are WAYYY down.

  17. Petitions are almost as successful as boycotts, and walkouts. At least you can actually get thousands of people to sign them. I’ve never seen a boycott or walkout that had more than 100 people (truly too few to be noticed in a stadium of 60+ thousand).
    I think the best statement of discontent came from the Lions fans a few years ago. For their demonstration, they didn’t ask for people to abandon tickets, wave signs, or otherwise get angry. Instead, they got a ton of people who went to the game to where Bengals orange (the game was of course against the Bengals). The fans still got to go to the game, and show support for the football players on the field by cheering for their Lions… but it looked just awful on the television to see all of that orange.
    If the Browns want change, they have to find a similar way to make the owners take notice (look foolish on national TV) without asking the fans who go to the games to do anything that might betray the team they love.
    Hurt ownership. Support team.

  18. I’m all for it. It would be nice for a Steelers/Browns game to actually matter again.

  19. wow, I sent you this link to the petition about an hour after the Baltimore game, Florio, thanks for the props……………………a$$

  20. “# VoxVeritas says: October 1, 2009 9:06 PM
    You are an Eagirls fan so by definition, you are an idiot.”
    Your sibling parents failed you.

  21. I’m all for the Browns moving to LA. They have some ugly ass uniforms anyway. I’m a life long Browns fan but, I like the idea someone had about the Cleveland Bulldogs. At least the whole “Dawgs” thing would seem more appropriate; and, we can get rid of this owner that has his head up his ass. It’s gonna be at least 5 years before they can field a winning team anyway. Might as well take this opportunity to get rid of the team colors that are only cool on Halloween. And, we can get rid of the team name that reminds me of a once-great running back who has become a total idiot since his football career ended. I’m not sure why some people think that because you are supremely gifted athletically, you are great at everything else also. That guy is an idiot when it comes to anything outside of taking a handoff and running north and south.
    ps: Florio, fix the gay login error already

  22. Lerner’s going to hire Jim Zorn just as soon as he’s fired – swooping in to grab him before someone else does.

  23. @ mongorama
    awesome idea. my biggest fear would be to have the team move again. what you suggest would prevent that. at least ticket sales continue and the owner cant say people arent showing up.

  24. @mongorama
    That’s BRILLIANT.
    Just FYI, owners don’t make nearly as much on tickets as you think. Ticket prices aren’t padded to pad the owners pockets, but because rich fans can buy them and will pay. It’s supply and demand.
    The vast majority of the money comes from licensing and advertisement and such.
    If you want their attention, you need to show them up. Show up to games in the opposing teams colors sounds like the perfect idea.

  25. Wasn’t there a petition for the return of instant replay? I believe that one may have worked.

  26. If Lerner put us through all this to move the team again, you can forget the NFL. It’s about to become a joke as it is because of the capless season next year and the strike the year after. But if teams start moving because nobody comes to games BECAUSE THE TEAM IS UNWATCHABLE then there are bigger problems.

  27. Some moron puts up a stupid web site, so that is now news. Pretty soon Florio will be pointing out cute pictures of kittens playing with yarn over on youtube.

  28. Please sell the team to Los Angeles!! That would be great!! No more Browns part 2. And hopefully they never come back this time. I hope these idiots that started and signed that petition get exactly what they asked for!!!!!!

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