Limbaugh could be a partial owner of the Rams

In 2003, Rush Limbaugh had a brief dalliance with the sport he loves, spending a month as the “voice of the fan” on ESPN’s pregame show before resigning after a delayed reaction to comments made regarding Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb triggered a firestorm.

Since then, the mega-rich Rush’s name has bubbled up from time to time as a potential owner of all or part of an NFL team.

And it could be coming to fruition.

Charley Casserly of CBS reports that, of the three groups that submitted bids to buy the St. Louis Rams, one group includes Dave Checketts and Limbaugh.

It’s unknown whether the bid includes the 40 percent owned by Stan Kroenke, or the 60 percent currently held by the two children of the late Georgia Frontiere.

Checketts previously seemed to complain that his interest in buying the team wasn’t being taken seriously, perhaps because at the time he was the only buyer willing to commit to keeping the team in St. Louis.  Now that three groups have submitted proposals under the condition that team won’t be moved, Checketts and Limbaugh (and whoever else is in the group) might have a chance.

Any sale would have to be approved by 75 percent of the league’s current owners.

71 responses to “Limbaugh could be a partial owner of the Rams

  1. “comments made regarding Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb triggered a firestorm.”
    He commented on the sports media, not Donovan McNabb.

  2. Yikes, how about an owner’s box that smells like sweaty B.O., cheap cigars, burritos and pill-farts. Just lovely.
    Can the Rams get any more pathetic? Apparently, the answer may be YES.

  3. ProfessorEmmitt says: Is there any pelaties for being a parial owner?
    I suspect you found your “diploma” in a box of Cracker Jacks.

  4. Desides says:
    October 4, 2009 1:48 PM
    “comments made regarding Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb triggered a firestorm.”
    He commented on the sports media, not Donovan McNabb.
    You are really splitting hairs there. He said McNabb was overrated and got credit for the teams performanace that he didn’t deserve cause the defense carried the team.
    When you call a guy overrated and say he is getting too much credit for the teams success, its B.S. to then say, no I wasn’t talking about him, I was only talking about the media. I get the spin he’s putting on it but it’s still about that guy to.

  5. If you don’t want to support the Rams because of a potential Limbaugh part-ownership, that’s your right. But doing so is largely futile, especially since there’s objectionable characteristics to many owners in pro sports.
    Just for a few examples …
    The Glazers in Tampa Bay have a history of corporate raiding. Randy Lerner was chairman of MBNA, which was spotlighted a few years ago by Frontline in a special on unfair practices and abuses by credit-card companies. Paul Allen in Seattle co-founded Microsoft — enough said. Bud Adams spent a dozen years holding Houston hostage for facility issues before moving the team to Tennessee. Same story for Bill Bidwill, but substitute St. Louis for Houston and Phoenix for Tennessee. And on and on …
    The sanest thing mentally is just to enjoy the sport you love, even if the people running it might be a part of business/personal activities you find repugnant. I find Limbaugh’s tenor and statements detestable, so I choose not to listen to his show. But I won’t stop following the Rams if he’s the owner.

  6. If he doesn’t eventually own the Rams he will somehow blame the Democrats. It will all be the Democrats’ fault!

  7. *** He commented on the sports media, not Donovan McNabb. ****
    Actually, brainiac, he commented on McNabb. And he’s a dumb, fat racist pig.

  8. I think it’s a good thing that a gas bag becomes a partial owner of the Rams.
    Even as a partial owner, he could easily fill up the vacuum that is the current Rams brain trust.

  9. Yup, now nobody cares about the Rams. Soon, a whole bunch of us will have reason to hate them. Mega dildos.

  10. If this happens the Rams wouldn’t have to worry about pain killers being supplied after the game. I can’t wait to hear fatass blaming every Lambs loss on Obama and the liberals.

  11. PARavensJeff….he was born in a town close to St Louis…that’s why…..Cape GERONIMO….something like that….he’s not fat and he’s not a racist…you walking cliches

  12. @Desides
    He commented directly about McNabb, period. Anyone that believes anything else is stupid at best.
    I pray that Limbaugh never gets close to owning an NFL team. Ppl think ownership is bad in Washington, wait till he comes around!
    STAY AWAY RUSH, YOU ARE NOT NEEDED, YOU ARE NOT WANTED!!! Go pander your views to the unintelligent lemmings that follow your show and keep away from the sport loved by all, not just republemmings!

  13. Idiots, You would probably all be happy if Ocaca said he was buying the Rams.
    Or maybe Pelosi?
    Liberal d.b’s.

  14. I can’t see him being approved by the other league owners since he is an open racist and former drug addict. I remember that Eagles the game right after that comment, he lit up the other team like a man on a mission lol.

  15. I have always been a Rams fan ……but with a junkie, fat ass racist pig, as part owner…never again. Shame on the other owners if they approve him

  16. Just what the NFL needs: Rash Limpballs! A big fat cigar chomping Racist who hates President Obama so much that he cheered and laughed when Chicago did not get the Olympics being part owner of an NFL franchise, America’s greatest sport. Maybe he’ll have the first all-white NFL team, in 50 years. Their uniforms could be all white sheets and the helmets made to look like the KKK hoods. The quarterback would be the Grand Imperial Rushie. Their team mascot could be a horse drapped in a white sheet and a burnig cross. The cheerleaders could wear itty bitty white robes with pointy hats. Give us a break!!!

  17. Great weather or not you like Limbaugh or not he living the American dream by owning part of his favorite and enjoying what can do in this country with hard work so he is practicng what he is preaching and may turn around the team with new mangement. So shut your mouths if don,t like his politics. Allthough Iwish they would move to Salt Lake City Utah because the name would fit in with Utah.
    So what if John Kerry bought a peice of the Patriots becuse he is richest Polotican in the country,how would you feel?

  18. Hey, rhb1994. We can all see that your 4th grade diploma has done wonders for your ability to form complete sentences, use proper spacing, correctly spell simple words, and use appropriate punctuation. Your just the type that would support the GIANT “RASH” ON THE CROTCH OF HUMANITY!!

  19. Politics has no business being in Football and if that blowhard gets the opportunity you know he’ll find a way to insert his politics into the game. I hope the owners consider this when voting, as well as his racial comments directed at black quarterbacks and coaches.

  20. Limbaugh’s even dumber than I thought: the last thing an NFL team needs is a polarizing figure to cut the team’s fanbase in half or worse (probably much worse, as people aren’t too fond of clowns who’ve carved out a career promoting illiterate arrogance and the ideology that sent everything it touched into a tailspin when it was fully implemented). A Really Bad Idea, even for you, Rush. Poor Rams fans.

  21. I am just just curious as to what Limbaugh was wrong about. Last time I checked Doug Williams was the only “African-American” quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Chances are Michael Vick, JeMarcus Russell, Tavaris Jackson, David Gerrard, etc aren’t going to either in the near future. The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s still the truth. The NFL was promoting McNabb beyond his ability. “FACT”

  22. One thing I love about America….we are all entitled to our opinion, however, we are NOT entitled to our own set of FACTS!
    Limbaugh has demonstrated by his actions that he is an avowed racists! You can’t say the vile things that he says on a daily basis and not be radioactive for all minority groups in our country.
    He spews hateful things daily….A fact! He is a law-breaker…Fact. He wants Obama to fail at the expense of our country….Unpatriotic. He constantly says vile things about Gay people….I suspect he may be gay based on his comments about bending over and grabbing his ankles!
    If the NFL lets this person buy into their league…It would be a mistake!

  23. I assumed most of you that post comments are somewhat intelligence-challenged.
    Now it’s proven. Look at the ignorance here.
    It’s obvious most of you know nothing about the man other than what the liberal media parrot to one another.
    Unfortunately, you’re too dumb to be embarrassed.

  24. What a joke Rushy becoming a part owner in the Rams football team. Rush is a fat ass racist pig i ever seen. The players are screwed if they don’t agree with racist pig rush. I am hoping someone else steps in to buy out the rams and move it out from that town they are in now. The rams is going to be the most hated team in the NFL. Rams need to get their heads out of the a** and tell rush go to str8 to he**.

  25. No way the NFL would allow it, they have a tough “no drug” policy.” A well known alcohol/drug addict like Rush would ruin the credibility of this rule.
    Most likely he would want a “no black player” team and separate locker rooms.

  26. rhb1994 says:
    October 4, 2009 3:59 PM
    Great weather or not you like Limbaugh or not he living the American dream by owning part of his favorite and enjoying what can do in this country with hard work so he is practicng what he is preaching and may turn around the team with new mangement. So shut your mouths if don,t like his politics. Allthough Iwish they would move to Salt Lake City Utah because the name would fit in with Utah.
    So what if John Kerry bought a peice of the Patriots becuse he is richest Polotican in the country,how would you feel?————————————————————————————
    Your writing skills speaks volume of your mental capability” Hence, I will ignore your gibberish.

  27. Well the American dream has happened for dido.
    Soon he’ll be able to talk to people that actually attended college (the players). It will be interesting to see how the players react if it happens. Also to you who listen to his show, which is what it is a show, a word of advice he talks for corporations which makes him rich and your sorry ass stays in the poor house.

  28. Most likely he would want a “no black player” team and separate locker rooms.
    Again, if you were a sentient being, you would know that Rush actually employs African Americans on his staff.
    How many do you employ?
    Who really is racist?
    Please prove by example how Rush is a racist, or shut up.

  29. Rush’d be great because the team would be off the hook. Anytime they lost it’d be the LLIIIBBBERRRALLL Media’s fault.

  30. >>>>>>>he was born in a town close to St Louis…that’s why…..Cape GERONIMO….something like that….he’s not fat and he’s not a racist

  31. Yes, we must keep politics out of the NFL, because the Rooneys aren’t politicized at all, not with the “Rooney Rule” and now an ambassadorship to Ireland, right?
    The Wizard is one trillion percent right–you unthinking bleating sheople hate Rush because that’s what the media has told you to do…you open your gaping, drooling maws and meekly accept WHATEVER the 3 and 4 letter networks cram in there. Robotic, unoriginal dolts.
    I’d love to hear ONE example of what Rush ever said or did that was racist.
    His comments about McNabb were spot on: McRib IS over-rated. He’s a choke artist who plays his worst when his best is expected. A benching or near benching happens to him at least once per season now.
    And he HAS benefitted from an above-average defense in Philly for quite some time.
    And the media-at-large IS desirous of seeing minority QBs be succesful.
    Truth isn’t always pretty, but open your damn dumb eyes and you might see it yourself.
    Now, how is ANY of that racist?
    One final thing, for all you who mock Rush about the drug thing, I will assume you voted for Barry Hussein.
    You do realize that your own wealth-spreading messiah was a self-confessed pothead, a cokehead, and consumed god-knows what all else…in fact, he *claims* he stopped just short of shooting smack because a bubble in the needle made him nervous.
    Were any of you literate, you’d might have learned that by reading B.O.’s own self-aggrandizing, bullshite autobiography.
    P.S. Did I actually read a Mini-scrotum BiQueen fan call someone ELSE a LEMMING?!?!?!
    Man, this site gets funnier every day…
    Next time, try giving us an opinion that you didn’t get from MTV, you blind dumb Ozombies.

  32. News One for black America with Al Sharpton now blogging?
    That’s your source?
    Some of the quotes are true, several of them I don’t think he said at all. I would need some actual proof.
    And again, Rush employs African Americans on his staff.
    Do you employ any? Or do you just like to talk the talk?

  33. Yes America, Limbaugh did call out McNabb, because of his race. He is a certified hater and will fit in nicely with the other plantation owners of the NFL. The only criteria into this exclusive club will be money, it will not matter that he abused Oxycotin, used his servant to score his drugs, or the fact that he subverted Banking Laws by writing an unusal number of checks for $9,900. Only thing that will matter is he has the cash. If selected I hope he will allow the Democrats in St. Louis the same opportunity to purchase tickets as the conservatives.

  34. I don’t see how liberals could care for sports. They think it’s unfair for one team to be better than another… wimps.

  35. TheWizard said:
    “Some of the quotes are true, several of them I don’t think he said at all. I would need some actual proof.
    And again, Rush employs African Americans on his staff.”
    Watch the video’s, there’s many of them on the net with the words coming straight from his mouth.
    It sounds to me like no amount of proof would satisfy you as you are obviously a ditto head. Talk about drinking the kool aid, Rush’s got you right where he wants you. The question you should be asking is if Rush actually pays his staff or does he keep them chained up at night.
    I cannot believe any sane African American would work for the racist. Can you prove your claims?

  36. Wow – being a 49er fan I have to wonder what all you losers felt about Georgia, a real gem.
    But seriously – if you listen to Limbaugh regularly you can’t for a moment think he is a blow hard or a racist – the guy is an entertainer, uses humor liberally, and was ridiculously closelined as a racist when he called it as he saw it – McNabb was and is overrated.
    Rush would be the best thing to happen to the Rams in a decade, as the team clearly has no idea how to win, with today’s game the latest example of a horrible product.
    You see Rush would bring a highly competitive spirit, a pile of money, and a winning attitude.
    But my guess is most of you haters don’t have any of those things.

  37. You ditto heads forget one thing. None of the other owners demonizes like the Rush. Yes, other owners have opinions, some probably simular to Rush’s.
    But which owner played “Barack the Magic Negro” on his show. That is a fact, by the way. Rush did play it on his show.
    As far as Rush having some African-Americans on his staff, you can always find a few Armstrong Williams’s or Alan Keyes’s. Of course there is Clarence Thomas as well. But remember, Slavery happened when blacks in Africa sold other Blacks they kidnapped and captured. But the international market for slaves was white driven.
    The blacks that work for Rush fit that mold, because to be black and conservative means conservatives will take care of you because conservatives need some Toms around who have no morals beyond dollar signs

  38. # USAFDADDY says: October 4, 2009 4:08 PM
    “Hey, rhb1994. We can all see that your 4th grade diploma has done wonders for your ability to… correctly spell simple words, and use appropriate punctuation…”
    So, USAFDADDY, when you decide to critique someone’s spelling and/or grammar, it is always in ones best interest to THOROUGHLY check his/her OWN!
    i.e. you should have written (typed) “YOU’RE just the type…” rather than “YOUR just the type….”
    With your lack of ability to correctly conjugate the grammatical form of “to be,” one must wonder if YOUR (this IS grammatically correct) “diploma” is at the 4th grade level, as well.
    However, accolades must be bestowed upon you for your endeavor to be perceived as a literate adult… and you are strongly encouraged to persist in your travails.
    After all, who knows… you may, eventually, succeed.

  39. For those of you who are Google challenged here is what Limbaugh said
    “Sorry to say this, I don’t think he’s been that good from the get-go,” Limbaugh said. “I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn’t deserve. The defense carried this team.”
    This is clearly a comment on the media.

  40. “Checketts previously seemed to complain that his interest in buying the team wasn’t being taken seriously”
    Umm…maybe because people judge you by the company you keep? Maybe if you disassociated yourself from pompous self-promoting blowhards, people might take you seriously.

  41. “Heatshield says:
    October 4, 2009 10:43 PM
    I don’t see how liberals could care for sports. They think it’s unfair for one team to be better than another… wimps. ”
    I have to agree with Heatshield, why do Libs even care about sports? Shouldn’t they just stick to comparing Che T-shirts, writing checks to NPR and making donations to Acorn? I mean, the under age prostitution thing suits them better than football; more their speed I’d say.

  42. I came over to this story from another site and was taken by all the negatives about Limbaugh. Then I scrolled up and saw that it was MSNBC. The couple of dozen people that watch MSNBC must all be on this blog.
    That would be the couple of dozen of the most uninformed people in the U.S. I noticed the common thread that always appears in comments of you leftist nutroots. It is always comments that are unsubstantiated and hypocritical. It is simply name-calling because you cannot refute the argument. Geeesh! You liberals are all so predictable.

  43. “But which owner played “Barack the Magic Negro” on his show. That is a fact, by the way. Rush did play it on his show. ”
    And you ignore the most critical fact: “Barack the Magic Negro” was coined in an LA Times editorial:
    “But it’s clear that Obama also is running for an equally important unelected office, in the province of the popular imagination — the “Magic Negro.” …
    Like a comic-book superhero, Obama is there to help, out of the sheer goodness of a heart we need not know or understand. For as with all Magic Negroes, the less real he seems, the more desirable he becomes.”
    -David Ehrenstein, March 19, 2007,0,3391015.story
    The song was parody of that editorial.
    Is the LA Times racist for publishing that column? Critical thinking, people. Cut the mindless lemming crap.

  44. You folks that have never listened to rush need to get off your high horse. Racism has never played a role. As for the pain killers, lets not forget that he came forward with it, admited a mistake, and then moved on. They guy draws over 25 million listeners a week because he makes sense when he talks. If rush says something that seems a little outrageous, people will look into it and verify the info for themselves before accepting it as fact. Maybe you koolaid drinkers on the left need to do a bit of that. Stop accepting everything you are being told on the national news as solid fact and check it out sometime. EVERY major newspaper and news network is blatantly on the left of the political spectrum, Rush simply provides a little bit of balance. If he owns the rams, They will probably succeed (after some time rebuilding) because this guy understands work, and he understands the reason behind owning a sports franchise is to make money, not win games. This means that you win games in order to make money. hope the denser ones reading this understand what is being said.

  45. This is so funny its stupid, I am sure this is a bunch of posters mailing one another to post about evil Rush, I am sure they do it all day on all the web sites. If he is racist than Barry is racist.
    He is the greatest antagonist, Obama complained about him, Clinton complained about him. I don’t even like his show half the time. Most of his power and street credit comes from pissing off the left.
    Yes he a bad man, he said he wants Obama to fail. The democrats were so nice to Bush, even made movies about his assassination while he was in office. This is so funny, watching the leftists flip out.

  46. @GoBears!
    I’ll be nice to you since you demonstrate SOME good taste in your football-related rooting interests,
    You could take ANY person that speaks/writes prolifically–Florio for example, or Rush, who speaks for 3 hours day–and cherry-pick their comments, take them out of context, ignore the tone or delivery, and paint them out to be just about whatever YOU want.
    Hell, I bet we could even take isolated Florio quotes and make him look like a legitimate journalist, or an effective lawyer!
    Rush is as much entertainer/comedian as he is political commentator–much of what he says is said ironically, as a spoof, tongue-in-cheek, as a pardoy or as a deliberate mockery of P.C. sensitivities…
    Picking out select quotes in isolation like that would provide you with the logical equivalent of what you’d get by doing the same for every stand-up comedian in the country–so by that logic, they’d ALL be racists, too, and misogynists, pedophiles, terrorists, whatever.
    Think about it: Mencia, Chappelle, the whole SNL cast, all of them!
    (But, um, let’s keep Michael Richards aka “Kramer” out of the equation, though, okay?) 😉
    Simply put, tone and context and intent count for a lot. It’s a convenience (and a fallacy) to ignore them for the purposes of propaganda and distortion (right MSNBC?)
    You can’t quote JOKES and sarcasm and present them as straight ideology. Duh.
    Fact is, given that the entire state of Missouri is winless in the NFL right now, I think Rush would be the best thing to happen to the Rams since Marshall Faulk.

  47. I’ve got to say, if the general tenor of the conversation that most of the Rush fans in here seem to espouse were to become the norm, it wouldn’t be a good thing for any fan in St. Louis.
    I mean, actually choosing the words “Mini-scrotum BiQueen” and ” blind dumb Ozombies.” I mean, jeez. What the hell is the matter with you guys?
    The man obviously uses inflammatory language to drive a wedge between people and to rile up some racial tension in his mostly-white audience. It’s obviously worked on some of the folks in this thread, using quotes on “African-American” as if to imply that that’s not a legitimate thing to call oneself, decrying people who don’t agree with him as retarded, ACORN-loving wimps, etc.; it’s just astounding that these people don’t realize that “winning attitudes” like these are the reason that they’ve been soundly removed from office for the past two cycles.
    Cue another eight years of me having to listen to whining about the plight of the poor, aggrieved, embattled white folks from people who are more than happy to rag on others when it’s their turn in office.

  48. 1. Limbaugh says a lot of thing mocking people. When he does this, he uses a certain voice to caricaturize the person he’s mocking. The result – it shows up in front looking evil.
    2. He is a sarcastic, snide human. Often times, he is using his sarcastic voice to sarcastically go along with whoever he has issue with. Again, when it shows up in print, it looks evil.
    The fact is, it’s printed to work up the mindless vermin of the world. If he actually, sincerely said those things, he’d have been off the air long ago.
    The man’s shows have been available for download for years – if there was any truth to the claim that his comments are racist, he’d have been fired long ago. He hasn’t been fired, and that’s because his statements were reviewed in the proper context.
    As for the McNabb thing – you’re damn right the NFL has a hardon to have a black quarterback be successful. And guess what – they are creaming in their pants to have a latino QB in the media capital of the world, New York.
    Or perhaps your morons forget the sickening nonsense about Colts vs Bears, Dungy vs Lovie.
    You want to talk about racism, I’ll give you one – QB rules. QBs, predominantly WHITE, have so many rules to protect them, they might as well be playing touch football. Roughing the passer ? Give me a break. Oh, but where are the rules for protecting receivers (predominantly black) when they leap in the air, fully extended and exposed, and a safety folds him in half ? Where are the rules to protect the black guys ?
    You can make anything about race is you see things through the prism of race.
    The fact is, the majority of you coelenterates hate Rush Limbaugh because, while he is a fat slob that got rich through hard work, talent and the ability to recognize opportunity, you slobs are are stuck shopping for Ravioli at Walmart.

  49. Hmmm …. Let’s see …. Can’t have a “fat, rasist pig” own a team, ‘eh? …. Guess you stupid liberal bastards would only be happy if he were killing babies, smoking weed, and fondling little boys …. You would say or do anything to justify your hatred …. Bottom line is that Rush Limbaugh has your number, and you can’t stand that someone is calling a spade, a spade (oops! was that racist) and holding you accountable …. As Uncle Paul used to say, “a hit dog always hollers”!

  50. Personally, I don’t care what his political opinions are or that he said that Donovan McNabb was overrated. 1. He wants to keep the team in STL, which is awesome. 2. Donovan McNabb IS overrated. How much did anyone know about Georgia before she passed? Point is, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that he is passionate about football and may just care enough about the sport to make the Rams competitive again. Prediction-Missouri 31 Nebraska 21

  51. Well, it’s obvious that this man (and I use the term loosely) causes an emotional firestorm on both sides. I suspect that is what he and his agent want, as that is what makes ratings go up.
    I have listened to him a few times and honestly find him sickening, hypocritical, driven by the fantasy in his own mind, uncaring about anything outside of his own needs, a liar, a bigot (may also be a racist but I don’t know enough about him to make that call), I would even classify him as evil (not a republican or conservative thing, he just is), and an extremist (akin to the terrorists we are fighting, same tactics, for similar goals, to effect political change through fear, terror, lies, and deception. Once again, he is not alone in that, but there seems to be more on the right than the left currently).
    With that being said the only thing that would and should keep him from becoming and owner or partial owner is his obvious bigotry and suspected racism. In case you don’t know that difference is simple. A racist denies fairness, services, and/or equal access to another based on their race or ethnicity. A bigot simply hates or dislikes a person or group of people based primarily on thier race or ethnicity. Rush is a proven and verified bigot, based on comments made over the years, remember the devil is in the details, here are a few.
    Racial Comments by Rush Limbaugh:
    1. I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.
    2. You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.
    3. Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.
    4. The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.
    5. They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares? [when talking about the concerns of African-Americans in the current political landscape.
    6. Take that bone out of your nose and call me back [to an African American female caller].
    7. I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well. I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve.
    The last one can go either way, honestly. But the overall mindset is shown, remember these are not just athletes, facility workers, fans, coaches, and trainers of color. These are PEOPLE of color first. The notion that Rush will somehow change his thinking because and treat everyone with respect, because he is a partial owner is naive and ludicrous. People don’t change that easily without a tragic event happening to them and having a willingness to change.
    The best thing for the NFL is to not allow this man and his terrorist viewpoints to infect that progress that the NFL has made over the last several decades. Allowing him to become a partial owner would take the league back 50 years

  52. thebone:
    You make the assumption that the corporation (and that’s what it is, not a man with opinions, but a corporation) cares more about what’s right and moral than they do profits? Have you forgotten where you live? This country worships money over all else, period end of story.
    Rush signed a $400 million dollar contract some time ago and I would guess it does not have any behavior clauses in it to address any racist, sexist, or bigoted comments. So if they fire him the have to pay him and they lose out on the millions his hate is generating.
    He is rich because hate is easy to sell. It is easy to simply assume every stereo type you have is right and walk with that. This man taps into the darkest side of the human animal and profits from it. He calls for fraud, destruction, mayhem, chaos, and revolt against any that think differently or look differently than you. He is about American and apple pie as Louis Farrahkan, I put them both in the same category. The funny part is that the people who watch him and talk about him forget two simple things.
    1. He could care less about you. Your daily struggles mean nothing to him, so stop treating him like he is your “friend”.
    2. He is not a leader of the republican party, he cannot introduce, vote on, nor in any substantial way affect any legislation in the congress. He has no responsibility to anyone other than himself, so he can say whatever he wants, truth or lie and keep on moving.
    This is not an attack on conservatives, it is an attack on an extremist that is given the entire conservative movement a bad name. I think his view or in a minority in the conservative wing or the republican party, but when you let the crazy person in the room be the loudest voice in the room, then everyone outside the room thinks everyone in the room is crazy.

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