Rams safety O.J. Atogwe has guts

Rams franchise player O.J. Atogwe is a player that likes to take risks; he’s forced 33 turnovers since the start of 2006, the most in the NFL.

Apparently, the Canadian born player’s risk-taking extends beyond the field.

49ers coach Mike Singletary told the Sacramento Bee Friday that the safety is dating Singletary’s daughter.  Atogwe heads to San Francisco this week to face the 49ers and a potentially awkward conversation.

Luckily for Atogwe, Singletary is cool with the arrangement.

“He’s a very nice guy,” said Singletary. “He’s a gentleman. He’s been to my home several times
and we’ve had conversations, not about football, but about life.”

We often talk about a player’s bravery going over the middle or playing through pain, but dating the opposing coach’s daughter when the coach is Mike Singletary is a true act of valor.

19 responses to “Rams safety O.J. Atogwe has guts

  1. Why would anyone be scared of him… the only thing he does when he gets mad is yell and pull down his pants.

  2. Interesting. I still bet he’s seen more of Singletary’s ass than he has his daughter’s.

  3. mattitude obviously knows nothing about daughters of strict, by-the-book dads. she’s a freak. guaranteed.

  4. Great post.. I bet she’s smokin hot too.. Thats gotta be scary going over to meet the parents for the first time.. Singletary has crazy eyes, I’d flame out in glorious fashion from the nerves alone – studering, sweating, face bright red.. No tail is worth the beating you’ll take from that guy if princess gets upset..

  5. Please, some of you guys suggesting old man Mike can still bring the wood. If he could still bring the wood he wouldn’t resort to such silly tactics for motivation.
    Singletary says they don’t talk about football, but life.
    MS: OJ, have you ever seen a grown man naked?
    OJA: I am a football player, sir. I do shower with the fellas.
    MS: Have you ever seen a Hall-of-Famer naked?
    OJA: No sir, but some of my buddy’s on the 49ers have…. but I have seen a hall-of-famer’s daughter naked.

  6. Apparently Gollum got the gig as the 49ers blogger for the The Sacramento Bee. That’s nice he found work after those Lord of the Rings movies. Good for him.

  7. Mike Singletary’s message to his daughter:
    “Cannot Date with Him. Cannot sleep with him. Can’t do it.”

  8. Gonna jump on Flo for tripping but this guy is trying the “Chris Snee Job Security Method” by cozying up to the daughter of an NFL coach and he gets a free pass! Personal foul! 15 yards for unsportsmanlike pooning. Half the distance to a very expensive divorce, look at Singletary’s ass.

  9. I’ve seen Jill Singletary–she is over the top fine!! She’s a volleyball player and quite tall. She is super model material with her looks and height 6 ft tall. She’s like 18-19 though..OJ is pushing 30…It’s all good though, they’re both adults…And coach is cool with it…

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