Sanchez is Spanish for "turnover"?

So what’s the difference between Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez?

Apparently, the rest of Sanchez’s 3-0 team is a lot better than the rest of Delhomme’s 0-3 squad.

Because Sanchez and Delhomme have a lot in common.  Both are turnover machines.

Sanchez has handed the Saints 14 points during Sunday’s supposed showdown in the Superdome, via a 99-yard pick six and a zero-yard fumble recovery for another touchdown.

Though Sanchez’s total numbers aren’t yet as bad as Delhomme’s, Sanchez has thrown three interceptions and he has put the ball on the ground a Culpepperesque five times.

And so the Saints lead at the half by the 14 points that Sanchez’s turnovers produced.

45 responses to “Sanchez is Spanish for "turnover"?

  1. Hey Florio, I’m taking offense to this! Don’t ever come to Richmond Ca. We latinos know how to deal with Crackers like yourself! Punk!

  2. @danlinker . . . .
    what specifically is the slur?
    was it a slur to say “delhomme is french for ‘turnover'”?
    some guys need to loosen their sports bras.
    i guess that’s a slur, too. . . .

  3. HAHAHA niiiice florio. I’ll have to agree with you mike. no slur and people are way to f-king uptight on racial isues.

  4. I think he was referring tio what Italian Guy said.
    I like Sanchez. He’s entitled to have a bad game here and there. He’s a rookie for cripes sake.

  5. No crap ladies … grow some back bone and a sense of humor “eeewww I’m offended” WAAAHHH WAAHHH WAAAHHH!

  6. He’s not at a Kurt Warner turnover machine level yet. Didn’t Kurt lay the it on the ground 6 times in one game with his little girl hands and piss poor division 3 mechanics?

  7. Ah yes, yesterday he was ” Sanchize ” savior of the universe. Maybe he can work an endorsement deal with Pillsbury,

  8. Is, Romo Italian for turn over? I think hes mexican but Romo sounds Italian and i dont want to offend RaiderChile and danlinker. But it might upset Italian guy.

  9. Hey Uncle ItalianArmyGuy,
    Will you finish telling us that story about the “Patties” going 2-6 that you started earlier?
    That was a funny story!
    If we are still awake when you finish, will you tell us the one about the Steelers?
    Seriously though, how many games have the Steelers won this year?

  10. I didn’t know people from Richmond could read! haha jk I live in the bay area and have some friends form Richmond they are a colorful bunch, no pun intended (really 2 are white). Florio you are stupid if you didn’t think you did anything wrong why would you feel the need to respond to it? Just ignore it. @Raiderchile I wouldn’t take offense to this, its a stupid joke but probably not a slur towards the Latino community. If you are going to beat up Florio it should be because of his countless unfunny jokes about bay area teams. Yes we get it Mike Singletary pulled his pants down.

  11. We latinos know how to deal with Crackers like yourself!
    And how is that, exactly, Mr. sensitivity?

  12. I have noticed that pretty much everything the old pepperoni breath (the italian sausage head guy) says is a slur on humaniods in general!
    At least Sanchez has the excuse of being a rookie!

  13. Someone needed to humble him and the Jets. Hate to see a repeat of last years Jets, I kinda like this squad.

  14. This website is a joke sometimes.. You guys are on Sanchez’s bird the last couple weeks and now that hes losing you come with the insults.. typical blogger

  15. KevinFaulk-an-a says: October 4, 2009 6:08 PM
    Hey Uncle ItalianArmyGuy,
    Will you finish telling us that story about the “Patties” going 2-6 that you started earlier?
    No, but I’ll send you a thank-you card for embarrassing the Ratbirds
    Nice job Patty’s, couple of your guys actually even showed up to play this week. Spy cameras must be working better the past two weeks.

  16. Ok well Sanchez in a rookie in his third game and Delhomme is not. The comparison is idiotic at best. I guess when Favre has a 3 INT game (which we know he will), we can compare him to Delhomme too. Some of these “articles” are jokes.

  17. Florio is Italian for ‘raging idiot’?
    How about this: Delhomme is a veteran, Sanchez just started his 4th game in the NFL. How about this, you West Virginia hick – cut with the anti-Jets bias and give me some news instead of your own blowhard opinions.

  18. This site is a joke most of the time! If Florio would stick with more reporting and much less personal opinion this would be a great site! But that’s what happens when some random person’s website takes off!

  19. IAG, you are so original! I can’t believe how witty and intelligent you sound. Spy cameras?! Ratbirds?! Next, can you show me how to spray tan and shoot roids? I mean, you were so right about Randy Moss being a non-factor today in New England.

  20. @RaiderChile
    I’m a cracker; how would you deal with me? Florio and I don’t pick oranges so you wouldn’t take our jobs.

  21. I’d say the difference between Delhomme and Sanchez is probably that one is a 12 year vet and the other has played in 4 NFL games.
    Rookie QBs make rookie mistakes. Such is life.
    The real story today isn’t Sanchez turning the ball over, it’s that once again the Saints have proven that they have the defense to match their offense (which was actually shut down for most of the game today.) New Orleans is very dangerous.

  22. Hehe, it was sooo nice watching the Jets self destruct. Always enjoy that and it never gets old, especially when they run their mouths so much. What was that one of their players said about them being the best team in the league?

  23. Well…. Keep it up Sanchez. He’s still doing good this year. He’s a rookie, just like Stafford. He had the same type of day Stafford had just 3weeks ago in the exact same building. The only difference is that he’s on a better team so I would have expected much better than my Lions did.
    Pretty ugly for the rookies. I would be much more concerned to have an older QB that’s supposed to be great, like Romo, look the way he did today, and this whle season to date. He had wide open receivers today and missed them. He held onto the ball forever and he just simply made poor decisions. Credit to Denver though too. What a good defense.
    I am kinda happy that Sanchez had the same type of day as Stafford though. I wonder if the press will make fun of him the way they did Stafford after week one?
    Good lord is Sharper ever a rookie QB killer!!!

  24. Here’s a little history lesson on the use of certain names that have been thrown around here.
    Sanchez literally means: son of Sancho. In all Spanish last names that end in “ez” “ues” “uez”, the ending means, “son of”. Dominguez means: son of Domingo, Martinez means: son of Martin, etc.
    The use of the word cracker, for those of you that throw that word around like it’s a joke or that you are putting white people in their place… well, you couldn’t be more wrong. It is a terrible word, not only for the person being called it, but by the person using it.
    The term “cracker” is reported to have first been used by slaves in pre-1860’s US. A group of slaves would be congregating and when the master would appear to be on his way, somebody would say, “Here comes the cracker.” It wasn’t meant as an insult but it was a shortened version of the word “Whipcracker.”
    So basically, anytime a person refers to another as a “cracker” they are basically calling themselves a slave and the person they called the name, their master. From what I understand, many racist white people actually like the word “cracker” and consider it a complement. Those of us with sensitivity to the history of the word really don’t like it.
    And for the record, I’m pretty sure “Florio” is probably Italian for “flower” and anything with the word “Raider” in it means “loser”.

  25. You are weak Florio! Are you going to talk only when the ROOKIE QB makes mistakes? You talk so much trash about the Jets it’s out of control. Didn’t you say that Steve Slaton was going to target Vernon Gholston and he was going to expose Gholston for the bust that he is? He is a bust, but Slaton didn’t expose anything at all. I’ll take one loss from a potential Super Bowl participant.

  26. Unfortunately, as a Pats fan, i recognize the Jets D gave up only 17 points vs the Saints. Thats pretty good.
    I hope the Jets D gets old as soon as the offense gets better.

  27. Pickchez got schooled today and I have to assume his Hall of Fame ballots are on hold for awhile. Pickchez threw 3 picks and lost a fumble, killing his team. To top it all off, Pickchez was seen on the sidelines with red teary eyes at the end of the game.

  28. You latinos not getting it makes you a bunch of coconuts. Florio and his ass kissing fan base are proof that racism still lingers in the US. You guys don’t get until a punch to the mouth wakes you up. Huevon!

  29. Dan: the Jets defense actually gave up only 10 points. Sanchez threw a pick 6 and had a fumble returned for a TD
    RayDaMayor: with all the potential nicknames, “Pickchez” is the best you can do? Come on, now.
    If only Sanchez had been around to hear Pete Carrol sing “Lean on Me” to him he never would’ve fumbled.

  30. So a guy playing in his 4th NFL game throws a few picks and now he’s Jake Delhomme? Wow. Typical overreaction.
    How about this, rookie QB struggles against quite possibly the best team in the NFC (or NFL for that matter)?
    Speaking of Delhomme and the Saints, you do realize he couldnt beat out Aaron Effin Brooks for the starting job when they were in New Orleans, right?
    Cut the kid some slack. he didnt play well, it happens.
    Way back when, there was a rookie QB, in Week 4, at the Superdome who threw 3 picks (against a Saints team that finished the season 6-10 by the way). His name? Peyton Manning. Not to compare the two players, but just accentuating the point that rookie QBs throw picks from time to time.
    Get over yourself Florio.

  31. @brasho
    Great stuff, thank you for teaching me something new about “cracker” I never used that word to begin with (it just sounds stupid) but now I wont because I know its stupid. BTW my Italian hasn’t been the same since my great grandmother died but I believe there is no direct translation for Florio, it is the sur name of a very prominant sciclian family (wow my spelling got bad quick) I doubt Florio is of relation. Raider is actually french for “remove” as in “Al Davis continues to remove the hope of Raider fans of ever having a good franchise again.”
    I bet like 10 people got that but I was one of them and I laughed out loud.
    Of course racism is still around, I don’t see how this article proves, or disproves that though?

  32. Not to blow my own horn, but I’m gonna blow my own horn.
    Last week I said that “Sanchize” would be exposed this week and throw 3 INTs, one for a pick six. Look it up in the PFT archives if you don’t believe it.
    I was on the money. The fumble for a TD was a bonus!

  33. Sanchez is completely overrated. Had one of the best defenses in modern times bailing him out during college. People looked at his record, not his poor decision-making and bad footwork. The League has a way of revealing those flaws (Hi, my name is Alex Smith, nice to meet you).

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