Lions' Hanson not a fan of Soldier Field

If the Detroit Lions are going to win back-to-back games for the first time in 23 months on Sunday, they’ll need kicker Jason Hanson to block out his distrust for the turf at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

Hanson, one of the league’s best kickers, missed a PAT in Chicago last year. In 2007, he doinked a 29-yard field goal off an upright.

Stupid field,” Hanson moaned, according to Tom Kowalski of ““It was a strange deal last year. The field wasn’t muddy, but the grass was real soggy and soft. There were spots that were just mush. Soldier Field is always an adventure.”

Kowalski notes that a recent U2 concert and a game in the rain last week against Pittsburgh likely left the field in sad shape. But the grass was actually replaced after Paul Hewson and the boys from Dublin came through.

Still, Hanson’s not expecting tip-top turf. “I assume it’ll be cruddy. (Bears kicker) Robbie Gould kicks fine there. You just have to adapt. I could be OK, but it’s my least favorite surface. It can be windy but, for me, it’s more field conditions.”

Spoken like a true dome kicker.

13 responses to “Lions' Hanson not a fan of Soldier Field

  1. Real men play outdoors.
    Rain. Snow. Mud.
    The way football is supposed to be played.
    Domes are for pussies.
    / ie; Jerry’s Jonestown…
    / that’ll be $90 for that pizza wuss..
    / the kool-aid is free.

  2. What a joke. Hey Hanson, no one cares when kickers whine about field conditions. Seriously, no one. ever. Kick the ball and shut up.

  3. Wow, everything going on and the best you could do is an article on a kicker whining about the field conditions…..
    You even sound sympathetic to him…..

  4. Hanson is the most accurate kicker of all time, I’d say his words might hold a little weight when he speaks of field conditions. Hell, he’s kicked at soldier field more times than the Bears kicker has.
    PS: How do you go 8 for 8 from 50+, only miss once all year, and not go to the pro bowl? Ahh that’s right, you play for the Lions. That’s the only thing that has kept Hanson from getting some spotlight. You could argue that the same thing happened to Megatron last season.

  5. First of all, faulkn22, Hanson isn’t the most accurate kicker of all time. He’s not even top four.
    Robbie Gould is number 3, behind Vanderjagt (dome) and Kaeding (San Diego’s perfect weather). Given both the perennial field conditions and weather conditions in Chicago, and considering he plays more games there than any other kicker (yes, he’s kicked more at Soldier Field than Hansen…duh) that’s hella impressive in my opinion.

  6. Hey, I went to school at WSU with Jason, went to his wedding just before he joined the NFL. Great guy, great family. Great kicker. I really hope the Lions have a winning season before he retires! (but i’m a Vikes fan born and raised).

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