Clayton's drop kills the Ravens' chances

As the Baltimore Ravens moved into position to pull out a one-point win over the Patriots in New England, receiver Mark Clayton dropped a pass that would have given Baltimore a first down inside the Pats’ 10 in a game the Ravens trailed by six, 27-21.

And since the play came on fourth down with less than 30 seconds to play, all it took was one kneel down from the home team to nail down the win.

As a result, the Patriots have completed a two-pack of games against previously undefeated teams with victories, pushing their record to 3-1.

The Ravens, who fell to 3-1, outgained the Pats, 363 yards to 319.  Ray Rice rushed for 103 yards on only 11 carries, and quarterback Joe Flacco completed 27 of 47 passes for 264 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.

For the Pats, quarterback Tom Brady completed 21 of 32 passes for 258 yards and a touchdown.  Brady also added a touchdown on the ground, only the sixth of his career.  

Receiver Randy Moss caught three passes for 50 yards and a score.  In all, nine different players caught at least one of the 21 completions.

57 responses to “Clayton's drop kills the Ravens' chances

  1. He has to make that catch. Period. He’s paid millions of dollars to make easy catches like that. What a wasted opportunity to possibly steal one in Foxboro.

  2. Officiating was horriffic. Florio, I expect an explanation at to why the Sammy Morris catch was a catch even though the ground caused the ball to move.

  3. Damn, the Pats just “out-physicaled” the physical Ravens today. Must be those cheatin’ Refs again (and those stupid challenges and needed time-outs lost and the dumb big-mouth bench penalty by Junior Varsity coach Johnny Harbaugh). The Ravens ALWAYS melt down against the Pats. You can bet money on it.
    TURDell Suggs goes for that blatant cheap shot at Brady’s knee. That’s gonna cost that one dimensional, over-rated piece of shit big $$$$ this week. The Ravens did everything they could to intentionally injure Brady today and they still lost. Karma, bitches.
    Clayton is crying in the locker room right now. Not because he dropped that pass…no, no no. He’s crying because Ray-Ray is giving him a rectum wrecker in the shower right now. That’s the penalty you pay for letting Ray “Adabize” Lewis down.

  4. One of the better football games ive seen in a while. Hope the Ravens player that was carted off is ok. Patriots made a statement here.

  5. Wait. After huge wins against Cleveland and Kansas City I thought the Ravens were unstoppable?

  6. Taxlaw26 did you watch the Sammy Morris catch? it was clearly a catch! You don’t know sh*t about football if you didn’t see that. To all the SOUR GRAPES Ravens fans, the officials didn’t cost your team the game. They lost fair and square. Suck it up!

  7. Those damn refs. Properly enforcing rules that were specifically written to benefit only the Patriots.

  8. Listen to the Raven fanboys whinin’ about the Ref’s. Priceless. Excuses run rampant with you tools. Of course, that’s the only possible way the Ravens could have lost. Those 5 trips into the Ravens red zone which yielded 3 Pats TD’s and a couple of field goals was all funny business by CBS. It was staged, just like the NASA Moon landing in 69′. It never happened.
    Florio, where do you get your game stats? Brady threw for 258 yards and the team rushed for 85 yards.

  9. …Florio, I expect an explanation at to why the Sammy Morris catch was a catch even though the ground caused the ball to move.
    That makes sense because Mike Florio is always the man to read for unbiased commentary on the Patriots….lol…

  10. Listen to the Raven fanboys whinin’ about the Ref’s. Priceless. Excuses run rampant with you tools. Of course, that’s the only possible way the Ravens could have lost. Those 5 trips into the Ravens red zone which yielded 3 Pats TD’s and a couple of field goals was all funny business by CBS. It was staged, just like the NASA Moon landing in 69′. It never happened.
    Florio, where do you get your game stats? Brady threw for 258 yards and the team rushed for 85 yards.

  11. Ralphie, Don’t forget when the ref caught Joe Flacco’s pass in the red zone right before half time and then just handed it to Leigh Bodden.
    What was that about?

  12. …Suggs goes for that blatant cheap shot at Brady’s knee.
    That did certainly appear to be an attempt at a blatant cheap shot. Fortunately the always nimble Brady (lol) was able to move away enough to not get hurt, but still get nicked enough to draw the penalty. It will be interesting to see what kind of fine that one draws.

  13. Mattmanplus, do you know the rules? You and all of your retaaaad south boston buddies are just the type of idiots that were popping off about the raiders TD that wasn’t.
    I understand your excitement. This is a huge win for the pats and you’re right to enjoy such wins when you can get them.
    Having said that, the officiating was horrific. The Sammy Morris catch was not a catch. The pats didn’t make a first down on that fake FG. And, both roughing the passer penalties we jokes. Just the way it is.

  14. To all you squeeler fans……….get your beers ready because around midnite you’ll be crying in em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Patriots 27
    crabpidgeons 21
    I’m sorry which ref scored a td for the pats?

  16. O well, good game, Clayton has to make that catch, perfect play call, ball right to him. Officiating was horrible, but can’t use that as an axcuse. How does Ron Winters keep his job, he always calls a bad game.

  17. Ya know what taxlaw26? I DVR’d the game. Went back and looked at that play and guess what? There was not one clean camera angle or view of that play and to be completely fair, it sure looked like he caught it to me. Suck it up man. Your team lost.

  18. to POSteeler Fan
    Just out of curiosity why would you even say something about the Steelers on this article makes you seem like a schmuck. Anyways I thought this was a good game to watch. The officiating could have been better but it does not matter when Clayton drops the ball like that to seal the loss.

  19. Baltimore has a great team but every time they lose, it’s someone else’s fault – the Pats just outplayed them the whole game – the Ravens need to suck it up and move on to next week instead of crying.

  20. Joe Flacco finally played a good defense. I’ll give him and the Ravens props. Had this game been in Baltimore, they may have won. I have a feeling we’ll see a rematch in r
    the playoffs.

  21. To all the Patriot haters………………..PLEASE….stop…you are making yourself look stupid now (more than usual). What next? I know…wait…the wind blatantly helped the Patriots win right? I’m betting Bob Kraft installed huge fans to mess with Flacco’s passes…..and cause them to drop right into Patriot hands a couple times….yea yeah..that’s it…….gotta be a reason why the Patriots keep winning…….
    One last thing to the Patriot Haters…………..

  22. prezcharlie
    If I were you I wouldnt be spouting off too much!! The team that kicked your teams ass last week BARELY pulled one out against the Browns!!!!!!!
    Flacco obviously is the REAL DEAL….driving his team down field for a game winning drive….
    You have to ask yourself….do you truly think the steelers could win against the Patriots right now?
    Ralphie….I almost took you seriously until you mentioned that Suggs penalty was legit…you are a douche! Looked like a second year QB drove your D all the way down the field!!! Clayton stopped that drive not the patriots!

  23. Mattman….I think you are right these 2 teams will play again. Maybe big jen and cryins ward can watch on TV!!

  24. Wow I get it Ravens make themselves feel good after a win by talking about how much better they are then a team who not only are the reigning NFL Champs but also swept a 3 game series from them last year.
    Whatever helps you sleep at night. That being said, the Ravens look tough and I do look forward to that game assuming Pittsburgh can find their step.

  25. I firmly beleive we just watched a preview of the AFC championship game. Lets not forget the pats best LB, Mayo didn’t play on this game.

  26. Ravenmaniac, Yes, Clayton dropped the ball costing the Ravens at least a CHANCE to win….but the Patriots stopped two 4th and 1 attempts by the Ravens on the previous drive….and honestly…can you even try to argue that the Patriots outplayed…and outhit the Ravens all day. The Patriots defense gave up 14 points. Were mistakes made? Yes…by BOTH teams……and good to great plays were made by both teams. Unfortunately…the Ravens do thsi every time the play the Patriots… know it..we all know it. They can’t execute when the game is on the line, while the Patriots DO execute in the same situations.
    The Patriots have played the “break but don’t bend” defense for years now…it works for them. Regardless of all these nitwits on here who claim to know football…..this was agreat game between two very good Super Bowl contenders. Mistakes were made on both sides….and the game COULD have gone the opposite way if the ravens had come through….but the Patriots defense played a huge part………fact. Morons like danlinker who say it was an unearned victory….just show how little they know about football. They watch highlights on the recap shows and think they know everything. The Patriots earned the win……as much as it hurts the Patriot haters…………………….stillw aiting for ItalianArmyGuy to check in…but I’m sure he is waiting to see if his Steelers can reach the .500 mark first.

  27. Wow. There’s a lot of whiney candyass ref bashing here.
    Bad calls all the way around in this game.
    Ask Mike Wright.
    Refs didn’t make Clayton drop the ball.
    Belichick’s no genius. His conservative play calling and a three and out, gave the Ravens a shot with three minutes to go.

  28. Igoot25…keep living in the past….sounds like fans that are scared of what they see in Flacco and the Ravens……….

  29. @ ravenmaniac – game winning drive by Flacco? i didnt know the ravens won. Cincy kicked my team’s ass last week? That’s news to me. Watching football through your purple lenses must be really confusing.
    Even with the loss the Ravens still looked good. Once Flacco has another decent receiving threat besides the aging Mason and Heap look out!
    Quietly the Bengals have won 6 of their last 7 games. Their only loss was the fluke catch vs the Broncos week 1. Just saying.
    Fortunately my team doesn’t have to play the Pats this year.

  30. @ Ralphie:
    What a sore winner you are. I would’ve sworn it was your team that was playing against the refs. Oh sure we didn’t get screwed by the them, even though i’ve already read 3 articles saying the officiating was atrocious, one writer called it the worst officiated game they’d seen in 20 years of sports writing.
    Whoever said Sammy Morris caught that pass is an idiot. All bias aside, the Pats did deserve to win, but anyone who says that was a catch is lying. Plain and Simple, it was so obvious that it’s laughable. It’s no debatable.

  31. Ravens lost due to too many mistakes:
    1. Fumbled opening kickoff
    2. 2 roughing the passer penalties
    3. Redzone pick before the half
    4. Clayton drop at the end.
    Can’t win ’em all (even the pats lost the one that counted!) and losing to the Pats in Foxboro is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s actually amazing that despite all of the mistakes they were on the verge of stealing one.

  32. I am not bashing nor scared of the Ravens I am just saying why are you talking trash about a team you have lost 3 our of the last 3 to after you lost this game. It is obvious you need something to make you feel better but why not talk about how the Pats played a good game and you will get them next time or how you’re going to beat a team that took the full amount of allowed time to beat the Browns today.

  33. Bmore Styles……honestly…it’s mainly the non Patriots and Ravens fans who are doing all the complaining…………the refs were not good today….fact. They were bad for both teams. Replays did back up alot of the calls that people were complaining about……..but to call it the worst game ever a big stretch…have you ever watched a Colts game?? Anyone who looks at Manning funny..or breathes on one of his WR’s gets a flag.
    Morris’ catch was rules a catch because there was not enough evidence to overturn it…so the refs did their job the way they are told to. There were definitely some questionable calls going each way…..but because the Ravens play an overly aggressive brand of defense…they tend to get more calls against them. The roughing the passer calls were all correct….the two on the Ravens and one called on the Patriots too….Moss was flagged for offensive interference correctly too. The only bad penalty I saw was the interference call called on whoever was defending Welker on one flag….but by the was a flag……but most refs would have let it go
    Either way…..great game by two great teams…….and I’m not gonna let whiners who are fans of neither team…draw me into a name calling debate. Both teams will be heard from in the playoffs…….simple as that

  34. @Bmore Styles says:
    @ Ralphie: “What a sore winner you are.”
    Sore winner? What about BMore fans being “sore losers”? You gotta be shitting me. You want some cheese with that whine? The rallying cry by Bmore fans today is “we wuz robbed”. Like the Patriots didn’t come out and out hit, out play, out blitz, and beat the hell out of Flacco and they out scored the undefeated Ravens? They went into the Ravens red zone 5x and scored a TD on 3 of those drives on the #1 red zone defense in the NFL? Did the refs score those touchdowns?
    Am I supposed to go out and congratulate the Ravens on a a great win? Or say; “yeah BMore fans, the better team lost today” even though the better team today was the Patriots? Bullshit, get real. Your team was outplayed and your team couldn’t make a catch inside the 10 to keep a drive going with under a minute left and you’re playing the victim looking for a culprit. Don’t look at me, look in the mirror.
    By the way Emo, did those BMore writers say that the Pats didn’t deserve to win?

  35. What lame whiners. The refs cost you the game? Please. Oh, and the ground can not cause a fumble if the ball never hits the ground. He clearly had his arm underneath the ball. Imagine some more will you? And try to at least make an effort to understand the rules.
    You lost. Your team took some real cheap shots at our players. One tried to take out Brady’s knees. Lewis tried to spear Brady when he was sliding, another no no. If you try to tell me that he was assuming he wouldn’t slide you are imagining things, because he started his lunge after Brady started the slide, and he went low. Even if he didn’t go for a sliding Brady, then he too was trying to take out his knees.
    The Ravens are poor excuses for professional athletes. It starts with their coach. Imagine. A coach called for unsportsmanlike conduct! Maybe if he didn’t scream obscenities at the refs, they would be more favorable. Not saying they did anything intentionally, but when you offend someone, things are not likely to go in your favor. That was stupid.
    No tears for the crybaby Ravens here.

  36. Ken…well put!!
    charlie…wait a minute….you call your wins against the Ravens last year ass-kickings. They were barely wins…..same as last weekend with you and the bengals..I am sorry I was looking at that game through the same galsses you watched the Ravens – steelers games last year!!!!

  37. Geez…come on guys.
    Assuming you are actual football fans, and you know the rules, you know both of the roughing the passer calls were legit.
    Is it a penalty to hit the QB in the head? Yes. Brady got hit in the head so hard his helmet came off. Penalty.
    Is it a penalty to go for the QB’s knees? Yes. That Raven wasn’t hit or tripped. He went low on his own, and it’s a penalty.
    I know you are fans, but stop being jaded and blind.

  38. “Ravenmaniac says:
    October 4, 2009 8:01 PM
    charlie…wait a minute….you call your wins against the Ravens last year ass-kickings. They were barely wins”
    Heh. Not getting involved in the Steelers/Ravens pissing contest, but that line just reminded me of a classic Mr. Burns comment….
    “I don’t know why Harvard even bothered to show up. They barely even won.”

  39. “richardnep says:
    October 4, 2009 8:06 PM
    Is it a penalty to go for the QB’s knees? Yes. That Raven wasn’t hit or tripped. He went low on his own, and it’s a penalty.”
    The funny thing is, even if he WAS hit or tripped, once he was on the ground, he still made an effort to go after Brady low, which was, after what happened last season, barred.
    And again, the refs see it ONCE in REAL TIME. They don’t see it over and over again in slow motion.

  40. It was a good win by the Pats. My Ravens left too much on the table to win. You can not go into NE and win without playing a near perfect game. 2 PF’s, and a couple of dropped passes that should have been easy catches constitutes too much not capitalized upon. We should have won. We did not. Congrats to the Pats. See you in the playoffs.

  41. @ravenmaniac – re-read my comments and tell me where I said anything about Ravens – Steelers games last year.

  42. I wish all Pats fans would just shut the fuc$ up.
    Suggs barely even touched Bradys week ass, the refs just want a piece of Bradys cash flow when he starts his modeling career. You pulled one out of your asses, thank Mark Clayton and Cry baby Brady..check out the replays on Nfl network before you open your mouth even Rodney Harrisson told Brady to man up.
    You Pats fans are pathetic point blank. cheaten ass mofos

  43. Lets all bowl down to the Patriot gods..please…

  44. If God is a football fan there is one thing for sure. He is a pats fan.
    This is the team who’s dynasty started on a blown call (tuck rule).
    Pats get all the breaks!!
    GO BUFFALO!!! (yeah its hard to say)

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