Scott Fujita wants Saints fans to be "drunk and loud"

It worked two weeks ago for the Jets.  So the Saints are giving it a try today.

Specifically, coach Sean Payton wants the Superdome to be a rockin’ when the Jets come a knockin’.

“I told our team, three years ago we played a home game on a Monday
night against Atlanta and a lot of people will be at this game that
were at that game,” Payton said recently, per Jim Corbett of USA Today.  “So the challenge from a fan
standpoint is to exceed that atmosphere.”

Linebacker Scott Fujita put it slightly more bluntly:  “What can the fans do?  They can get drunk and be loud.  That’s what I would suggest.”  (And may we be so bold as to suggest an official NFL ping (beer) pong table to assist in that effort?)

After New York’s Week Two fan-fueled win over the Pats, Fireman Ed got a game ball. 

So if the Saints beat the Jets and the fans show up “drunk and loud,” who’ll get the game ball?

Maybe it’ll be the “F–k Da Eagles” girl.