Bears-Lions one-liners

Bears DE Adewale Ogunleye racked up 2.5 more sacks in Sunday’s 48-24 blowout of Detroit, and credits new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli for the hot start to his contract year.
Bears special teams coordinator Dave Toub noticed the Lions’ tendency to over-pursue on kickoff coverage, and helped rookie Johnny Knox capitalize with a 102-yard touchdown return to open the second half.
Red-hot Bears QB Jay Cutler has accounted for eight all-purpose touchdowns (seven passing, one rushing) during Chicago’s three-game winning streak.
The Bears determined after Sunday’s win that DL Israel “Izzy” Idonije, who had a sack against the Lions, needs arthroscopic knee surgery.
Lions first-round pick Brandon Pettigrew turned in the best statistical game of his four-game career in Sunday’s 48-24 loss, catching four passes for 64 yards on ten targets.
Lions rookie Aaron Brown temporarily lost his kickoff return job to Adam Jennings on Sunday, but got it back when Jennings injured his leg.
Lions WR Calvin Johnson took a helmet to the thigh late in the game, but caught eight balls for 133 yards and should be fine.

Lions OLB Ernie Sims returned to the starting lineup Sunday, but aggravated his shoulder injury and was outproduced by backup DeAndre Levy, who had eight tackles and a forced fumble.

5 responses to “Bears-Lions one-liners

  1. No word on Hester’s injury?
    The fact that ALL the Bears’ returners–Knox, Manning, Bennett, Hester–were all making huge gains in the return game is a credit to Toub and his scheme as a whole.
    (Equally impressive is that he’s found ways to keep Chicago special teams superior even with the handicapping new wedge rules).
    I hope Toub is not going anywhere anytime soon.
    (Even though I think he has the makings of an NFL head coach one day).
    Aaron Browm/Adam Jennings–was it me, or did these guys bobble/mishandle EVERY punt/kick-off that came to them yesterday?
    Lions have had a lot of good first halves this year–if they could just maintain that momentum into the second half and not fall apart, I think they’re a lot closer than people realize.

  2. Also, I could swear it looked like Knox pulled a Desean Jackson and ditched the ball at the half yard line before going in…I haven’t see a replay that shows the end yet, but I could SWEAR that’s what it looked like…
    Oh well, if so, then the Lions missed it anyway.
    (Important distinction between Jackson & Knox–there’s no show-boating w/ Knox, who’s been a humble class act to date, to my knowledge. Hopefully that doesn’t change with his inevitable fame & success…)

  3. dewey im with you on that i thought he pulled a jackson too. But your right Knox seems like a good guy. This game proves again what Ive been saying since Stan Kwan got to Detroit he is the worst special teams coach in the league. Remember last year when no matter how much running room a punt returner had he told them to always fair catch. I was sick to my stomach when I saw the average field position the bears had was like in the Lions forty while the Lions couldnt stop getting pinned back. The Lions need to realize its a three phase game

  4. The first half was fun to watch. Saw good things from both sides, and Forte looked great. Although the Bears’ D looked a little shaky there for a while at home.

  5. Cutler wasn’t helicoptering, he was doing “HARDCORE PARKOUR!!!”
    Instead of jumping off the truck, onto the refridgerators, doing a 360 onto the palettes followed by a backflip with a half-gainer into the garbage can he did a vault over a linebacker, double twist into the safety with a half-gainer off the other linebacker onto the pylon.

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