Dolphins-Bills one-liners

Dolphins WR Ted Ginn Jr.’s drop-filled Week Two and Three efforts have cost him playing time; he rotated with rookie Brian Hartline and was targeted just four times in Sunday’s 38-10 win.

Dolphins DE Phillip Merling suffered a potentially serious foot injury against the Bills.
Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo saw increased playing time Sunday because of his run-blocking ability, and led Miami in receiving.
Dolphins OLB Cameron Wake played in nickel packages and sacked Bills QB Trent Edwards three times.
The Bills’ replacement offensive tackles — LT Jonathan Scott and RT Kirk Chambers — were both major liabilities in Sunday’s blowout loss.
Bills RB Marshawn Lynch returned from his three-game suspension to lead the Buffalo backfield in touches, but he did not start over Fred Jackson.
Bills first-round pick Aaron Maybin admitted on Twitter that it’s “pretty hard” to find something positive about Sunday’s loss.
Bills WR Terrell Owens again kept his cool despite the worst four-game stretch of his career, saying the team has to “go back to the drawing board and keep working” to fix its problems.

6 responses to “Dolphins-Bills one-liners

  1. I’d really like to be happier about yesterday’s game, but with the way the Bills played, it’s hard to get too excited. Our defense looked better, but then again, their offense looked flat. Our running game was top notch again, but their D was pretty lifeless. Henne looked alright in his first real start, but it was against the Bills. Happy for the win, I just wish it had come against the Pats or the Saints—or someone else good.

  2. I wish I came out of that game thinking that the Fins were back, but in reality, this Buffalo team was missing a lot of key starters and they just need to get rid of their coach. The team just isn’t playing well.
    It was encouraging to see that at least we put up some points and it wasn’t a 13-10 game.
    It’s sad to see what Buffalo has become. They were such a strong franchise. I hated playing them twice a year. Then again, it’s also sad to see what the Fins have become. 😦
    At least it looks like we are on the right track to getting back to prominence.

  3. yeah that victory was nice, but doesn’t feel that great given how bad buffalo is. if we had played that way against SD or Indy in the last two weeks, i’d feel a lot better.
    it was cause for optimism however, where there previously wasn’t much.

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