Sharper to the house, Sanchez with a cheap shot

Safety Darren Sharper really likes playing against golden-boy New York quarterbacks.

In 2007 with the Vikings, Sharper picked off a pass from Giants quarterback Eli Manning and returned it for a touchdown.  The 41-17 loss, which featured three other picks from Peyton’s kid brother (two of which were returned for touchdowns), sparked widespread speculation that Eli might not be the quarterback of the future (product placement!).

And then Eli turned it around in a big way, leading the Giants to a Super Bowl win.

Nearly two years later, Sharper took a pass from Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez a whopping 99 yards for a score, pushing the home team’s first-half lead to 10-0.

During the return, we caught the first glimpse of how the 3-0 Jets might deal with adversity.  And it wasn’t pretty.

While chasing Sharper in vain, Sanchez decided to take out the knees of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, for no apparent reason.  Sanchez was flagged, and he should be fined.

Cue the comments calling Sanchez “dirty.”

26 responses to “Sharper to the house, Sanchez with a cheap shot

  1. apparantly Florio, you missed the play in the pats game where Terrell Suggs dove directly at tom Brady’s knee seconds after he released the ball… Dirty cheap thugs on that Ravens Defense

  2. Childish names and sexual innuendo have no place on this website.
    Don K. Punch

  3. Wow!!! Darren Sharper is that dude!!! As a vikings fan I apologize to sharper for having sh*tty coaches change his defensive assignment..which directly affected his interceptions… the most intelligent way to use darren sharper is let him go free….HE IS A BEAST!!!! He left us (the vikes) this because we tried to constrain him in our scheme…let him roam and it murder!!!! murder! she wrote! murder she wrote!!

  4. I always liked Sharper. I think if Minnesota made a mistake by not keeping Matty B and Sharper. Both of these guys were fan favorites! But it looks like these guys found pretty good places to play.

  5. Fat Rex Ryan instills classlessness everywhere he goes. Just look at the Ravens and how many penalties that defense incurred.
    Sanchez is just doing what he’s told.

  6. So thats what a dirty Sanchez is!?! Darren”freakin’ Sharper! I’m with LarryBird18. Sharper felt used wrong in D by the Vikings and guess what? By the looks of this season, who can argue?? Good for you Sharper,always liked you.

  7. Instead of the Dirty Sanchez, can we start calling it “The Screech” when QBs take out defensive players with cheap shots? You could even conjugate it: “Brett Favre screeched Eugene Wilson” or “Vilma got screeched by Sanchez.” Anyone else on board with this obscure pop culture reference? Let’s make it happen.

  8. Andrew Siciliano said on the RZC that was the second time Mark Sanchez has done that this year. Is that true?

  9. Too bad you posted this so early. Sanchez sacked and ball picked up by Saints for a 17-0 lead.

  10. What a pussy!
    I sincerely hope that Gregg Williams calls Vilma’s number on a blitz and he takes “Sanchize’s” head off.

  11. That Sharper guy is insane. 5 picks already, 2td, and almost 300 yards. That’s like a St. Louis WR after the 2009 season.

  12. I’m not sure what Sanchez did wrong after looking at the replay. He knew he wasn’t going to run through the guy to tackle Sharper, so he tried to take out one of his blockers or hope to get through Vilma to trip up Sharper. Obviously it was a penalty, but I doubt Sanchez was trying to be malicious when he did it. It didn’t look like your typical obviously dirty play. No, I’m not a Jets fan.

  13. PICKCHEZ….3 picks and a fumble by the Saints….and just like that his Hall of Fame ballots are on hold.
    And if that wasn’t enough, PICKCHEZ tries to end Vilma’s career? For what? Did he think Vilma was trying to tackle Sharper?
    What a total, complete and utter CHEAPSHOT by PICKCHEZ. The league should heavily fine him as it was clear what he was attempting to do.

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