Seymour fined for pulling hair

Last week, Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour didn’t want to answer questions regarding his pulling of the hair of Broncos tackle Ryan Clady.

But the right to remain silent doesn’t matter when the act is caught on tape.  According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Seymour has been fined $7,500.

The move came after a play had ended, during the Week Three game between Denver and Oakland.

31 responses to “Seymour fined for pulling hair

  1. I wish this dreadlock crap was popular when I played High School and College Ball. I’d be pulling that bullshit any chance I got.

  2. Looks like all those “Patroit players are thugs” stuff is true eh?
    Seriously though, Seymour came from a steady and successful New England program to the Raiders. His frustration just boiled over and he pulled Ryan Clady’s hair. It’s not an excuse, but a mere microscopic justification for his actions.
    Oakland is the laughing stock of the league and this doesn’t help sooth that.
    The only thing Raider fans can take solace in is the NFL’s sad truth.
    There are 32 teams chasing one single goal: The Super Bowl title.
    Only one team can get it and regardless of record or Pro Bowl accolades, the 31 teams that didn’t make it failed just as bad as the teams that go 4-12 or worse in the season.

  3. I thought that the league made the hair part of the uniform after the Larry Johnson tackle. Then Seymour just pulled on the uniform by league rules. Dust off all the rules when the Raiders play, and interpet them as they see fit.

  4. I’ve been waiting for years now for some runner to get tackled by his long freaky hair.
    This will do in the mean time.

  5. Florio! You forgot to add a link to the vid

    Anyways, Seymour is the dirtiest player in the league. Always has been since he was a Pat. He takes numerous cheap shots on players and was always praised for his “heart” and his “will to win” when he was a Patriot. Some how, I don’t think he’ll get the same response as a Raider.

  6. If you’re that stupid to let your hair grow like that when playing one of the most violent games in the world, you deserve to have it yanked out. That shit shouldn’t even be permitted, just so these guys can’t complain about it.

  7. Hey Faider fans.
    The points is that this happened AFTER the play. It’s unsportsmanlike conduct.
    Odd, since no Faider fan saw the game anyway since you don’t have real fans and can’t sell out your stadium.

  8. Bitches whining about Flo tripping talking about pulling hair like some kinda BITCH hahaha
    You try that crap with the Cowboys and Flo gonna kick you right in the ding ding so hard your granny will trip, knamsayin?

  9. Yeah, as has been pointed out, it’s not that the hair is part of the uniform, which would make the pulling legal. It’s that Seymour pulled on it long after that part of the play was done. If he had shoved the lineman, or pulled him down by the jersey, the fine likely would have happened too.
    I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more receivers or RBs pulled down in hair tackles. Perhaps defenders are wary of the Horse-tackle flag being thrown.

  10. When I was in the 3rd grade I would pull the pony tail of this cute girl named Melissa.
    And while I was pulling the hair I would say “Chugga, Chugga…..Chugga, Chugga……..Choooooo……..Choooooo!!”
    That’s how I flirted with her.
    I wonder if Seymour did the same thing?

  11. Seymour is the dirtiest player in the league.
    Carson Palmer’s knee disagrees.
    That play was as dirty as the day is long.
    I don’t care what anybody says.

  12. “Seymour is the dirtiest player in the league. Always has been since he was a Pat. He takes numerous cheap shots on players”
    Have you ever even seen Seymour play ? My IQ went down just reading your retarded post. Funny that no opposing players ever during his time with the Pats claimed the he was dirty or taking cheap shots at them.
    Keep making things up and posting them as if they were an actual fact though. Go right ahead.

  13. Clady must have been making Seymour work too hard. Clady is as good as every guy he faces, and better than almost all of them. I’d almost rather eat a small bowl of shit than compliment a Bronco, but that guy is good.

  14. Hair is part of the uniform but the point was that the infraction came after the play was whistled dead. If you reached out and dragged an opponent by any part of the uniform after a play is whistled dead, you risk both penalty and subsequent fine.
    Damn poor discipline that lead to opponent points in an otherwise close game.

  15. It wasn’t a tackle. It was Seymour having a hissy after the play. Probably a little frustrated after having his ass handed to him for four quarters on national television. Well, if he’s going to be a Raider, at least he’s acting like one. I hear they’re changing the name of the “Black Hole” to “Vacation Home” because there’s never anyone there.

  16. I thought we already established that somebody’s dreadlocks were part of the uniform, like the the referees’ are considered part of the field.–just sayin’

  17. All I gotta say is Seymour is a Stud!!!! He is the man!!!
    He deserves defensive player of the year!!!
    Keep pulling the hair baby! Anybody that plays with emotion in Oakland deserves accolades!!!
    Does he have a fan club? I wanna send him a trophy!

  18. @laxative303..
    As far as real fans go. your team should be so lucky.
    RAIDER NATION is global. Just ask Gruden.
    East coast Raider comming at you.

  19. @humdolt420…YAAAAWWWWWWNNN.
    Who cares what you say…
    let us know when you do something…anything…
    your biggest claim to fame at this point is beating us…
    Yet we’re still …what.. like 14 games above .500
    in head to head action.
    Close the deal already….Win something.
    Go back to the drawing board tom cat…
    You b!tches. keep your crying on the field…(LT)

  20. @ harrisonhits-apparently you forgot the Tarik Glenn head stomp ole tricky dick pulled in Indy back in 06, a play which he was fined for and one of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen. Ole dick is and always has been a dirty cheat. He learned from the best, lol.

  21. @ HarrisonHits:
    I hope you were kidding…per Nick Hardwick:
    “There are 10 (bleeping) good players on that team,” Hardwick said. “But Richard Seymour is a dirty, cheap, little pompous (expletive).”
    “He’s cheap and dirty and the head man just let him get away with it the whole time,” Hardwick said. “They’ve got 10 great players on that team and when Jarvis Green comes on the field, they’ve got 11 great players who compete how you’re supposed to play. But Richard Seymour is the biggest (expletive) I’ve ever played.”
    So, anyway…

  22. Man, some of you guys are retards.
    (1) Dick Seymour pulled Clady’s hair AFTER the play.
    (2) Whether it’s part of the uniform or not, only bitches pull other bitches hair in a fight. A guy pulling someone’s hair when he gets mad is just queer as hell. Seymour is a little bitch who pulled a little bitch move. No self-respecting man does something like that.
    (3) To the idiot who said his IQ went down reading that Seymour is a dirty player and claiming he has never been accused of being a dirty player in NE, you’re a retard yourself. Here’s a name to look up: Nick Hardwick, center for SD.
    Man, the minuscule amount of knowledge on these boards is repulsive.

  23. You’re kidding!!
    Some girlie man heathen slob can’t fit his long hair into a helmet is whining about his hair being pulled??
    Any hair outside the helmet is fair game!! The NFL has said so repeatedly in the past.
    Beards, arm hair, and back hair are all fair game.

  24. INVAIDUH, you remind me of “Voice of Jerry’s ass” the way you guys live in the past.
    You must know, deep down, that the owner, coach, recent high draft picks, fans & city all suck.
    Other than that…a fine organixzation.

  25. Harrisonhits,
    I have no idea what game you’re watching but if you think that the things that Dicky Seymour does is classy then you should get some help
    And if hair is a part of the uniform then is it ok for a player to smash down on a helmet after the play is over and not let them up? The penalty happened WELL after the ball was thrown and Dicky kept at Clady. I posted the link a few posts up, maybe you should watch the play instead of just guessing.

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