King: Fisher not considering quarterback change

For three weeks, the Titans could make the argument that they were the most unlucky team in football, losing heartbreaking games to the Steelers, Texans, and Jets.

On Sunday, the realization set in that last year’s number one seed in the AFC just might not be very good.

The Titans trailed Jacksonville 27-3 at halftime on their way to a 37-17 loss. 

Titans coach Jeff Fisher faced questions about his quarterback position immediately after the game, but NBC’s Peter King reported on Football Night in America that Fisher is not considering a change away from Kerry Collins.

Fisher likely understands that once he goes to Vince Young, he can’t go back.  And Fisher has to answer to a locker room full of Titans players who could see a change to Young as giving up on the 2009 season.

Still, the Titans can only have so many losses before they start thinking about the future.  And they face a daunting challenge next week: the undefeated Colts on Sunday Night Football.

So as a representative of NBC, we’d like to ask Mr. Fisher if he’d reconsider.  Vince Young would help the ratings.

12 responses to “King: Fisher not considering quarterback change

  1. they need to play VY, he is due almost $12 million next year. They need to find out if he is the future

  2. The 2009 Titans will be the 2008 version of the Lions unless LardButt apologizes for wiping his stinky feet on the Terrible Towel!

  3. “Vince Young is not a passing quarterback. He do not stay in the pocket and he runs.”

  4. At this point, Vince Young sitting on a bench amounts to the biggest waste of talent in the history of the NFL. Fisher was foolish to leave him on the sideline today. To continue leaving Young on the sideline would appear to be either very bad judgement, or hard headed stubborn refusal by Fisher to admit his mistake.

  5. kev, you don’t play guys to find out if they’re the future. You play guys to win games.
    Florio, for the 50th time, please fix the login problem.

  6. Young IS the future, period. This has already been established by Fisher and others. Now it is just up to Fisher whether he is the future for Tennessee.
    The Train Wreck Titans need to remove the aging Collins and get Young in as soon as possible.
    Young was and is a proven winner.
    If Fisher can’t make the correction soon, Vince should probably begin discussions with other teams. There are undoubtedly a good number of teams that would love to bring him on board pronto.
    Carolina, Detroit, Oakland, Arizona, St. Lous for starters…

  7. Mikesimswalkermvp says:
    October 4, 2009 11:38 PM
    vince young is garbage start Chris simms
    Can’t start Simms. He ain’t on the Titans anymore.
    Their 3rd QB is (was) Patrick Ramsey. He was cut back on Saturday, although I assume he will be resigned by Tennessee at some point soon.
    If Tennessee has no wins by their bye week (week #7) then I think they may go ahead and play Young.
    Starting him against Indy or the Patsys isn’t exactly a recipe for success, especially the way the team’s playing right now.
    Titan fans probably need to wave bye-bye to Vanden Bosch, Kearse, LenDale, and every other “big” name guy who’s contract is up. I think they revamp the team in 2010. I also think they just might fire Fisher after this season, especially if the team isn’t listening to him anymore. Don’t know if that is the problem here or not. Maybe the reason they’re losing is something else.
    Who knows…

  8. re: “isn’t exactly a recipe for success…”
    At this point they need to move on with their future. Yes, Vince will be rusty after all the bench time. But this season is probably over for the Titan’s regardless at this point.
    I still haven’t heard any good reasons not to go ahead with him. Dust Vince off, put him in and let him loose.
    Letting Collins get shredded again by Indy ain’t doing him or anyone else any favors.

  9. scott nchills is 100% correct… Coach Fisher is looking at 0-6 right in the face and he needs to do something to spark this team.. this team is to good to pack it in already.. just like last year 4-0 start meat absolutely not a damm thing… so 0-4 should mean the same thing…. we need a spark!!!!!!!! Collins wasn’t a bad idea when we had the best D in the League now that were struggling Collins is not the player make we need at the QB position …. WERE NOT THAT TEAM ANYMORE WE NEED A CHANGE …. WE DON’T NEED A GAME MANGER ANY MORE WE NEED A PLAYMAKER…………K. Collins already knows where he wants to throw the dam ball before the snap he only looks to one receiver and if that’s not open then he throws it away!! He’s to old and doesn’t want to get hit any more…. WE understand Kerry it hurts to get hit … COME ON COACH PUT HIM IN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>GIVE the ball to VY

  10. If Tennessee ends up with an early 1st round draft choice, they had better draft a QB. I know they won’t, because the Titans owner is a huge Vince Young fan and he has publicly stated that the team considers VY their future QB.
    All I know is there are gonna be plenty of Titan fans who will be pissed if the team has a chance to draft a great rookie QB (Sam Bradford?) but fails to do so because of the fact the team believes Young may still work out. I know I’m not sold. I personally believe VY’s a poor man’s Michael Vick… very athletic running QB with below average passing abilities.
    I think they need to replace VY. Draft a QB next April after they re-do VY’s contract for 2010. Let Collins go but let VY be the QB in 2010 while the rookie QB they draft next April sits. Bring in the young kid after game 8 or 10 then after 2010, let VY go. By 2011 (hopefully) the new QB they got will be able to take this (still-young) team someplace. I highly doubt now that VY will ever develop into a complete QB. He has “wildcat” written all over him.
    IMO, the great “VY experiment” has failed…

  11. 2006 – rookie of the year after taking command of a losing team and leading the Titans to within one game of an unlikely playoff birth.
    2007 – took the Titans to the playoffs. Youngest quarterback to start in a playoff game in franchise history.
    2008 – injured in first game and replaced by Collins. Collins was left in while Young recovered, and due to his excellent play Titans had a banner year and Collins we left in as starter.
    Please explain how this translates to ‘the great VY experiment has failed’. Please know your football facts before making nonsensical posts.

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