Will Russell get the hook?

Though Raiders coach Tom Cable has said that he’s sticking with quarterback JaMarcus Russell, Charley Casserly of CBS suggested earlier today that Russell might be benched temporarily at some point in order to “clear his head.”

Russell has completed seven of 18 passes for 83 yards in Houston, when the Raiders trail the Texans, 20-6.

If Russell isn’t the quarterback when the third quarter starts, it’ll be for a reason other than clearing Russell’s head — since that’s typically what halftime is for.

18 responses to “Will Russell get the hook?

  1. I sure hope so. I have McFadden on my fantasy team, and Russell’s ineptitude is freaking killing me.

  2. The turd calling the game (no, the other one) lauded OffDamarcus by stressing, “He didn’t throw an interception!”
    Great measuring stick. Not wins, not by TDs thrown or yards gained. HE DIDN’T THROWN AN INTERCEPTION. Hooray?

  3. They ran a sweep to the right with Justin Fargas at the end of the half. Fargas got hit pretty hard by two defenders and the half was over. Seems to me they could have got similar results with less chance of injury by taking a knee.
    Is it really fair to say the problem is all Russell at this point?

  4. well Russell is the least of the raiders worries right now. he’s having an all right game but the o-line is terrible, a hell of a lot of drops, and the running game is garbage

  5. I am watching this “game”, if you want to call it that, and while Russell may suck, his receivers are even worse. There have been at least half a dozen pure drops or total misplays on the ball by the Raiders “receivers”. They are not helping out their QB at all. If they pull Russell they should also bench their WR’s because they can’t play either!

  6. Raiders need to start scouting a college quaterback for next year’s draft and THEN DRAFT AN OFFENSIVE LINEMAN EVERY OTHER ROUND!!!! If Erik Pears and Cooper Carslile is on your starting offensive linemen THEN YOU SUCK!!!!

  7. Russell has played very well today with at least 8 passes hitting receivers right in the hands that were dropped.
    If those passes were caught Russell would be having a very good day today. The Raiders D sucks, the Raiders running game sucks and the Raiders wide receivers suck and the O line never pass protects when it really counts.
    This Raiders team is a mess and Russell is the only one on the team I will give a pass to. He is playing for the most part with a bunch of heartless punks that want nothing more than to pick up a check each week.
    The Raiders problems are much much deeper than J Russell and have been for a very, very long time.
    Worse 100 games played in NFL history, now that is saying something.
    What was it I heard 7 years ago?, “The Raiders Greatness Is In Their Future”.
    What is the future to these Raiders, 50 or 60 years out?

  8. Further proof that you cannot give >$25M guaranteed to 22 yr olds who cannot crack 25 on the Wunderlich…

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