Bucs scratch Nugent

A day after Bucs kicker Mike Nugent missed two field goals during a three-point loss to the Redskins, Nugent is now the former Bucs kicker.

Per Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa, the Buccaneers have cut Nugent.

It was obvious that coach Raheem Morris wasn’t happy with Nugent based on comments from earlier in the day.

“Kickers are not my real expertise, but he missed them,” Morris said, per Pewter Report.  “The only thing that really matters about a kicker is the
result.  When you go out there you either make it or you miss it.  If the
operation looks good, the snaps looks good, the hold and we missed two
field goals.  It was a windy day.  I’m not going to make excuses, and sit
here and make excuses for anybody, but their kicker made kicks in the
wind.  Our kicker has to make kicks in the wind.”

Two free agents will participate in a kick-off on Tuesday.  The winner gets the job.  (The loser gets a Water Pik.)

One of them won’t be Matt Bryant.  Bryant, per Duemig, is off to New York, where the Giants seem to be prepared at a minimum to take a shot across the bow at Lawrence Tynes, who has missed one field goal in each of the team’s last three games.

Duemig says that the contests in Tampa will be Brandon Coutu and Shane Andrus. 

As a vested veteran, Nugent is entitled to take the balance of his base salary as termination pay.  Per NFLPA records, Nugent’s base salary is $2 million.

That’s not a typo.

Two.  Million.  For a kicker no one wanted in free agency.

Mark Dominik, you seem like a nice guy.  But we hope you’re renting, not buying.

16 responses to “Bucs scratch Nugent

  1. Well I don’t know where they punt from
    But they sure do punt
    I hope they puntin’ for me

  2. There it is… the fix for all their woes.
    “Kickers are not my real expertise…”
    (I wonder what his expertise is)

  3. That would’ve been clever Citizen Strange, but too bad it’s a kicker NOT a punter. You putz.

  4. 2 million salary for a kicker on a bad team that’s going nowhere?
    That would have made him the highest salaried kicker in the NFL in 2008 (can’t find 2009 salary database at the moment), but c’mon really. Paying a kicker this kind of money on a non-playoff, non- super bowl contending team is nothing short of fiscal mis-management.
    Domenik, or whoever signed off on this deal should be shot or sent off to work in The Raiduhs front office. On second thought probably not, the Raiduhs have two of the highest paid kickers in the league. But then Lechler is worth the money, he is the front runner to be their MVP this year.

  5. You’re killing me, Mike. Every time the Eagles get a patsy opponent, who are verging on total collapse, they seem to play down to their level. Not to mention what news stories like this will do to the spread (already 2 TDs -**for amusement purposes only**). It’s always a dicey proposition for ANY team to cover when there’s no earthly reason to doubt them, and the whole world is on them – counterintuitive, but usually true.

  6. Florio, i don’t understand you man, all season you have said how cheap the bucs are because they are 30 million under the salary cap, and now you criticizing them for paying 2 million for a terrible kicker, the only thing we both agree, my bucs sucks.

  7. Dominik and Junior Morris aka Dumb and Dumber.
    TV@7:48pm, how’s that Lombardi Trophy looking at Saints HQ? Oh, that’s right, there isn’t one. Geaux saints.

  8. hey @tv you can suck it! the saints will stumble just like every season. the Bucs got that Lombardi trophy in 02. when did u get yours??? per steve duemig BITE ME

  9. Does anyone know the base salary for a long snapper is in the NFL? (Because whatever Brad St. Louis of the Bengals is getting… well… he shouldn’t)

  10. Myden3 says:
    October 5, 2009 9:08 PM
    Does anyone know the base salary for a long snapper is in the NFL? (Because whatever Brad St. Louis of the Bengals is getting… well… he shouldn’t)
    Here is a link for major pro sports salaries through 2008 from USA today.
    It’s directed to the NFL page, but you can look at other sports by clicking on them.
    If you think NFL players are over paid check out some of the NBA salaries for guys who don’t even play 5 minutes a game

  11. I don’t think Brad St Luois is that bad, I think Shaun Rogers is that good. Dude has 14 blocks in his career.
    As for Nugent, I just don’t get it. The dude was nails in college, I mean he NEVER missed. Saw him nail some 50+ yarders in swirling winds in the Shoe..one of the best college kickers I ever saw…I’m not sure what happened to him, but usually kickers have the easiest transition to the pros from the college game, especially on FG’s and XP’s.

  12. The Fucs fans are getting like Stiller fans. Every time they have a piss poor team they will point to their trophy!
    You haven’t learned anything about the NFL. This is a what have you done for me lately league. What have the Fucs done lately – return to 70s form.
    They are the new Detroit.
    Sux it!!

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