Devin Hester should be fine

Bears receivers Devin Hester and Johnny Knox both suffered injuries against the Lions Sunday, but coach Lovie Smith expects them to be “fine” by the time Chicago returns from their bye this week.

Hester suffered an injury in the shoulder area ( reported it as a neck injury) in the second quarter of Chicago’s win and didn’t return.  Knox injured his shin, but it’s minor.  Smith said he expects all his injured players to be ready for their next game, on October 18 against Atlanta.

Hester’s injury came on a near touchdown during a strange day for the Chicago passing game.  They only put up 125 net passing yards against the Lions, but scored 48 points.  They ran 28 fewer plays than Detroit, but won going away.

In the end, Chicago has to be very happy with their 3-1 start before the break, aside from Brian Urlacher’s injury.  The passing game is further along than expected this early in the year, with Knox being a huge find. 

The defense has shown signs of rebounding to their 2005-2006 form, especially in their pass rush.   They also hope to get starting linebackers Hunter Hillenmeyer and Pisa Tinoisamoa back after the bye.

Most importantly, Jay Cutler has thrown seven scores to one interception after his disastrous Week One. 

With the Bears playing well, the NFC North is shaping up to be the most interesting division race in football, with three quality teams vying for the title.

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  1. Yeah that NFC North is gonna be very interesting this year. They are gonna put out 2 teams for the playoffs.

  2. Starting Devin Hester and having my opponent starting the 49ers who scored like 50 friggin points on defense is what lost me Fantasy this week.
    1st g’dm week I started Hester too, and he fooks me.

  3. And by tomorrow, the North will be all knotted up at 3-1.
    I worry about the “First Half Bears”–why is it taking them so long to get started in every game?
    It’s like a completely different team takes the field during the second half…
    So far this year, they’ve been like that fighter that needs to take a hard shot to face before he wakes up and starts kicking the sh1t out of his opponent.
    If the Bears can get better at starting fast (especially on defense), and can get Forte running well against teams not named the Lions, then look out.
    Also, Knox > Pothead Harvin
    (especially given the draft value…)

  4. The Bears special teams dominated that game.
    Everyone who touched the ball had a nice return, Maynard kept pinning the Lions deep in their own territory and Gould made a career long FG.
    The Bears pass rush is looking really good and they just need to get a few guys back from injuries. They gave up nothing on the ground against the Lions.
    Cutler has been great since his brain fart in Green Bay and he even lead them to a go ahead score in the 4th quarter in that game.
    The WRs have played very well and Hester and Knox have become real NFL receivers.
    Even Lovie is out of his coma and calling the plays on D.
    So far so good.

  5. Jay Cutler has thrown seven scores to one interception after his disastrous Week One.
    He was a beast on his TD run!
    The one interception he threw since week one he was throwing it up for grabs when he shoulda thrown it away. Overall as long as he keeps his mouth shut the Bears are lookin good.
    Tinoisamoa will be nice to have back, not real excited about Hunter, but he is filling in about as well as expected.
    Not close to 05-06 form to be honest though. At least the pass rush is back.

  6. And by tomorrow, the North will be all knotted up at 3-1.
    I hope you dont wager too much money on that.

  7. Regardless if Bears are winning ugly they are 3-1 after a 4 game stretch that some thought would result in a 1-3 start. It will be an interesting second half when Viking and Packer schedule gets tougher and Bear’s schedule gets easier.

  8. Zox says:
    October 5, 2009 3:10 PM
    And by tomorrow, the North will be all knotted up at 3-1.
    I hope you dont wager too much money on that.
    Nah. Money & emotion don’t mix, unless you’re in the greeting card business.
    The only thing I’m really rooting for tonight is injuries.
    (Hopefully a few more come the Queens’ way, but I’ll take whatever the football gods give me…)

  9. The Bears continue to grow despite Ron Turnover’s horrible play calling. He is the reason Forte has struggled, that and an O Line that is built to pass block better than run block. That is where Ron has to use play action and bootlegs to go down field and find a way to get Olsen more involved than one catch for one yard albeit on 4th down and it was a TD he has to be more involved. As for Zox I don’t know what kind of fan roots for injuries but that is Bullsh$!. Your not a fan your a hater I guess it figures that your a Packers fan. I can’t stand people that cheer when a guy gets injured this is their livelihood and you want to jump for joy when its taken away from them? Do you rub it in an employee’s face when they get fired no so don’t cheer for injuries you douche. Seems to me that the injuries on the Packers O line might get Rodgers killed but I ‘m not rooting for that to happen. Grow up.

  10. I wouldn’t exactly say Atl, Cin, Cle, Az, SF, PHI and MN is an easy schedule, except for maybe Cleveland. The Bears are winning because of special teams and Cutler. I don’t think the D looks all that great. As to the schedule thing, the Vikes do have a killer 3-game stretch against Balt, Pitt and GB after they play the Rams, so winning tonight and against the Rams could provide a cushion.

  11. Mattchew182,
    God help you, you poor brute, you’re dumb. And by your mere existence, you diminish all Bears fans.
    (Damn. A stupid Bears fan–this is like having that one crazy uncle you really don’t want to talk about.)
    Looky here Dumbledore–I said I was rooting for injuries, not Zox.
    Here, let me make it even more simple for you:
    Zox = Viking fan
    Me (Dewey) = Bears fan
    Now let me explain the joke to you:
    The BiQueens and Packers are in the same division. It’s called the NFC North. The Bears are in that division. As are the Lions. We all compete (well, not the Lions so much) for the division title, in order to get to the playoffs. Sometimes we play each other. Twice in fact–once at home, once away.
    Tonight, two of our divisional foes are playing, the two teams the Bears will likely contend for the title/playoffs with.
    Since it doesn’t really make sense for a Bears fan to root for EITHER of these teams (although a Pack win makes it a 3 way tie for first), to some people it MIGHT be funny if that person merely says “I’m rooting for injuries” (i.e. I hate both these teams).
    Haha. Get it?
    To other people, though (namely, dumbassed, super-sensitive, self-righteous blowhards), jokes aren’t funny, not funny at all–jokes are merely offensive things other people say that you seize upon in order to pretend that you are a morally superior being who shall keep us sinners in check via lecture and scoldings.
    Un-bunch your crusty panties and relax.
    Try reading for comprehension next time, before you set off on your moral high-horse-riding adventure, okay dim-wit?

  12. I don’t think the NFC North has 3 quality teams …. they all have easy schedules that may make it so a couple of those teams make it into the play offs …. it’s not because of quality …. look at that Viking schedule so far and a Rams game on the way to boot …. from watching the supposedly mighty Viking squad it does appear they are very overrated and horribly coached AND very LUCKY

  13. Hey Dewey, you’re awfully defensive. Take a hard look in the mirror…all those personality flaws you bandy about so carelessly are traits you possess. Your efforts to translate them onto others will ultimately prove fruitless.
    …at the end of the day, you’ll still be “that guy,” no matter how much you may try to explain it away.

  14. Dewey Act Swooned sorry I don’t have all day to read everyone’s blog but if your rooting for injuries then your a piece of sh!$ too. While I hate the Viqueen’s and the Packers I’m not gonna root for injuries that is ignorant and stupid. What the hell is a dumbledore? Are you retarded is that the best you can do? I was at the game and dumbasses like you that are Bear fans were cheering and that is ignorant and stupid I don’t care what team you root for. Its not a moral high horse its common sense jagoff. Your a PHD a player hating dickhead.

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