Sensabaugh breaks thumb

The bad news for Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh is that he broke his thumb.

The good news is that he timed the injury rather well. 

Dallas plays Kansas City next week, and Sensabaugh sounds like he expects to miss that game.  But then they have a Week Six bye and he should be able to return after the break.

Sensabaugh suffered the same injury in college and missed just one game.

15 responses to “Sensabaugh breaks thumb

  1. He is their only safety that’s playing worth a damn. I think when the rookie (S) Mike Hamlin comes back we could see (S) Ken Hamlin’s playing time decrease.
    Bum’s boy (aka The Michelin Man redo) has to go and take the red-headed step child him. Holmgren in 2010.

  2. I’m surprised this type of injury doesn’t happen more often to the Cowboys.
    They always seem to be playing like they’ve got their thumbs stuck up their butts.

  3. I watched the game. Thought Romo had a broken thumb…………………………..Off in the distance I heard the phone ringing at the Shanahan house………………………………………..
    Face it, nothing makes a lot of people more gleeful than a Cowboy DEFEAT………………………..

  4. KC could beat the cowpies if they play like they did yesterday
    Even the play maker said it is time for a change in big D start with the staypuff marshmellow man and Garrett and move on from there

  5. On a defense that’s ranked 26th overall and 29th against the pass, maybe they should consider pulling all their starters. Any defense that allows Tampa Bay’s offense to pile up 450 yards against them should not be taken seriously. But they pose and preen after a tackle better than any other D. Too bad that doesn’t translate into wins.

  6. Whastsamatter east96street, did you get yourself banned? What’s your opinion on defenses that give up 8.7 yards per rushing attempt?

  7. This is not a major setback. Even with the broken thumb he can still throw more accurately than Tony Romo.

  8. Hey did anyone else see how all the head coaches in the nfl wore pink billed team caps except for dumb wade? the only thing he wore to commemorate the weekend was a tiny pin that was barely visible. typical cowboy class less-ness. vox and the boys suck!

  9. VoxVeritas says: “What’s your opinion on defenses that give up 8.7 yards per rushing attempt?”
    Giants have the number ONE ranked D overall and are 4-0. And that’s with several defensive starters out with injuries. Imagine how good they will be when they are at full strength! Really, what else needs to be said? Sorry the truth about your D hurts you so deeply. Go write about how upset you are on your myspace page. Maybe you can post some of those Cowboy poses they love to do every game on the way to a 2-2 record and being ranked 26th overall. Grown men flexing their muscles while they are losing the game. Sad. Looks like that long, long streak without a playoff win won’t be broken this year. Don’t worry, little Vox. It will happen eventually. New coach, some better players in the secondary, and Dallas can be competitive again. Maybe Jerry can convince his buddy Rodger to move the Boys to the NFC West. No question Dallas could win over there.

  10. Hey Vox.
    Brian Dawkins kicked Cowboy butt while he was an Eagle, and he kicks Cowboy butt now that he’s a Bronco.
    Deal with it, scrub! Your team is a joke.

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