ESPN calls "just move on" omission an "edit room decision"

We pointed out late last night or early this morning (hell, I can’t remember) the curious omission of the most pointed phrase from Brett Favre’s answer to Jon Gurden’s question regarding what Favre would say to Packers fans about Favre’s new address in the Twin Cities.

Originally, the final sentence of the answer was this:  “You just have to let it go and just move on.”

In the late night/early morning version, the “and just move on” was omitted.  The subtle change gave the overall response, in our opinion, a much softer edge.

So we sent Bill Hofheimer of ESPN an e-mail requesting an explanation. 

“This is simply a matter of different people were cutting different versions,” Hofheimer said.  “It was an edit room decision.  Nothing more than that.”

We’ll leave it to PFT Planet to chime in on whether they believe that the change that was made from Sunday morning to Sunday evening was “nothing more than that.”

64 responses to “ESPN calls "just move on" omission an "edit room decision"

  1. Funny how you, Florio are the ONLY one making a big deal about this. I stated hours ago it was prob edited for time and challenged you to respond. You didn’t (least not till now) which pretty much proves me right and you wrong! You are doing nothing but trying to stir the pot on a subject that only YOU and the dumbazz packer fans that have such a hard on for Favre’s failure care about!
    Most “true” packer fans have in fact moved on, they know what Favre did for their team and are currently more worried bout their current team and how well or how bad it does than they are about Favre!
    One thing many (Vikings fans and Packer fans alike) seem to be forgetting. Farve has always had spectacular games on Monday night, especially when the pressure is on! He hammered the Vikes in the last seconds twice if memory serves.
    Monday Night Favre…….Are you ready? Come on, lets get ready!

  2. “This is simply a matter of different people were cutting different versions,” Hofheimer said. “It was an edit room decision. Nothing more than that.”
    Right…and the Rams really aren’t that bad of a football Team. I freaking hate ESPN soooooo much.

  3. I think the phrase “move on” has been patented by Pasquarelli Radio PR Corp., and ESPN is avoiding residual liability of use of term.

  4. Given the irony of Favre stating “just move on” when he can’t decide for more than 5 minutes at a time to move on or not to move on PFT Planet needs to decide:
    Does ESPN recognize the outrageous irony of that statement and has chosen to protect Favre from embarrassment?
    Or is ESPN too obtuse to see the irony and newsworthiness of the statement to include it rather than edit it out?
    ESPN can pick their poison as either answer doesn’t speak well for their journalistic quality and integrity

  5. charliewade, people ARE that stupid, and more people watch ESPN in the morning than they did last night I’d imagine, so the majority of their viewers haven’t seen him saying that. given ESPN’s monopoly on sports, they won’t hear about it, either.

  6. The simple fact of the matter is that Len Pasquarelli was in the edit room when ESPN was piecing the interview together, heard the “move on” comment and declared that to be partial infringement upon his copyrighted phrase “move on or move out” and demanded a royalty payment. ESPN balked. End of story.
    @ Rex Grossman – Hilarious comment.

  7. Let me use Brett’s own words…
    “”You just have to let it go and just move on.””
    Good advice.

  8. Occasionally I see stuff on here that I feel like commenting on but haven’t had an account in the past. Now I do. Yes, I registered just to say re: this post: “Who gives a crap?!?!?”
    Mike, you put up like three posts on this “story”? Really? Really???
    FYI this subtle change did not do anything to soften the edge of the statement and the edit was NBFD. At all.

  9. So you take Harrison at his word that it was a joke, but ESPN edits an extremely mild dig at Packer fans and you start throwing out watergate-like allegations?
    Next on 60 minutes…Did ESPN edit the phrase “just move on” from Jon Grudens interview with Brett Favre? Possible corruption at the world leader…
    Child Please.

  10. When is ESPN going to start rearranging the words in his sentences? “He spoke the words, just not in that order. It was an edit room decision.” Removing half of a sentence certainly alters its meaning and/or effect. This is ridiculous. How much cover is Brett’s personal network going to give him.

  11. I call bullshit. They didn’t want their boy to come off looking like a douche (Too late!) so they edited it out. Total bush league by the four letter.
    Unfortunately they have the rights to MNF, otherwise I’d never watch.

  12. They cut other things from the conversation also but no one said anything about it. I liked the part when Gruden spouted a long play call and asked if Favre remembered it. He recited what it meant but evidently wasn’t quite correct and Gruden said something like “well, it’s still like it was back then”. Favre looked kind ‘of sheepish, blinked but smiled. I thought it was cute but guess it was cut.

  13. I just love that its Brett saying ‘time to move on’ when it was HIM to wouldn’t LET the Packers move on. He was the one holding them to the past and dicking them around. He was the one that refused to retire in order to let Aaron Rodgers move on.
    Egotist, plain and simple.

  14. Florio,
    Do everyone a favor as it relates to this subject and “just move on”. You are really going into loony land with this. No one cares but you.

  15. This is all pointless. Favre will struggle tonight against the stiffest competition he’s faced yet. This secondary isn’t the Browns or Lions. And what happened last week will never happen again. He had a ho-hum game up until that point when SF went into prevent mode.
    Green Bay by 10, and I’m not even a fan of either team.

  16. if you don’t like what florio has to write, the answer is simple, don’t read it! most of us probably stumbled upon the site at work and have since used it to pass time, lots of time at work (and i know we’re all very gratefu sans Vox Veritas bc he doesn’t work) so if you read the piece and don’t like how its written, its your own damn fault for reading it. Read the title first and then don’t waste your time if you aren’t interested. Obviously, you were interested enough to read the title and then read on past the title. otherwise you sound like a bunch of women who are never pleased with anything. its not like this is ESPN and we are forced to watch whatever they jam down our throats. You have the choice of many articles to choose from. What takes more energy & time, reading the article for 3 minutes, or bitching about it for 10?

  17. @ Rex Grossman: THAT had me falling out of my chair laughing! Good one!
    @ Florio: Kudos!
    Folks, you seem to forget…it IS Florio’s job to report the news and stir the pot while doing it. How else do you get ratings/web traffic if your product is boring??
    I think this was great fuel to fire and already volatile MNF crowd!
    I mean, me personally, I think both teams suck ass!! Minnesota has never won a Super Bowl, and Green Bay never will again now that Favre is gone 😉

  18. This is the media people, they have been stiriing this pot this Favre retired, and ESPN is his own personal PR machine. This whole Favre thing is just complete media hype and then you have the Viking and Packer blowhards throwing complete insults at each other, that could start a war in some countries, it’s absolutley idiotic. I think if people just turned off the TV and blew the whole thing off, it’d be hysterical, but the media and espn won’t let that happen. The whole thing that escapes the small minds of the Viking and Packer fans are that this is JUST A GAME people. Save your insults for the Taliban.

  19. This is ridiculous. It is blatantly obvious to EVERYONE why Favre asked for his release from the Jets, why he unretired again, came back and chose the Vikings. They can spin it however they want, but the simple fact is the Packers were ready to go with a quarterback who was going to be there for several years, they were sick of Favre screwing around every offseason, they knew he could still play well and didn’t want to see him at a rival, the Vikings are built to win now and are a much better fit for Brett than the youngest team in the league, and everyone is better off. Stop the garbage spin games please, we are not stupid.

  20. This is ESPN pissing on journalistic standards in order to protect one of their own darlings–pure unadulterated self-interest.
    I agree w/ Sparta–were it not for MNF, I wouldn’t watch.
    Same goes for NBC and SNF.

  21. ESPN has now finally admitted to creating news, rather than reporting it. Maybe Brent should just refer all his future answers for the media to the crew at ESPN’s editing room.

  22. they were afraid of an infringement lawsuit from Pastabelly.
    but seriously, lame editing by ESPN. Not a big deal in the grand scheme, but a good catch mike. it definitely does soften the message and reduce controversy. given ESPN’s track record, i’m surprised they didn’t just play the “move on” quote alone.
    ESPN sucks.

  23. @Twiz,
    Question for you:
    Why do you ALWAYS write “dumbazz”?
    Are you afraid to type out the word “dumbass” because you’ll go to time-out for saying a naughty word?
    Mommy won’t let you use the computer?
    Or you trying to be cool or “cute-sy” and playing off the z on the end of your name?
    Either way, I should probably tell you that it’s exceedingly dumb & gay, just like your Vikings.
    The word is DUMBASS, DUMBASS.
    One last reminder: individuals don’t play the games–teams do.
    That’s it for now.

  24. Sounds like a “far right conspiracy” Flo. U and Olberman better do some digging on this. There has got to be way more to this………

  25. Did everyone screech like this when Montana went to KC?
    The only thing Favre did to Packer fans was resurrect their franchise, give them 16 years of great football, two NFC championships, and another Lombardi Trophy. So in the end he decided he’d choose when to retire rather than let his corporate bosses do it for him. Good for him. His comment was blown out of proportion and ESPN’s editors look like morons for trying to soft-pedal it. Apparently they’re running a contest this year to see how much of their professional integrity they can jettison in one season.
    @downwithdansnyder … Amen.

  26. Why does it seem like all of you are missing the point? Of course this is a story.
    Its not even about Favre playing against his old franchise. Its about ESPN’s constant ass kissing of the guy. If this was T.O. do you think the “move on” part would have been left out? Of course it wouldn’t. Its ESPN’s job to release unbiased news. They cant edit someone’s comments to their liking. they have a real bad problem with coddling certain athletes. Thats why this becomes an issue

  27. i really have no opinion of mike florio one way or the other, but every time his name appears on an article there is someone there to take shots at him
    i can’t figure it out ….. he reports this story and he gets jumped on for reporting it ….. if he didn’t report it someone would be pissed off that he didn’t …. any way he turns there is grief,
    again i have no opinion about mike …. just don’t kill the messenger, if you don’t think he should have reported it ….. don’t read it
    have a happy day

  28. Even more Olbermann-ization of the news by internet whore, Mike Florio.
    Florio knows any post about Favre (true or just “made up”) will generate clicks (and thus money for himself) so he just sits there and like Uber-moron, just “makes” stuff up, time after time after time.
    One wonders how many more Favre, “stories” he will post before kickoff ??? I say at least 4 more. Plus, the untold posts during and after the game. Unless Favre goes 30 of 30 for 400 yards and 4 TD’s, no matter what happens Uber-Moron (I mean Florio) will blame Favre for something – even if the Queens win. Global warming, 9/11, the grassy knoll in Dallas, OJ back in June of ’94, whatever.
    Florio is no different than the street walking whore – each will do anything for a few bucks, although I’m sure Florio would tell us that he’s a “GOOD” kind of whore, right Florio ??? What a sad and pathetic man you must be Mike.

  29. dubb.c,
    well said my friend ….. sorry i didn’t see your post before i spoke my piece …. yes yours is more eloquent than mine but the point is the same
    have a great day my friend

  30. As a video editor, this makes perfect sense to me. When you have to cut a video to time, some things have to go. He got the point across without the last few words, so that’s a pretty easy edit.

  31. “Are you ready for some Favrebowl, a Monday-night Farvey…
    The whole ESPN crew is here, so let’s get Brett Favre started…
    He’s gonna light up the Pack and never look back…unretire again after consulting a friend…
    Tirico, Jaws, and Gruden are pumped up and psyched…
    Cause all my Favre-lovin’ friends are here on Monday night!”

  32. do ya think bspn is kissing a lil favre ass to get him as an analyst after he retires two or three more times????
    I want aaron rodgers(sp?) to have the game of his career tonight …. then again on 11/1 when minny goes to lambeau field. Aarons house
    GO BAY!!!!!

  33. ESPN has been in complete kiss ass mode ever since they stopped production of the show Playmakers because the NFL didn’t want anyone seeing the real NFL.

  34. No wonder Hofheimer sent you an email response, if he had called you his voice would have been too muffled for you to understand what he was saying with his head impacted so far up Farve’s rear end.

  35. I wish I had an uber-popular blog so I could take out weird grudges against professional athletes I’d never met. Anyway you haven’t ripped on Reggie Bush for awhile. Maybe if Favre plays well tonight and you need to change the subject you can manufacture a new Reggie Bush controversy? That’d be sweeet. Then you can go back to ragging on Favre and the Vikings for no reason on Wednesday. Sound like a plan?

  36. Favre returned out of revenge, he wanted to sign with the Vikings instead of the Jets last year. Packers included the fact the Jets could not retrade him to a division opponent in the trade itself.
    Maybe Favre is the one who needs to move on. Imagine someone in Favres camp asked for it to be removed because of all of the flack it created.

  37. reggie bush???? is he still playing???? i thought he went hollywood when he hooked up with oj’s lawyers kid.
    that poor lawyer would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the way that whole family has sold their soles to be “celebrities” they turn my stomach
    anyway i digress, where was I ….. oh yeah
    GO BAY!!!!!!!

  38. I don’t think that changes the meaning one bit. In fact, I think the initial quote was just redundant. Letting it go and moving on are the same thing.

  39. ESPN is trying to curry favor with Favre for post football work. NFL Sunday Countdown was a Ted Thompson beat down. If memory serves, Favre quit the Packers, wanted to come back a month later, and when GB said yes, Favre quit again.
    The $25 Million “not to play”? No true. It was a merchandise licensing agreement. Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, etc. all have one. At some point, Favre and GB will want to have one.
    But ESPN will hammer the GB organization as long as it makes Favre happy, and they will continue to slant and edit stories to make BLF happy.

  40. Those who are saying no one cares, clearly if you look at comments there are those that do care .
    Those that don’t care, don’t bother reading the article, read the ones that you do care about.

  41. Bah-Loaney!
    Espn is known for this kind of star treatment/favortism. Nothing new, though this drives yet another nail into the coffin of objective reporting.
    e-s-p-n exempted select players network

  42. yeah
    i agree with whats his name and whatever it was he was saying ….. so that should settle it ….. any questions????

  43. As much as I do not care about this since I do not like Favre or ESPN, I am curious as to what the difference means. I am not sure how one is “softer”.

  44. Seriously, though–how can you question ESPN’s motives?
    I bet the edit helped shave .0093 nanoseconds off the clip.
    Besides, it was probably also good lawsuit prevention policy–keeping those litigious fruity nutjob crybabies over at off of ESPN/Eisner’s/Disney’s back.
    (ACORN is exhibit A why organizations like that shouldn’t have money to begin with).
    But the most important thing is–we discussed Favre.

  45. ESPN does not intentionally downplay controversies and soften statements. In fact, they usually try to do the opposite. I would blame ESPN for most of the current pandamonium surrounding Favre. To think that they made an executive decision to not enrage Packers fans any further is beyond ignorant. ESPN feeds off controversy. Cows moo. Sky’s blue. Etc.
    In this case the statement is pretty tame either way it is stated. The only people that would be angered by this are ultra sensitive Packer fans. Plus ESPN showed the longer version on most of their broadcasts. They probably required edits to shorten part of the program and “just move on” hit the cutting room floor for one of their programs.
    Move along people, nothing more to see here.

  46. Funny how the closer it’s getting to gametime, the trash talk is dying down.
    I haven’t been this psyched up for a game in a long time…..
    Beer, Super, footballrulz…Hope it’s a good game, but i hope the Vikes come out on top!!

  47. Back at ya Chickenfoot–I hope it’s at least a game. But I do have to hope for the opposite outcome–of course.
    Hell, I have to drive home from work & should get there right about kick off. Better not be any freakin traffic problems.

  48. If somebody doesn’t already know Farve is an asshole, they haven’t been paying attention for the last 5 years.

  49. The game will be good but the Pack is just outgunned. I look to AD to carry the load with Edwards and Allen being key on D. Is it 7:30 yet?? Oh,and if they try that 5 linebacker look with one safety deep, Favre just might have a big night to Berrian and Rice…like to see that.

  50. here’s the jist of the problem,espn changed it,so that means they manipulated the story,sic,that means they manipulated it.

  51. Wow, just what Brett Favre needed. More media focus.
    I hope the Packers sack Favre so hard and so frequently tonight that he can’t make stupid, obnoxious comments to the media for at least 24 hours. I would just like to go one single day without hearing him make preemptive excuses about why his quality of play will inevitably decline as the season continues. You know who else feels that way? Eric Mangini, and the entire Jets organization.

  52. @ Jeanna …
    You may not have gotten the memo, but both Mangini and the Jets have moved on.
    No one put a gun to Mangini’s head and forced him to dump Pennington for Favre, and only an idiot would blame Favre because he had an arm injury at the end of the season. It’s not like Mangini and the Jets were wowing us all before Favre came along.
    He’s not the one making stupid, obnoxious comments–like hoping a QB gets slammed into the turf because he couldn’t live up to your expectations. Instead of whining about Favre, you should be glad he helped rid you of Mangini so you could trade up for Ryan. He and Sanchez might just turn the Jets fortunes around long-term. Or would you really rather trade your 3-1 record for Cleveland’s 0-4?

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