Steelers scratch Limas Sweed

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wanted a tall receiver, even though he won a Super Bowl without one.

In 2008, Big Ben got a big wideout — Limas Sweed, a second-rounder from Texas.

But Sweed has been a disappointment so far, with plenty of dropped passes.  (One reader said that Sweed was the perfect guy to drop the puck at the Penguins’ home opener.)

Our NBC friends on the scene in Pittsburgh tell us that Sweed won’t dress tonight for the Steelers. Also inactive for the Steelers tonight are cornerback Keenan
Lewis, running back Willie
Parker, safety Troy
Polamalu, guard Kraig
Urbik, tackle Tony
Hills, and tight end David
Johnson. Dennis
Dixon is the emergency quarterback.

The inactives for the Chargers are Kevin
Ellison, safety C.J.
Spillman, center Nick
Hardwick, guard Tyronne
Green, receiver Buster
Davis, linebacker Antwan
Applewhite, and defensive lineman Travis
Johnson.  The third quarterback is Charlie

The game begins at 8:15 ET on NBC.

18 responses to “Steelers scratch Limas Sweed

  1. VoooooXXXXXxxxxxxxxx where are you? How did the cowboys do today? They had an easy one against the Orton led Broncos right?

  2. Copy and pasted those inactives, huh.
    Do your own work if you want the page to have the same font.

  3. look for redman to score tonight for the steelers. freshly activated off the practice squad.

  4. KingJoe! says:
    October 4, 2009 7:42 PM
    VoooooXXXXXxxxxxxxxx where are you?
    He had to work a double shift today at the House Of Whacks Porn Emporium.

  5. Yeah Florio, let’s talk about the Cowboys. Forget these other two bit nobodies, we want the Cowboys!

  6. “These two teams have to play the best football that they can tonight, and one must come away with a win.”

  7. VoxVeritas says:
    October 4, 2009 8:09 PM
    Forget these other two bit nobodies, we want the Cowboys!

  8. Seems like the only WR from that ‘loaded’ draft class of 2008 (where not a single wideout got picked in the first round) to consistently play at a high level is my man DeSean Jackson. Mario Manningham looks to have potential, but he’s only just begun to get regular playing time. The busts include:
    Limas Sweed
    Malcom Kelly
    Devin Thomas
    Donnie Avery
    James Hardy
    Dexter Jackson
    Eddie Royal*
    *Had a great rookie year… hasn’t done squat through 4 games this year.

  9. Plus from an entertainment standpoint my boys put on a good show tonight against Denver. That was good watchin, and if Crayton actually fights for that ball like TO would have….it goes to OT and we win it.

  10. Well Limas had his chances but he’s got to learn to catch lol Wallace is taking his plaace

  11. “VoxVeritas says:
    October 4, 2009 8:09 PM
    Yeah Florio, let’s talk about the Cowboys. Forget these other two bit nobodies, we want the Cowboys!”
    LOL! How ’bout dem Cowboys & Tony Homo? Wrong thread ?Jagoff”…LOL!

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