Garcia says he'd return to Oakland, as the starter

Raiders coach Tom Cable hasn’t ruled out bringing back quarterback Jeff Garcia.  But if Garcia returns, he’ll have a few conditions.

Well, one condition.

Garcia will want to start.

In an interview with Chris Myers and Steve Hartman of FOX Sports Radio (via, Garcia said that he is willing to give it another try.  As long as Garcia plays and JaMarcus Russell stands on the sidelines.

“I just feel like it’s an unfortunate situation when the entire work ethic and the entire goal of the team is really put upon one guy’s shoulder who really isn’t maybe ready for that situation or ready to take on that sort of responsibility,” Garcia said.  “And I’m not saying JaMarcus can never be that guy.  It’s just right now he’s still young, he has a lot of growth that needs to take place within himself from a mental standpoint and a physical standpoint.  Yeah, the guy’s extremely talented. . . .  When you put him on the field in a one-on-one workout session he’ll make every throw for you, but when it comes down to making things happen in the heat of the battle and rallying the troops around you and making a case for the team, that’s where maybe things aren’t where they need to be.  

“Right now that team is going through those growing pains.  And I think I could have helped in a lot of ways had I still been there and had I had that opportunity to step on the field and lead the team and really show what it takes from a standpoint of leadership and work ethic and knowledge of the game.  But the way things were working out and with the contract that I had signed, I didn’t feel like it was the right situation for me to be there anymore.”

Garcia also shared some observations regarding some of his former Oakland teammates not named Russell.

“It was to a point where I felt like guys who walked through those doors that just were there to collect a check and not really interested in putting everything that they had withing themselves on to the football field,” Garcia said.  “And that was the frustrating thing for me to see.  There were a lot of good young guys in that locker room who really want to do whatever it takes to win, but unfortunately it’s not everybody.

“In order to compete at this level in this game, everybody needs to be on board, everybody needs to be on the same page, everybody needs to really be accountable and be able to look at each other and have responsibility within themselves that they’re going to bring the best that they can have to bring. . . .  Not just on Sunday, but every single day during the work week and when you’re not seeing that and maybe it’s because how things have been for a number of years now out there and they just don’t see the hope. . . .  I was the guy who was trying to bring in a fresh outlook and a fresh new start.  I was trying to really be that type of guy that could help motivate my teammates and help create a certain attitude, a certain mentality and it was just tough to break through to everybody and that’s where I found it to be more discouraging than encouraging.

“And for me at this point of my career, being 39 years old, as much as it meant so much to me to return back home and be close to the family and friends and play for a team that I grew up watching as a kid. . . .  To see the reality of the situation and realize what I may be up against staying here for the entire year.  It hurt me, it broke my heart to do that to step up, but I just felt like it was something I really didn’t want to put myself through anymore.”

The reaction from any Raiders fan who read these words should match the directive given by George Steinbrenner after George Costanza told him off.

Hire this man.”

37 responses to “Garcia says he'd return to Oakland, as the starter

  1. Garcia should have been the starter this year and next year. JM needs to be on the bench, so he can sit and LEARN!

  2. Garcia is smart enough to see that situation for what it is, and knows he can’t change the attitude of the team, yet he’s still willing to play there if he can start. His ego is stepping all over his common sense.

  3. As Raider fans, we need Russell to shoot himself in the leg in a NY club, or at least dabble into dog fighting…

  4. Well, I agree with Jeff, JaMarcus Russell isn’t ready to be a starting quarterback. And IMO, may never be ready.
    However, when Garcia says, he feels “many players walk through the doors just to collect a paycheck” and yet he’s expressed interest to play there again? Yes, Garcia has been a great backup player and was gutty as hell for the Bucs but come on, the resume is thin my man. Favres’ weak arm at 40 was stronger than yours’ at 25. I am starting to see that you believe your press from 3 years ago than your critics currently.
    Jeff, grab a pizza, throw in a DVD of For Love of The Game, relish the fact you have a beautiful family and just let it go. Times up. You overcame some major obstacles in your career, but age is one we all can’t overcome. Wish you the best, but simply hang it up.

  5. The Raiders could have been dangerous this year.
    Fortunately, Al Davis wants his draft pick to play.

  6. The fella (Ressell) has already been paid…you just need to give him incentives…You heard of “Cash for Clunkers”, how bout “Cheeseburgers for Touchdowns”…..ummmmm, cheeseburgers…

  7. Garcia is a stud!! He is a proven winner.
    If Oakland doesn’t sign him, they are crazy.
    He wants to lead the team….
    For that alone, he deserves the job!

  8. Becareful what you wish for Raider fans we heard the same kind of talk from Garcia in Tampa. Yet when the chips were down he did what was best for him not the team. He waited till the last minute to let the coaches know he was hurt and not let them prep the backup for a game. Then he said he was too hurt to play. Where was his leadership in the 4 game losing streak. All he kept doing was blaming the other players when he couldn’t hit open wide receivers.

  9. Calgary Stampeders (1994–1998)
    San Francisco 49ers (1999–2003)
    Cleveland Browns (2004)
    Detroit Lions (2005)
    Philadelphia Eagles (2006)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2007–2008)
    Oakland Raiders (2009)
    Philadelphia Eagles (2009)
    Yeah, this is someone who really knows clubhouses, since he never seems to last anywhere for a long time.
    Garcia was signed to be the backup in Oakland. When it became evident to him that he was not going to start, he bailed on them.
    As dysfunctional as the Raiders are, my guess is that Garcia is not really a team guy – and they are better off without him

  10. As a longtime Raider this really depresses me. I didn’t expect Garcia to be the second-coming of Gannon, but I thought he was going to be given a fair shot at competing. I thought MAYBE Al was so desperate to win that he would bench 30 million for a year or two, and go with a proven vet.
    In my dreams when Al finally “goes” his son will sell the second the team is his…and the new owners will be…Steve Young and Brent Jones…they’ve tried to buy an NFL team in the past…it would freak out 49er fans and immediately make the Raiders relevant again. A guy can dream can’t he?

  11. “It was to a point where I felt like guys who walked through those doors that just were there to collect a check”
    Think he just killed any chance he had of returning to the Raiders with that comment.

  12. Sounds like Garcia should go back to da Raiders to coach and QB them also. He definately see’s more than Cable! After Cable gets out of jail, maybe Garcia will hire him to break some jaws!

  13. What Garcia, in his rush to promote himself as the highly motivated, consummate professional, does not seem to grasp is that success begins off the field (front office) before it manifest on the field.
    For the most part, what a team does on the field over a period of time is reflective of the administrators i.e. coaches, managers, owners etc.

  14. Garcia is the next coach. Sign Garcia, bench lardass and let him watch a seasoned QB play. Garcia will light a fire up under the underacheivers butts. He surely can’t do any worse than (who’s that over paid QB the Raiders signed 3 years ago?) the starter. I still say Kelly should be benched also for underachievement and overpaid. Put Walker in as a WR what harm will it do? The season is shot already I’m afraid. Al is to blind in his old age to see what is truely happening. The Raiders are falling more apart with each year.

  15. again it’s amazing that this site is the only place you are reading about what a total bust russell is.look at what happened to grossman who was not the first pick in the draft and compare it to how lightly russell is getting off in the national’s like because he plays in oakland it’s ok they suck.hey it’s not ok he was paid what 40 million to make them better!and while 1 guy can’t do it all, is it to much to ask that you actualy be able to throw the ball to your recievers more than once a quarter?

  16. As much as I like the heart and drive of Garcia, the fact is that he had a bad calf and missed all of camp. He was barely healthy enough to play late in preseason. If he’s good to go now, give him the keys and let him prove he can walk the walk.

  17. I dont think its all Russells fault, he didnt draft himself at number 1….lets see how the Raiders and the boys in the war room are doing in past drafts:
    2004 Robert Gallery with the 2nd…could of had Larry Fitz at 3 or Rivers at 4…
    2005 traded the 7th, DeMarcus Ware at 11, Merriman at 12, drafted Fabian Washington at 23…with Aaron Rogers at 24, Roddy White at 27…
    2006 Michael Huff with the 6th….could of had Cutler at 11, Haloti Ngata at 12, Deangelo Williams at 27…
    2007 Jamarcus Russell at 1, with Calvin Johnson at 2, AP at 7, Patrick Willis at 11
    2008 McFadden at the 4 spot, with Matt Ryan at 4…well you get the picture.
    Now I know that no one is a all seeing future telling wizard, but guys that get paid to run a NFL team should have a better record (was Matt Millin secretly working for da Raideas?).
    I feel for you Raiders Fan and I hope your dedication to your team will be paid back sooner than later, but just think about this:
    2004 Larry Fitzgerald
    2005 DaMarcus Ware
    2006 Jay Cutler
    2007 Calvin Johnson
    2008 McFadden (well, I liked this pick)

  18. So, I took the liberty of running Garcia’s rant through a football-cliche-to-English dictionary, and I’ve got the translation ready:
    “Sure, I’d love to quarterback the team. However, before I do, let me just completely subvert the current quarterback, throw an unspecified number of the team under the bus for being selfish and lazy, and remind everyone just how ass-kickingly awesome I was last time I was here, even though I’m really old and completely bailed because it was so horrible here and they hurt my feelings.
    Ok! All ready to start for your team now!”

  19. For a guy, Garcia, who talked about be willing to help a young QB to mature, he was certainly absent most all of training camp from any of the meetings while his calf muscle was “injured”. I guess the injury also affected his mental processes as well.

  20. I am sorry but if Garcia was truly a team player he would still be on the team supporting Russell even if he felt he should be the starter. The other thing is that a young QB can learn only so much from the side line. After that you have to have that young QB go through those growing pains that Garcia talked about. This is where you find out if that young QB is you answer to the most important position or not. Russell has been riding the pine for three years now how much more do you think he can learn from there? So I ask the raiders fans of the world would you rather find out if Russell is your QB for the next ten years or waste another two on a QB who at best will take you to a wild card game? I don’t know about you but I like my questions answered.

  21. Razor sharp words from a man once inside. I hear him entirely, but I do believe that winning cures all. So let’s see what the new few weeks accompany in the win-loss column for the Oakland Raiders.

  22. I don’t think Garcia needs the money, so tell Davis the way he will play, and may be Davis in one of his few lucid moments will agree

  23. Maybe if Garcia wanted to lead the Raiders so bad he shouldn’t have QUIT THE TEAM like a butt hurt baby when he wasn’t named the starter right away.
    This sounds like a bunch of BS self promotion to me. If he knew Russel wasn’t ready to be a starting QB then he also should have known that he would be needed to pick up the pieces at some point. He already had his chance and he quit.

  24. Listen, the Raiders have been beyond awful the last two weeks. All fears after the NO preseason game are being realized, but Garcia had zero chance to effect any change. He is AWFUL. A very good arguement could be made that JaMarcus was better than him Last year. Tremendous respect for making it in the league at his size, but it is over. He said all the right things when he signed too, then did nothing to push JaMarcus.
    Insane as it sounds to miss a guy with less than 20 catches, but Chaz Schillens would have been a tremendous help the past three weeks. Best thing about JaMarcus is that stuff rolls right off him. If they lose 12 games again and he plays consistantly like he did the last 6 weeks of 08, the year is a success. He needs a heaping dose of Michael Bush running this week and snaps the rest of the way . He just went over 500 passes last week. With the lack of WR’s he’s played with and a defense that can’t stop the run, it’s way too soon to decide if he’s a bust. If he stays healthy the rest of the way, he’ll finish the season w/ 32 starts. That should be a good enough sample to decide if he’ll make it or not.

  25. Yeah, Jeff’s got a real thin resume.
    Four-time CFL All-Star and four-time NFL Pro Bowl. Grey Cup winner. And he’s been written off more times than that.
    Every team he’s played with has improved with him as pivot. But now he’s just made the mistake of being honest about what he found in Oakland and why he couldn’t in good conscience just hold the clipboard and cash his checks. Ask his former O-line whether Garcia is the real item.
    That Raider fan who’s not prepared to dump on Gannon just looking to find a new outlet for their frustration

  26. I won’t pretend that I know why, but there is a reason that Jeff Garcia can’t stick with a team. He couldn’t when he was younger and stronger, and he can’t now even though he says a lot of things that are publicly popular. There still has to be something that causes him to end up leaving teams. I THINK it’s because he tries to undermine the QB that is starting, or the coach that made that call.

  27. There is no I in team. Kids in middle school learn this. It must be one of the reasons that teams unload this talent player after a season. His job is not to evaluate and critique the team but to try and lead. Chad Pennington would never have said these words.

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