The Vick-Nike relationship continues to raise eyebrows

Even during his bye week, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has found a way to make headlines.

Though he had no role in the process, the disclosure by one of his marketing representatives on Wednesday that Vick has a new contract with Nike has created plenty of buzz, for plenty of reasons.

The initial wave of news — that Nike has welcomed Vick back into the family — triggered unexpected criticism of Nike, given that Vick’s return to the NFL had been generally uneventful.

And that criticism prompted a swift response from Nike. 

Nike does not have a contractual relationship with Michael Vick,” Nike
spokesman Kejuan Wilkins told CNBC’s Darren Rovell in a statement.  “We have agreed to
supply product to Michael Vick as we do a number of athletes who are
not under contract with Nike.”

Most league observers have accepted Nike’s statement at face value.  But since we never accept anything at face value, let’s dig a little deeper on this one.

Actually, Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal already has dug a little deeper, and she has harvested this quote from an unnamed player agent.  “They do contracts for their product-only Nike guys,” said the agent.  “If it’s a merchandise-only deal, they absolutely do contracts.”

Multiple sources have confirmed for us this reality.  The industry uniformly uses contracts even when giving the players merchandise only.

So if Vick has no contract with Nike, the situation potentially would be unprecedented in pro sports.

Bottom line?  Someone isn’t telling the truth, and it’s either Vick’s people or it’s Nike.  Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see if the situation has a lingering impact on whatever relationship does or doesn’t exist between the two parties.

19 responses to “The Vick-Nike relationship continues to raise eyebrows

  1. Nike’s new logo will be a pitbull showing it’s teeth with the logo…”just do it….or die”

  2. So does that mean those wishywashy people are going to take those Nike items out of the fresh pile of laundry they did (because they supposedly threw them in the trash when the news first broke), and throw them back in the trash?
    And shoe companies do send players free stuff. Happens in every sport. For example, when basketball players shoe deals are up, numerous shoe companies will send them free merchandise, absent a contract.

  3. Maybe some advertising flunky gave him a pair of shoes on the condition that he wear them to the next dogfight so all the little thugs in attendance will want to be like Mike?

  4. It’s “contract” as defined in the “course of dealing” I believe.
    When Nike says they have a “contract” with Mike Vick it means they have a legal agreement with him, albeit not one that pays Vick any significant amount of money.
    That is my guess. Nothing nefarious on the part of Nike. Nothing nefarious on the part of Vick. As for Vick’s personal marketing team, who knows?

  5. Just the thought of doing any kind of business with the bottom-feeder-types of the world (Vick) will make me not allow any type of Nike product into my home. Period!

  6. Nike is sponsoring him, just doing so without a contract. It is to “test the water.”
    Not hard to read what they said – specifically saying “no contractual agreement” they didn’t deny any involvement.
    On top of our Vick bounty we are shipping shoe boxes of recycled dog treats(dog sh*t) to Nike and letters with the same to Eagles sponsors. See if the media thinks that is “uneventful.”
    Details Here

  7. “# VoxVeritas says: October 2, 2009 8:46 PM
    Maybe some advertising flunky gave him a pair of shoes on the condition that he wear them to the next dogfight so all the little thugs in attendance will want to be like Mike?”
    Well they certainly won’t be giving the thug Flozell Adams any of those shoes. That would TRIP up the footwear market.

  8. And don’t forget … Vick also likes to fart in the car, with his friends in there (sometimes even family), and then hit the lock button on the windows … those poor people have to SMELL it. And then Vick just laughs. That’s the kind of sicko we’re dealing with here. Don’t you ever forget it.

  9. I’d hazard to guess that Nike realized they miscalculated the PR hit they’d be taking from dealing with Dawgkilla and are quickly moving to “damage control” to avoid further losses. Not that it matters… I’d never purchase another one of their shit products whether they deal with this scumbag or not. My last expeience with their garbage quality did it for me, and welcoming Dawgkilla back in the fold is the icing on the cake.

  10. No way anyone can be surpised about this. Nike associates with plenty of thug life criminals and gangsters.
    Looked at the NBA lately? I used to like to watch NBA ganes but now……..PLEASE, it’s a freak show full of tats and dreads and scum.

  11. …raise eyebrows of jack-asses who embarrass themselves everytime they tackle a subject they’re woefully uneducated on.
    I’m not going to waste text explaining to you what typical player Nike/Reebok/etc. contracts consist of (and have for years), just know that you are peeing on your pile-of-poo credibility by wondering out loud what’s going on when the answer is just an indictment of why you shouldn’t be running an NFL blog.
    Can somebody who maybe finger-painted in kindergarten- or at least had a classmate who did- please start an abstract art site so Florio can have an online colleagues facing similar problems?

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