Raiders tight end Miller suffers concussion

On another team, Zach Miller would already be known as one of the best all-around tight ends in football.

On the Raiders, Miller has only been able to grab five passes in the last three games because of JaMarcus Russell’s struggles.

Now Oakland may be without one of their most reliable receiving options next week because Miller suffered a concussion in Oakland’s dismal 29-6 loss in Houston Sunday.

Miller had three catches for 33 yards against Houston.  His potential absence against the Giants next week won’t help Russell’s season-long struggle to complete 40% of his passes.  (Russell is currently at 39.8 . . . but we’re happy to round up.)

12 responses to “Raiders tight end Miller suffers concussion

  1. That game next week is going to be ugly…
    At least (for once) David Carr won’t be the biggest “Former #1 Pick Bust” on the field.

  2. too bad the refs did not call a personal foul on this play OR the headshot on Jamarcus OR get the call right on Murphy’s catch. It seems like the refs really hate us. It is hard enough to win football games, but it is nearly impossible when you have to beat the refs too.

  3. Al Davis has become a cancer on pro football.
    Please retire, Al. For the love of all that is football, retire.

  4. Miller’s a great TE and a really good kid.
    That was ugly, watching the back of his head bounce off the ground.

  5. If you get your eggs scrambled like that kid…. they should be very careful bringing him back too soon.

  6. Right, so now after this he’ll be deemed expendable and get traded to the Pats for Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (made by Belechick himself no less!)

  7. Let’s hope the giants do the same to Jacanthittheopenreceiver Russell. Take your time and heal Zach, you won’t miss much.

  8. There is no “Al Davis, Jr”.
    Al has a son, yes. But he’s not “Al Jr.”

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