Harrison to Brady: "Take off the skirt and put on some slacks"

In his role as an NBC analyst, Rodney Harrison is the go-to voice for perspective on all things Patriots.

At halftime of Sunday night’s game, Harrison found common ground with a Patriots opponent when the issue of protecting the quarterback in the NFL came up.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was incensed about a two roughing the passer penalties in the first half called against Baltimore. Harrison agreed.

“Tom Brady, if you’re listening,” Harrison started.  “Take off the skirt and put on some slacks.  Toughen up.”

It’s not like Brady threw the flag, so we can only assume that Harrison took issue with Brady motioning to the official nearby for the call after a play where Terrell Suggs wound up getting penalized.

Either way, the dig at Brady is proof that Harrison won’t always go easy on his former teammates.  At least not the ones that play offense.

UPDATE: Here’s the video

48 responses to “Harrison to Brady: "Take off the skirt and put on some slacks"

  1. Rodney Harrison tells it like it is with everyone. Last week he said ” I don’t know what anyone sees in Jason Campbell” among other things.

  2. Cue the Haters…..who last week were criticizing Harrison and calling him a suck up. Rodney speaks his mind and as a defensive player who LOVED to hit….he has been outspoken about the “roughing the passer” calls for a couple years now. But he did say it with a smile…and I gurantee you…Brady will have a good chuckle and a good comeback along the lines of “Tell Rodney to take off the sport coat and play the game again”…or something like that. They are friends and it’s all said playfully. Also, Brady didn’t make these rules…the NFL did……..if you run a red light and get a ticket…you get mad at the cop too…because he has to enforce the rules……but you gotta look at yourself…and question why…knowing what the rules are…you decided to risk a penalty/ticket…by breaking them. Simple as that

  3. OK, Patsy lovers – let’s hear you give it to a former player you all loved and everyone else despised. You all know Mr. Bundchen is the biggest sissy-ass pansy to wear a uniform…now we’ll see if you trash one of your own for speaking the truth.

  4. Slacks aren’t tough you fool harrison, Wrangler Jeans are good for the longest streak of starts in NFL history. Real. Comfortable. Jeans. Also, Buy them at Sears if you can make up your mind.

  5. Anyone who witnessed those flags get thrown witnessed a blatant case of preferential treatment. In a league that usually gets it right, this was a total embarrassment.
    Harrison is 100% correct.

  6. He was kidding my god people, Harrison couldn’t stop grinning for the next 2 mins after he said it…

  7. I’m not sure what that officiating crew was watching. Calls were terrible both ways, but there was a definite “air” of protection for “Bill’s Baby”.
    What was the deal with the Pass Interference on Carr. Looked to me like Welker pushed off– or it was just playing football—heaven forbid.

  8. It seems there is a contest going on here on who can become the biggest Brady apologist. Rosenpalms or Flubio….
    Just because Tom is a whiny little cocky bitch doesn’t mean you have to slurp his man juice so quickly.

  9. I couldn’t agree more, qb’s like brady, the mannings are making “football” look like a sissy’s league. I’m a Vikings fan and I think the call against Suggs was unbelievable. It use to be more important to “hit” a qb vs. actually sacking him but now you can’t touch them unless they have the ball in their hand and even then it can’t be above the shoulders or below the waist and you can’t hit them in the chest with a helmet. They mite as well change the rules to balance things out, if a defensive player even “touches” the qb while he has the ball it is scored a sack……hate to see touch football but defenses are at such a disadvantage, especially with the one bump within 5 yd rule on wr’s. Goodell….bring back FOOTBALL.

  10. Rodney is starting to annoy me more by the week. He talks way too much for a studio analyst. You can see Dungy rolling his eyes after every absurd remark Harrison makes, which is freqent. He need to keep his comments to hisself and just analyze the games, not the players’ comments.

  11. I heard Tom was in a crowded bar in Boston tonight. It seems that one of the patrons breathed on him, and the cops moved the guy back 15 yards! Since when did football stop being foootball? The offense already has every advantage. Now touching the sainted Tom Brady draws a flag.

  12. PS : Brady asking for a flag is different than every damn WR in the game BEGGING for a flag on almost EVERY play…..how? Yeah..no responses to that one I’m sure…..

  13. “Tom Brady, if you’re listening,” Harrison started. “Take off the skirt and put on some slacks. Toughen up.”
    I always love that one . . .

  14. I’m a huge Ravens fan and I think these roughing the passer calls were completely bogus–but let’s cool it with the “strained his vagina” comments (Vick in a Box) and skirt references (Rodney Harrison!). It’s pretty classless, especially since this month’s games are dedicated to promoting breast cancer awareness and women’s health.
    You’ve all got mothers/sisters/wives/female friends/grandmothers/girlfriends who might not appreciate these comments!

  15. I know the dropped pass was bradys fault at the end of the game as well mr ray…sore loser ….luis

  16. I suppose Brady is suppose to say to the refs, “No, we refuse the penalty on Baltimore because it’s not fair; we’ll punt instead.” Right.

  17. You mean Rodney said something outrageous on TV to get noticed? I’m shocked. You’d think the media was corrupt or something.
    I guess we’ll have to ask Rodney if he took off his skirt a couple of years ago when a Titan similarly dove at his knees. After the game he had no problem calling the play “dirty.” He also had words for Jeff Fisher who laughed at Rodney after the play….
    The media is corrupt to its core.

  18. Gregg, you awakened the idiots with a non-story. Funny comments (even if they are unintentional). Get ’em guys.

  19. don’t know what u saw antozzy but i saw and “heard” dungy agree 100% with harrison’s statement and that the penalty was a farce.

  20. Are the Ravens really complaining about the refs? Give me a break. I mean if anything they should consider themselves lucky that Terrell Suggs didn’t get kicked out of the league for this cheap shot. Bottomline is that sissies make excuses. Winners win games.

  21. Rodney Harrison: Titans, Kevin Mawae are ‘Classless’
    “Harrison is angry about the knee injury he suffered in the season finale against the Titans, which forced him to miss the playoffs. Harrison says on that play, Titans receiver Bobby Wade intentionally dove into his knees while blocking him even though they were nowhere near the ball at the time. Harrison says he will be back in 2007.”
    The media forces people to be blatant hypocrites in order to remain employed. It’s corrupt and it took only a few weeks to rub off on Harrison

  22. I doubt the message will get to Brady…they have been trying to send that memo to Tony “oh-no” and his hebitch running back trio for a minute. The women of em.

  23. Lets get real here, the NFL has set up the games so that through the refs they can stear a game anyway they like.
    It has become nothing short of game fixing and Congress should strip the NFL of the Anti-Trust exemption they hold because of it.
    The NFL has rigged the game so that they can now call a fumble not a fumble or a non fumble a fumble at will and it has become so bad that what is a fumble during one game for one team is a non fumble the next week for another team.
    You add in they have done the same thing with a catch and now a touchdown and the NFL has all the tools to stear a game or games to help to tilt the game the way they would like to see it go.
    You add in all the phanthom roughing the passer calls or non calls based on the refs will and the NFL has complete control of these games.
    Baased on a handful of teams and or owners the NFL will fix the outcome of a game through the use of all these non consistent calls or non calls.
    The players on the teams being robbed know all about the help the refs give a select group of teams. The Ravens remember the refs handing the Pats the game during the Pats undeafeated season run when they played them.
    Ray Lewis saw it again in todays game. Game fixing by a league using the refs to help a special group of clubs for capitol gain is against the law and Congress should act to cancel the Anti-Trust exemption.
    I am waiting for the NFL to come out with ref gear to buy, they are the real stars of todays NFL. And lets all face it, they are much more important in deciding who wins on Sunday than any player.

  24. Well, boy,how many flags has the football team thrown on the field?
    Hey, boy, how many rings you have adorning your legitimacy?
    I’d say this Hairyson is a worthless addition to the league from–what, a booth?–no class act, Hairyson, for an integrity point of view concerning the Game.
    No other reason I have logged on here than to say I think the couch boy is a worthless commentator.
    Right, DynDrive, you must recognize when a boy screws up, eh?
    People been around since before your mamas were born watching and listening to the NFL don’t care for your low trash!

  25. Brady is doing what any other player would do, just working to get any advantage he can.
    Harrison was joking, made me laugh.

  26. @snnyjbs
    The players on the teams being robbed know all about the help the refs give a select group of teams. The Ravens remember the refs handing the Pats the game during the Pats undeafeated season run when they played them.
    you realize it was that fool rex ryan calling a time out on 4th down is what “handed” the game to the Pats.
    the real investigation should be into what the hell has happened to nfl fans. they are without question the biggest cry babies of the 4 major sports, and that comes hand in hand with being the least knowlegable about the sport they cry most about.

  27. snnyjcbs…………did you come up with this brilliant theory all by yourself…or did you consult with Freeman and Tomase first? My god…it’s another Watergate…..thank God you and your “sources” have busted this conspiracy wide open !! We can all sleep better at night now. I’m guessing that one by one…..the NFL hierarchy and referees are being replaced by “surrogates”……created by the evil mastermind Bill Belicheck ……….it’s up to us to stop him. Thanks for reporting this…..

  28. Harrison was messing with his friend. Just another (successful) attempt to get web hits. Too bad you have no journalistic integrity Rosenthal. You planning on going to work at Fox News if this gig doesn’t pan out?
    BTW, I would submit that Brady could probably kick most of your asses. Ask the Patriots linebackers, or even Rodney Harrison…he’s a tough guy.

  29. I don’t see how anyone who watched the game could call the flag on Suggs a bad call. He came in low and hit Brady in the knees in a textbook example of what the league does not allow players to do.
    If one of the Pats had done that to Flacco there would be screams of dirty play and outrage and how the player making the hit should have been ejected from the game. Happens to Brady and he’s a wimp because the ref did his job the right way.
    I never mind if someone hates the Pats, I certainly have other teams I hate. But use your minds instead of making sh*t up.

  30. This is absolutely priceless.
    I don’t know what’s better, hearing Rodney throwing Brady under the bus, or listening to the Pats fans whining about it.
    Regardless, Harrison nailed it.

  31. Thank you Balto_19. I’m a big football (Giants) fan and a breast cancer survivor and I was pretty insulted by Rodney Harrison’s comments and many of the follow up comments on this blog. I do not see why any of you guys think it’s appropriate to insult a man by comparing him to a woman. I’m proud of being a woman and a cancer survivor. I think if the NFL is really concerned about breast cancer and women’s health and not just marketing pink terrible towels you should apologize and tell your commentators to do the same.

  32. Oh how soon we forget that it was this “skirt wearer” that got you 2 super bowl rings.It would have been 3 if you used your hands and not your head to tackle someone.Was Brady wearing a skirt when he got “cheap shot” last year.I didn’t hear him bitch or wine once.You only wish you were wearing the Pats uniform again.

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