Kraka-T.O. eruption coming?

In our 10-pack for Week Four, we predicted that, eventually, the football volcano known as Kraka-T.O. will erupt.

And it might be coming later today.

To date, Owens has been behaving, in large part because he doesn’t want to give guys like me the satisfaction of seeing Owens act like he has acted when things haven’t gone his way in other cities.

So with the Bills getting thumped, 31-3, by a winless Dolphins team that is breaking in a brand-new second-year quarterback (and with T.O. having only two catches for 43 yards), we’ve got a feeling that the “serenity now!” routine will result in insanity later.

Or sooner.

For the season, Owens has seven catches for 141 yards and a touchdown.  It sounds like his stat line for a single game during his glory years.

Instead, it might be all he musters in 25 percent of the entire season.

Hopefully, the villagers are moving to higher ground.

27 responses to “Kraka-T.O. eruption coming?

  1. Oh man Florio, you are right, it is coming!
    T.O. looks P.O.’d big time. You can tell he’s just barely holding it together.
    Too bad, I really thought he had changed this time.

  2. I hope he does explode, all over Dick Jauron, and the rest of this team. they need a kick in the ass and need to start playing harder. its embarrassing to watch the team i have loved all of my life.

  3. seriously though with this talent they should be better. Jauron might actually beat Zorn, Wade and Co. as the first one busted

  4. Well, you know Mike, its what bastards like you write that make him drop balls on the field.
    How can a man be expected to focus on the game he’s playing in when the mean spirited, extremely anti-TO press is picking on him ? WTF is wrong with you ? Can’t you just not write something for one week so the guy can have a decent game ? Can’t you ? ?? No ???

  5. I love it when “we” demonstrate that “we’ve” watched National Geographic from time to time.

  6. Has anyone told you that you bear a striking resemblance to Alfred E. Newman in the SportingNews photo?
    What, me worry?

  7. theres no question mark needed, florio
    its coming.
    and its gonna be epic…its gonna be like that movie volcano only 10x worse and in buffalo

  8. I feel bad for the guy. He went to Buffalo to die. He made the Cowboys a must-see.

  9. TO isnt the problem with the Bills, their coaching staff is an absolutle joke and they have an at best back QB that is afraid to throw the ball in the middle of the field starting for them
    Jauron is an absolute clown of an NFL head coach and the fact that he still has a job shows how clueless Ralph Wilson actually is and he wont fire him because he refuses to be forced to pay someone that no longer works for him so he would rather keep him then fire him

  10. Couldn’t blame T.O. for exploding. He should be cut by the Bills (my team) because he is just wasting his time up there in Western New York.
    T.O. wants to win.
    Buffalo fears victory.

  11. TO could give a damn about what people like you think of him. He just wishes ya’ll didn’t act like teenage girls on websites like these.

  12. What does he have to explode about the only thing he can explode about is if his pay check bounces
    He is one of 53 not a coach not a QB just a darn WR Child Please

  13. TO’s first post-game tweet today:”It ws a tuff 1! Sumhow, sumway, WE hv 2 get better! Gotta stay positive!! It’ll get better!”
    sorry to disappoint those who are waiting for a blow-up. he owns you.

  14. Hey Bills Fans,
    hang on to your hats, cause for once Florio is right.
    It is coming.
    Ask a 49ers fan, and Eagles Fan, and even a Cowboys fan, what TO did for them.
    you won’t get, “he scored and helped us win games” or, “provided veteran leadership”
    what you will get is,
    “he ruined the locker room”, ” he cried about not getting the ball enough,” “he’s an Ass” “crybaby”.
    any of the above.
    and your team is made to suffer..
    enjoy the rest of the season, but if i were you, i’d find another team to cheer for, at least for a little bit…

  15. “…Guys like you the satisfaction?” I am betting that TO has never heard of you. Get real.

  16. TO should lose it. Hell, wouldn’t any player be a little pissed that their team was losing and that they weren’t being used effectively? Florio is just another has-been writer…

  17. Folks, put your popcorn away. The Bill’s O-line couldn’t stop a mob of girlscouts! If they can’t give Trent DECENT protection, T.O. is a below average receiver.

  18. sorry with this late post , PC problemos!
    anyhow KUDOS to Florio if you coined this phrase “football volcano = Kraka-T.O” hilarious just friggin hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cracked me up with that one.
    PS – also @ Kevin from Philly
    very good spin off on :east of Jabber that was good as well!

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