Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

Ask your questions and watch the game with SNF Extra.

8:17 pm ET – Hello folks.

8:19 pm ET – Is the never any sound on here?
Sound starts when the game starts.

8:20 pm ET – My name is Steven.
Hello, Steven. May I call you Frank?

8:20 pm ET – Has the game started yet?
Yes. Steelers lead 10-0. Where you been?

8:21 pm ET – Who all inactive for both teams?
Go to for the list. Limas Sweed is a healthy scratch.

8:22 pm ET – Is L.T. gonna play?
No. Lawrence Taylor retired like 16 years ago.

8:22 pm ET – Mike, how surprised are you that the Broncos are 4-0 with all
that has transpired in the off season and do you think this young
rookie coach can keep it going?

shocking. No one saw this coming. And anyone who says they did was
simply engaged in wishful thinking.

8:25 pm ET – Why is Limas Sweed inactive tonight?
Because he can’t catch. Someone told me they should have had
him drop the puck at the Penguins’ home opener.

8:25 pm ET – How many receptions does Limas Sweed have this season?
One catch for five yards. Hello, Canton!

8:28 pm ET – Hi Mike. Who wins tonight?
Peter King bet me a latte that the Chargers will win. So I’m sticking with the Steelers. Let’s say 20-14.

8:31 pm ET – What is the record for fewest number of points scored in a season and are the Rams on pace to break it?
The 1934 Cincinnati/St. Louis team scored 37 points in 11
games. That’s 3.3 per game. The Rams have 24 in four games — 6.0 per

8:31 pm ET – Can we finally agree that the Titans are overrated?
Yes, but I’m sure there will be plenty of “Are the Titans the
best 0-4 team in league history?” questions tonight. And a few “Are the
Broncos the worst 4-0 team in league history?” questions.

8:32 pm ET – I bet your eating a Twinkie at the moment aren’t you?
No. I just had pudding.

8:34 pm ET – Who is the worst team in football? Raiders? Rams? Bills? Browns?
Rams, for now. They’ve scored 24 points in four games. They’ve lost 14 in a row.

8:34 pm ET – Are you always this entertaining on here?
Only when I’ve been in the schnapps.

8:35 pm ET – Where do you think the Colts will end up record-wise? I look
at their schedule and I just don’t see more than two or three losses.

Colts are for real. You can change out a lot of parts on that
team but as long as Manning is still there, they’ll be fine.

8:36 pm ET – You think Johnny Knox passed Sanchize for best offensive rookie today?
I think Percy Harvin is the one to watch.

8:37 pm ET – Which pink article of clothing are you wearing tonight?
I’ve opted for the pink toupee.

8:40 pm ET – Do you think Denver will beat Steelers?

Not sure yet but that will be a great Monday night game. November 9. Maybe some snow in Denver.

8:42 pm ET – Do you think the Chiefs will go 0-16?
No. They’ll win a couple. The Rams and the Browns could keep losing and losing.

8:42 pm ET – Why does Phillip Rivers always seem angry?
Because he never got to be a banker.

8:43 pm ET – Why has Elvis Dumervil adapted so well to outside linebacker? 8.0 sacks in 4 games is pretty impressive.
Outside linebacker in a 3-4 is the same as defensive end in a
4-3. Jason Taylor won defensive player of the year as an outside
linebacker in a 3-4 after being a 4-3 defensive end.

8:44 pm ET – Who’s better Drew Brees or Tom Brady?
Right now they’re comparable, but Brady has three rings.

8:45 pm ET – Why didn’t anyone notice that Wallace only got one foot down?
It looked close. I think coaches hate to throw the red flag early but on a big play you’ve got to do it.

8:46 pm ET – Why do rings matter?
Ask Dan Marino or Fran Tarkenton.

8:47 pm ET – Just a note to NBC these web broadcasts are outstanding!
Thanks. (And thanks for not saying they’re “awesome.”)

8:47 pm ET – Is Crabtree going to finally decide to sign?
It’s impossible for reasonable minds to predict the decisions of the delusional.

8:48 pm ET – You bet Peter King a latte? Do you have a lifetime supply from coffee burn litigation or something?
Yes. I was careful to not put a balm on it.

8:49 pm ET – Do the Giants have more injuries than most teams right now?
The Seahawks are as banged up as any team I can recall.

8:50 pm ET – Do you think the Niners would be 4-0 if Gore hadn’t gotten hurt last week?
Not sure. Be happy with 3-1. It’s like being 4-0 in a real NFL division.

8:51 pm ET – Just a note to NBC these web broadcasts are awesome.
There you are, Chris Farley. Glad you made it tonight.

8:52 pm ET – Florio! You’re a Steeler fan. Why do you hate the chargers? It’s fairly obvious.
I get accused of hating and loving every team at some point. The truth is I hate them all equally.

8:52 pm ET – Who are you I have never heard of you?
Well, now we’re even.

8:53 pm ET – Why isn’t Shawn Merriam not playing?
He has an injured groin.

8:54 pm ET – Do you think Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in the NFL ?

8:56 pm ET – Any updates on the Ravens’ Gaither?
Jay Glazer reported earlier that they wanted to give him an
MRI but Gaither didn’t fit in the machine. Seriously.

8:57 pm ET – I am predicting Dick Jauron gets fired tomorrow. Your thoughts?
Who takes his place? Bobby April?

8:59 pm ET – Who do you think will win the game tomorrow night?
Can’t imagine the Vikings not winning that game.

9:00 pm ET – I’ve followed you on for many years and now feel like a proud parent.
That’s good. Because I’m starting to feel like a rebellious
teen. So quit looking at me. And buy me stuff. And we need more food.

9:01 pm ET – This is true, i have no idea who you are. How do we know you’re a real person?
I’m not. I’m the same computer that once competed with Dwight
Schrute in a paper-selling contest. They sent me here after I lost.

9:02 pm ET – Football NFL style should be an Olympic sport.
Yeah, the gold medal game between the U.S. and Canada would
be thrilling. And by thrilling I mean we’d only win by 63 points.

9:04 pm ET – Hey Mike, cable cam rocks yes or no?
Yes. It’s like watching a game on Madden.

9:05 pm ET – Why is the webcast behind the TV? Is there a way to sync them?
It’s only by a few seconds. Use your DVR to slow the broadcast down a little.

9:06 pm ET – Who do you think are the top 5 QB’s besides Drew Brees?
Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Donovan McNabb.

9:08 pm ET – It appears certain the Jim Zorn is not up to the task of
coaching the Redskins. I can’t imagine him around after this season,
but do you think he will be gone sooner?

they lose one of the next two and then lose to the Eagles in ugly
fashion entering their bye, it’s possible. There’s speculation that
maybe Snyder will try to hire his 2010 coach before the current season
ends, in order to get first crack at Shanahan or Holmgren.

9:09 pm ET – Any predictions for Jim and Pam’s wedding?
I’ve got my fingers crossed for a cameo from Uncle Al.

9:14 pm ET – Mike, are in the W. Va., Pittsburgh, or in a closet at 30 Rock tonight?
I’m back in W. Va. I made a break for it when they accidentally left the closet at 30 Rock unlocked.

9:15 pm ET – Hey Florio, the Fins are number 1 rushing,
offensively and defensively, if Henne can be halfway decent, do you
think the Fins can make a serious playoff push?

They have a very small margin for error. Last year, 11-5 from the
Pats didn’t result in a playoff berth. So even if they finish 10-2 that
might not be enough.

9:17 pm ET – Who are the best five teams in the NFL now?
Giants, Pats, Saints, Broncos, Vikings.

9:18 pm ET – Based on Tony Romo’s performance so far, should he get back with Jessica Simpson?
Yes — that curse apparently is working.

9:19 pm ET – How many computers do you use to watch the game?

9:20 pm ET – For your predictions, on PFT Picks, do you pick the AFC or NFC games.
I do the games with NFC teams as road teams. Rosenthal does the games with AFC road teams.

9:27 pm ET – What is your favorite part of your job?
Answering these questions. And I’m not being sarcastic. And
I’m only rolling my eyes because there is an eyelash in one of them.

9:33 pm ET – Do you believe in the Madden Curse?
Yes. I also believe in the Great Pumpkin. And unicorns.

9:34 pm ET – Mike, your opinion: On a 4th and inches like
the Steelers just had, do you think converting would be easier if the
team had guys pull either left or right and rush to that direction vs.
the QB sneak?

I think that kind of a play would take too long to develop.

9:34 pm ET – Where’s Rex Grossman these days?
He’s the backup quarterback in Houston.

9:41 pm ET – What is a typical work week for you?
Work eat work eat work sleep. Repeats six times. But I love every minute of it.

9:42 pm ET – Why don’t the Steelers have as many sacks as last season?
I think the quarterbacks are getting the ball out faster
because they’re not worried about Troy Polamalu jumping out of nowhere
and catching the ball with his teeth.

9:44 pm ET – What’s the Madden Curse?
It’s a hex that a Broncos fan put on John Madden in the
1970s. It was supposed to cause him to lose all football knowledge but
it instead gave him bushy eyebrows.

9:45 pm ET – What ever happened to David Tyree?
A couple of courtesy tryouts but he currently has no job.

9:48 pm ET – Do u think N.O. will make the Super bowl this year?
If they can get home-field advantage in the playoffs they’ll be hard to beat in the Superdome.

9:48 pm ET – Mike, I am scared of just a couple things, toothaches and Ice cream headaches, are you scared of anything?
Clowns. And people who use the word “irregardless.”

9:49 pm ET – How much of Favre’s last second TD pass last week was luck?
The part where a bird didn’t fly into the path of the ball. That was really lucky.

9:50 pm ET – Mike this is John Madden. I happen to like my bushy eyebrows and so does the ladies.
Sorry John.

9:53 pm ET – First time tuning in to the online cast and
it is super nice! I might start going to NBC’s regular site and not
just to I’m impressed.

It’s the best way to watch a game. (Actually, I picked this one because
it reminded me of the message Jerry wrote on the picture for the dry
cleaner. And so I just had to say, “Nothing’s finer than being in your

9:54 pm ET – David Carr biggest bust of the 21st century?
Alex Smith is close. JaMarcus, too. Reggie Bush is in the
conversation given that he was the second overall pick.

9:55 pm ET – Has Drew Brees supplanted Reggie White as the best FA signing ever?
Not until Brees wins a Super Bowl. And consider this — the
Dolphins picked Daunte Culpepper and his bad knee over Brees, even
though Culpepper cost them a second-round pick.

9:56 pm ET – What is your favorite NBC show other than football?
The Office.

10:02 pm ET – How bout answering my SERIOUS question as to why that Steelers catch wasn’t ruled out of bounds?
Just spun it back and watched it. Bad call. Left foot never
came down. Someone needed to tell Norv to throw the red flag.

10:03 pm ET – Will Brandon Marshall continue to put up some numbers, or should I expect more games like his first 2?
No — he is catching up. He was hurt in the offseason and
injured and not trying during training camp. He turned it on after his
suspension. He’s finally getting up to speed. Great moment at podium
after game — he came up and hugged Josh McDaniels.

10:04 pm ET – Did you just hear Rodney Harrison tell Tom Brady to take his skirt off and put on slacks? Quote of the day?
That was a stunner. Rodney is trying to stir things up, and he’s definitely not playing favorites.

10:08 pm ET – Do you think the Bengals have a chance at taking the AFC North this year?
Yes — they needs to win at Baltimore next week.

10:08 pm ET – Who is your favorite character on The Office?
Michael Scarn.

10:09 pm ET – Can we make a pros cons list for having a live chat tomorrow?
Pros: It might be fun. Cons: It won’t be if I get questions like this.

10:10 pm ET – Mike, what game are you looking forward to most next week? I’m thinking Ravens-Bengals.
How about Patriots-Broncos?

10:11 pm ET – What do you think of the Syracuse football program?
I think they’re doing very well for a “club” sport.

10:11 pm ET – What was your favorite team when you were a kid?
Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy Whitewolf.

10:12 pm ET – What happened to Maurice Jones-Drew today?
He was missing for 30 minutes before the game. But then they
realized he was standing behind a fire hydrant.

10:14 pm ET – Why can’t Drew Brees afford a hair stylist?
He’s going through the “grow what I still have really long”
stage of baldness. It’s like the “denial” portion of the five phases of

10:16 pm ET – What team looked the best today with the pink sweatbands and shoes?
I actually think it worked well for the Raiders. Except for the fact that they got creamed.

10:17 pm ET – Predict Adrian Peterson’s stat line for tomorrow.
22 carries, 134 yards, two touchdowns. Three catches, 85 yards, one touchdown.

10:17 pm ET – Do you like when teams play prevent defense at the end of the game?
Yes, when I’m pulling for the team with the ball to win.

10:18 pm ET – I had same question, thanks for answer, so new rule IS in
effect, no more push out of bounds. Without 2 feet down, it isn’t a
catch. Chargers missed a big chance, bad mistake.

Correct. Based on what has happened since then, I’m not sure it would have made much of a difference.

10:20 pm ET – Any thoughts of the boat loads of empty seats in Pittsburgh?
The seats are yellow so they really stand out at halftime, when people are buying beer (or “returning” it).

10:21 pm ET – Do you think Cris could coach an NFL team? He seems pretty smart.
Well, if we learned one thing from the Matt Millen experiment
it’s that great broadcasting skills translate extremely well to the
game itself.

10:23 pm ET – Week 6, the Giants go to New Orleans. Winner most likely to have home field advantage for NFC playoffs?
Don’t rule out the Vikings.

10:24 pm ET – Are the 49ers for real?
No, they are actually a team consisting fully of holograms.

10:27 pm ET – Game over?
If the Chargers win, it would match the greatest
regular-season comeback of all time. (12/7/80: Saints at 49ers. New
Orleans led 35-7 at the half, and the Niners won, 38-35.)

10:35 pm ET – Why are the Steelers playing a 2 deep zone?
When leading by 28 late in the third quarter, it’s not a bad strategy.

10:39 pm ET – Should the NFL alter the blackout rule?
No — the NFL should put their teams in cities where there are enough people to buy the tickets.

10:40 pm ET – Is there anything you could tell us about why MJD played so little today?
No specific reason. He’s not hurt.

10:41 pm ET – What’s your favorite user name of comment posters on your website?
Adam-Chris Scheftersen

10:42 pm ET – Mike I’m bored. Entertain me.
I am currently juggling a chain saw, a carton of eggs, and a giant ball of oil. How’s that?

10:43 pm ET – What percentage of questions asked do you actually answer?
Maybe 5 percent.

:43 pm ET – Are the Jaguars still the team that are most likely moving to Los Angeles?

I think Wayne Weaver really wants to make it work in
Jacksonville. I think if the Vikings don’t get a deal soon for a new
stadium in Minnesota, they’ll be the team that goes.

10:48 pm ET – Mike, what AFC North team do you feel safest predicting to win the division?
Too early to tell. Any of them can win it. (Except the Browns, of course.)

10:49 pm ET – Which play do you pick as the play of the day?
Brandon Marshall’s catch and run.

10:50 pm ET – What are your predictions for Percy Harvins performance in tomorrow’s game?
He will be giving the Packers a migraine.

10:51 pm ET – Are my questions not getting answered because they’re dumb?
You’re getting warm.

10:53 pm ET – Is this a game again?
Yes. It is. Everyone, put your televisions back on to NBC. Now. Mad Men can wait.

10:54 pm ET – Can Steve Slaton carry the load?
The Texans need to be careful not to overuse him. He was
injured often in college. If he can’t stay healthy in college, he’ll
never stay healthy in the NFL.

10:55 pm ET – Will the touchdown stand? Greatest comeback of the decade?
A win by the Chargers would tie the greatest regular-season
comeback in NFL history. And Stefan Logan should get ready to return to

11:00 pm Et – Give Logan a break, he didn’t mean it.
How often does a guy who screws up in a football game “mean” it?

11:01 pm ET – Antonio Gates is he the greatest undrafted free agent ever?
How about John Randle? Undrafted in the days of 12 rounds.

11:02 pm ET – Who screens the questions? Is it just you? That seems like a
ton of work to be done. Give shoutouts where needed.

It’s all me. So I’d like to give a shout out to, well, me.

11:04 pm ET – What do you think of Chad Ochocinco buying 20 fans who follow him on Twitter dinner tonight?
I think the people at McDonald’s will be working extra hard until they all have their food.

11:10 pm ET – If Campbell got benched, after Collins, who’s next on the depth chart?
Antwaan Randle El, I think.

11:12 pm ET – Wow.
Here we go. Turn it back from Mad Men.

11:14 pm ET – Are fans coming back into the stands? Are you at the game?
I think once you’re out, you’re out.

11:14 pm ET – If the Chargers score another one this gets very interesting.

11:15 pm ET – Holy crap!
Great — now I’m gonna owe Peter King a latte.

11:16 pm ET – Don Draper just lit another cigarette.
Steelers fans are smoking ’em by the carton right now.

11:18 pm ET – Will this be the comeback of the week?
It would tie the biggest comeback in a regular-season game of all time. 28 points.

11:19 pm ET – Just spit in the latte.
That’s a good idea. And now if the Steelers win this thing, I won’t be drinking the latte I get from Peter.

11:19 pm ET – Mike, you should have Florio Jr. help you screen questions. Put a little NBC spending money in his pocket.
He gets it anyway — why work for it?

11:21 pm ET – I thought the Steelers O-line was bad.
They are, against every team but the Chargers.

11:22 pm ET – Do you have an obsession with sarcasm?
Yes. I do. Seriously. I do.

11:23 pm ET – The fat lady’s warming up to sing!
Is Ben dating Jessica Simpson now?

11:28 pm ET – Have you ever visited Pittsburgh? If so, what do you think of the city?
I went to college there and worked there after law school for
a few years. It is a great city. There`s no view like emerging from the
Ft. Pitt tunnel at night.

11:30 pm ET – Do you live in your mom’s basement?
No. I live in my wife’s basement.

11:32 pm ET – Field goal wins this game right?
Steelers trying to ice their own kicker? If he misses this one he is done.

11:33 pm ET – Is Reed’s job on the line here?
Yes. And he has screwed up his chances of getting a job at Sheetz.

11:37 pm ET – Are the Broncos celebrating now?
Hell yes. Two-game lead after four weeks. Maybe they’ll blow
another three-game lead with three games to play.

11:38 pm ET – Goodnight ladies and gents.
That’s it. Thanks for hanging out with us tonight. See you next week for Titans-Colts.

32 responses to “Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

  1. Anybody see that catch by Mike Wallace, it looked like he was clearly pushed out of bounds before he got the other foot in, Norv should have called for a replay.

  2. Wallace barely got 1 foot down on that big play that made that drive. Blown call by the refs and SD!

  3. “8:25 pm ET – How many receptions does Limas Sweed have this season?
    One catch for five yards. Hello, Canton!”
    I bet the Pats would trade Joey Galloway for him.

  4. At the rate that the police are investigating, is it possible that Tom Cable is arraigned during the regular season? And no, I’m not referring to his performance as a head coach.

  5. Mike, did Shawn Merriman make the trip to the van down by the river to see you this afternoon?

  6. that 35yd pass when pitsburg had 4 recievers out to the left was incomplete. he only had 1 foot inbounds. sandiago missed that.

  7. Without Joey Porter the Dolphins started 2-time CFL mvp Cam Wake who recorded 3 sacks and was in the Bills backfield more than Marshawn Lynch… Is Porter the most overrated player in the NFL?

  8. Did you honestly make a top 5 teams in the NFL list and put the Broncos in it but not the Colts? Like, seriously?

  9. Norv is an idiot for not throwing the red hanky on the deep pass at the beginning of the game. Gave the Steelers over 60 yards.

  10. The Steelers have a run and shoot offense now. Rothlisberger reminds me of Taylor Potts of Texas Tech.
    Aren’t NFL teams supposed to stop the run and shoot?

  11. “9:49 pm ET – How much of Favre’s last second TD pass last week was luck?
    The part where a bird didn’t fly into the path of the ball. That was really lucky.”
    Okay. You owe me a new computer monitor. I spewed strawberry-banana V8 Fusion Smoothie all over it. That was friggin’ awesome!!!

  12. I was watching the Bengals game live in the closing seconds of overtime.
    To vouch for myself, I know the overtime rule.
    Yet, when I saw the Bengals take a time out with 7 seconds to go, before their field goal attempt, my first thought was “Hey, the Browns could get a kickoff return.”
    Gannon knows the rule, he just made the same mental slip I did. Fortunately, I was not on a national TV broadcast, or I would have been slightly embarrassed by it. Everybody makes mistakes.
    I find Gannon to be an insightful commentator.

  13. So is Big Ben going to split his salary with Ward since Ward threw the TD in Q4?
    Does this mean Big Ben is signaling that he can’t do it himself? He needs a 2nd QB on the field with him to finish?
    Where is the defense against the Steelers?
    Its times like this that I’m glad there’s only 60 minutes for humiliation to occur.

  14. Interesting fact.
    Jamarcus Russell’s quarterback rating in today’s game was 48.5.
    Mark Sanchez’s was 27.0.

  15. The blackout rule needs to be lifted. I agree with Florio more often than not, but in case Florio and the NFL haven’t noticed, the country as a whole is in a pretty bleak financial place right now. People are losing their jobs, homes, retirement funds, etc. But teams should be moved to cities where they can put fannies in the seats?!?! Maybe the NFL already makes plenty of money, and in the interest of showing a human side they should lift the TV blackouts. That way, the vast majority of football fans who prefer to — oh, I don’t know — pay the mortgage or feed their families can still have the escape of watching a football game.
    Some things are more important than continuing to line the pockets of multi-millionaires.

  16. Maybe the Wallace touchdown was to make up for the touchdown taken away from Palomalu on the 11-10 game between the Steelers and Chargers last year. (The league later admitted that it WAS a touchdown and shouldn’t have been reversed.)

  17. The Vikings a top 5 team? Based on what? Their dominating performance against 2 of the worst teams in the NFL, and a last second, pulled out of Favre’s ass victory over a Gore-less 49’ers? Cmon, quit being such a homer Florio.

  18. really wish your site didn’t auto-refresh now…. i love reading these on the morning-after, but its frustrating when the browser reloads when i’m somewhere in the middle of this…
    and what’s up with the cookies? I say “remember me” when i log in, but the next day i’m logged out again. didn’t have this problem before the NBC switchover. 😦

  19. AD, if you are going to make a smartass comment, first realize Mewelde Moore is not Hines Ward.
    Norv Turner was an idiot for not challenging the Wallace catch.

  20. 10:41 pm ET – What’s your favorite user name of comment posters on your website?
    Adam-Chris Scheftersen
    Sniff. Sniff. It just feels so good to be wanted.. Or at least to have your name dropped to a bunch of losers by a 5’9″ 165 lb weakling.

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