Report: Choice to get majority of work against Broncos

Tashard Choice proved late last season that he can hold up just fine as a primary running back against top defenses.

On Sunday, he’ll reportedly get another chance, despite Marion Barber’s return to the lineup. 

ESPN’s Matt Mosley credits a source that says Choice will get the majority of work against Denver because the team isn’t fully confident in Barber’s injured quadriceps yet.

Barber practiced plenty this week, and should still be involved in the game.  The team is just not sure how effective he’ll be. PFT mentioned earlier that the Cowboys were planning to activate running back Chauncey Washington, and they have in the meantime.

If Dallas’ offensive line can continue to run block like they have the first three games, it may not matter who gets the ball.

16 responses to “Report: Choice to get majority of work against Broncos

  1. Benson only averaged 3.6 yds a carry against Denver but he got 4.9 @ GB and 4.8 against the Steelers.
    I becoming a believer in the Denver D. Just have to see if Orton can carry the offense, he did fine in Chicago when he wasn’t pressured.
    Dallas just looks slow and sloppy. Think Wade is finally wearing off onto his players.

  2. I feel ike Barber is slowly getting less and less reps with Jones and Choice competing for carries as well. Barber might become expendable as trade bait or something. If Choice shows he is capable and he and Jones prove to be a good 1-2 punch, I think Barber will have a new home

  3. # ItalianArmyGuy says: October 3, 2009 4:32 PM
    It’s times like this you got to really miss Julius Jones, LOL
    Not me. JJ is a so so back. Choice is better than JJ.

  4. haha your going to see how much we miss Julius Jones when Tash entroduces himself to the Denver D. Choice is a workhorse & proved against 5 of the top defensive teams that he can get the job done, dude is money with the rock & with MBIII closing the game out, its going to be trouble for Denver. i know Choice isnt electric like F.Jones but he’s capable of big runs & making plays with his legs, he’s got decent speed with really exceptional vision.
    we dont take a huge hit in the running game with Choice instead of Jones, he might not rip off 40 yards runs but he will be their until the end. sit back & watch if you dont believe!

  5. Lets see which RB duo does better Sunday, Choice and Barber or Buckhalter and Moreno.
    My take is Dallas 105 and Denver 205 just because of the run defenses!
    Any questions?

  6. Tashard Choice could start as running back for several several teams in the NFL and will do very well against the Broncos

  7. If Dallas can run the ball well on the Giants they should be able to open up holes for any back against the Broncos on Sunday…

  8. The Cowboys had a bad game stopping the run in week 1 but came back strong against the Giants who have a super bowl winning O-line and definitely better backs than the Broncos, also making the Panthers run game look pedestrian, I would say that Stewart-Williams is better combo than Moreno-Buckhalter 4real though. So where is all the confidence in comparing the Denver backs to the Cowboys coming from???
    keep riding that 3-0 bandwagon but don’t compare the Denver’s running game with the Cowboys. You’ll be making no sense..

  9. Choice is the best back from Georgia Tech in years vs that other stud from the other Georgia university, Moreno.
    Choice is 100%, Moreno is probably 80% healthy.
    Let’s see who feels the healthiest by the end of the game.

  10. Once again here in AZ we get a Dallas game to watch. Naturally it is the afternoon game so it is the only game on. Typical We have a divisional opponent one state away (49ers) that is playing at the same time, but we get to see the girls again. What a joke. Every week of this season, we have been force fed the patriots and cowboys games. What a joke. We want to see actual games, not officiating based wins.

  11. Just saw the halftime highlights/stats. Let’s see…how may penalties against denver? As usual at critical plays? Cowboys = BS.

  12. mws says:
    October 3, 2009 4:47 PM
    Tashard Choice will shred the Broncos.
    mws= marijuana weed smoker? Hows about them cowgirls???? Now what???

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