ESPN drops Favre's "just move on" message to Packers fans

The night before the first game that Brett Favre will play against the team with which he spent more than a decade and a half, the version of his televised interview with Jon Gruden is slightly less inflammatory than the version that aired this morning.

The question is the same.  Asks Gruden:  “What do you say to all the Packer fans?  They gotta be confused.”

Said Favre in the version that aired Sunday morning:  “It was 16 great years.  I hope they enjoyed it, they
appreciated . . . that run as much as I did.  You can’t
take that away.  You just have to let it go and just move on.”

In the late Sunday/early Monday version, the “and just move on” language was omitted.

We’re trying to find out why that phrase was removed.  More accurately, we’re trying to find out ESPN’s official reason for removing the phrase.

The difference is subtle, but in our view significant.  The answer seem to have a harder edge with “just move on” as the last words.  Without that phrase, it seemed almost innocuous.

Anyway, we’ll let you know why those words made it into the Sunday morning shows, but ended up on the cutting-room floor by Sunday night.

88 responses to “ESPN drops Favre's "just move on" message to Packers fans

  1. Who gives a rip….PFT_TMZ. This just in again! —————–Why cant you spend less time on drama qoutes and more time on fixing the crappy login issues that have plagued you since THE MERGER TO THE GREAT NBC(NOTH BUT CRAP}

  2. I live in Green Bay, and Favre is dead on. These people do need to move on. He gave us 16 great years and then was forced out. He signed with a good team that has a shot to win the Super Bowl.
    So burn his jersey??? Give me a break. Get a clue. You’re embarassing those of us with brains. And start counting your calories on occasion while you’re at it. A dangerously obese city Green Bay is.

  3. ESPN is simply terrible. For as much flack as you people get at PFT, at least your articles are basically what a reader would expect. (for better or worse) ESPN is the most biased, backwards, and flatout misleading sports network that there is. If there was ANY way to avoid watching monday night games on ESPN, I would do it. The crap with not reporting the rothlisberger story, now the player friendly editing of the interview…. whats next? Instead of trying to interpret the news why not just report it? Btw, I’m pretty certain that everyone that takes the time to read these comments understands that PFT is going to do both no matter what, but its not like you are an exclusive place to watch a football game.

  4. This seems to be one of those things that they should have just left alone.
    It will now get WAY more attention that it was removed, than if it was in there in the first place.
    (Mainly because of sites like this one)
    Either way, the comment by itself means little…with or without the ‘just move one’ part…what else is he supposed to say?
    This seems to be classic “T.O.” treatment…lose-lose for Favre…no matter what he says really…people are going to tear it apart and analyze it and ask him harder questions…

  5. Seems innocuous either way if you ask me.
    Its a turn of phrase and means nothing.
    Welcome to the English language in the 21st century.

  6. After Favre blisters them Monday night the Packers will have no choice but to “just move on”.
    At least until November 1st.

  7. They should have left it on. As a Packer fan here in GB, I am actually disgusted at all the fans that want to forget everything he did. The guy never missed a game for us and played hurt numerous times (broken thumb on throwing hand for a whole season?). Plain and simple, the Packers wanted to move on or else risk losing Rodgers. We didn’t want him. So move on. I think it is absolutely selfish for fans to believe the guy should no longer play because we don’t want him to. Think about your own lives, how would you feel if someone decided how you live it? Sadly, the Vikings make a lot of sense. Hence the 3-0 start. The media is at fault for blowing this story up, and the teams who wanted Favre’s 39 year old service is as well (Jets, Vikes, Tampa, etc).
    …This being said, I will not be cheering for #4 tomorrow. Go Pack!!

  8. Working for NBC now, one would think you would understand that interviews are frequently are edited for time……..
    Why do you constantly try to make something out of nothing, especially when Favre/Vikings are concerned?
    Bet you don’t even have the sack to answer that…..

  9. They’re throwing Favre gear burning parties in GB this weekend and Brett can’t say “just move on”??? God I hope Minnesota pounds them…

  10. ESPN is giving Favre as much control over their network as Mike Sherman gave Favre over the Packers franchise.
    Hope it works out better for them. Or not.

  11. My ears must be deceiving me because i could have sworn i heard him say it during the interview that was aired on tonight’s (Sun) SportsCenter.

  12. Tuesday can’t get here fast enough. ESPN’s non-stop Favre coverage is beyond nauseating.

  13. Aside from cutting the piece because of time constraints, it’s obvious the Favre camp stressed it be removed because it may fuel a fan fire for Monday night.
    ESPN knows that remark should stay in there. Removing it means they lack journalistic integrity. You don’t edit that remark out, if they wanted to air a shorter version of the interview.
    The comment may have been meant for just those Packers fans who’ve turned on Favre. But the way it’s expressed might suggest he’s burned the bridge to the entire fan base he left behind. I don’t think that was his intent. Perhaps, they wanted it removed to avoid that misunderstanding.

  14. ESPN has as much credibility and unbiasedness as FOX or MSNBC…
    Florio, thanks for being the most objective NFL news outlet

  15. Favre 12-25 203 yards 2 td’s (to Harvin just to screw over my fantasy team that is playing against him) and 3 INT’s the last of which is a pick 6 to seal the game. 28-17 Packers win, that’s my prediction. Don’t like it? Make your own. And Vike fans rather than calling me names and making fat Wisconsin attempted jokes, give a prediction and stand behind it.
    PS. I don’t live in Wisconsin, never have, and I exercise 6 days a week, and eat healthy to maintain my weight. Unlike Vox. (Sorry had to do it) Nice game Bronco’s!

  16. I guess this is the difference when you speak from the heart. Brett doesn’t have a PR man telling him what to say like the Packers. Remember when they hired former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer to come in coach people what to say when the Packers forced Favre out ? I’m with just_a_ cigar on this one, I also live in the Green Bay area and people do need to let it go. For fk sake he’s just a guy who enjoys the hell out of playing football, if anyone should know that it’s Packer Fans. If you’re so compelled to burn all your Favre memorabilia because he’s playing for the Vikings you really need to take a long hard look at your life because Football has become way more important than it should be.

  17. I don’t see what’s so infuriating. Telling someone to drop the bitterness and move on is pretty tame in my book.
    It’s not like he told them all to go —- themselves.

  18. ESPN has deluded themselves into believing that they no longer just report the news, but that they own it and, in some cases, produce it.

  19. The difference in the wording is very significant.
    When the time comes for rememberances, marketing deals, former players events, writing team histories, and Brett’s need for love from the fans, Brett Favre may find that the Packers and their fans have indeed “moved on.”
    He knows that the vikings and their customers dislike their former players and have nothing to do with them (2 D-linemen excepted).
    A cold retirement without warm relationships is the price of “moving on.”
    Looking back on a on a career is less enjoyable when the view includes the charred ruins of the bridges burned.

  20. Shau3r said:
    They should have left it on. As a Packer fan here in GB, I am actually disgusted at all the fans that want to forget everything he did.
    Bang-on, buddy! That was one of the most realistic comments I have read on the whole Favre/Packers divorce saga yet.
    I love what the guy did for the team, but I wish him no ill will now that he has gone. That being said, the Queens still suck with or without him. 🙂
    Go Pack!!!

  21. Does no one else see the irony in Favre saying “just move on” when he clearly hasn’t? Maybe Brett should move on from the sport of football I just find it unlikely that he is going to win a Super Bowl.
    Say what you want about that win last week but everyone was just as excited when he threw 6 tds last season then it tanked at the end. Not because he didn’t want to win, or because he wanted out of New York but because he is old! If the Vikings are going to beat the Packers it will be tonight, still early in the season. The Packers defense has looked really good so far and the Vikings offense was disapointing last week. San Francisco had a clear formula “stop AD” and it worked, almost. If I am Green Bay I am stoping AD and making Favre beat me. Its not probable he does what he did vs. the Niners 2 weeks in a row.
    Prediction: Favre goes 22-35 with a touchdown and an INT (my guess is the INT is late in the game.

  22. Whatever, Florio is just a stooge for General Electric now…who knows what the suits at NBC are making him not report…

  23. Bob Nelson hit it dead on with his comment. After making the comment and viewing it as a trial balloon, Favre realized that it wouldn’t play well with most of the people that he hoped to have influence with after his “final” retirement. A large number of Packer fans and NFL fans across the nation view Favre as the duplicitous major player in the break up that sent Favre to the Jets and now to the Vikings. Fewer and fewer fans are accepting his “aw shucks” profile as the real thing and are starting to see a much less honest and decent Brett Favre emerging. Could ESPN be trying to protect it’s future financial interests with Favre by doing a little PR protection for a man not wise enough to do it for himself?

  24. I’m a long time packer fan and Brett is right……let it go and move on. He played 16 years for the packers and now he is a viking. Some packer fans disgust me as they think they have say over a person’s life. Players come and go….ask Montana when the train left the station on him for Young. Brett just wants to play football and no one can blame him if he just wants to show the packer management he can still play the game and yes he still can.
    Just for the record…I’m so disgusted with the blogs from so called packer fans….I’m picking vikings 20-17….also rooting Brett to have a great game.

  25. Yes, move on Packer fans! Move on like Brett Favre because if there is anyone in the NFL who knows how to move on it’s him. He moved on by retiring to finagle his way on the Vikings to exact his revenge on his old team that he has moved on from.

  26. Next time, I won’t trust your blog postings and will check for myself. ESPN doesn’t appear to be hiding this comment as I easily found a link on their webpage:
    So, they may have had one airing of the piece without that comment? That tells us what? Did they edit it for time constraints? Did they edit it to spark a controversy like the one started here so people like me would go to their webpage to find the actual soundbite still exists and there is no cover up.
    Let’s not do this little dance anymore. Maybe, you could do a little research before you post something like this. Or, maybe you’re just like ESPN, teasing us all with fodder to keep our eyes glued to your stories.
    Pulls two eyeballs of the screen after being fooled not once but for the 1,000th time.

  27. It was on when they just aired some of it 2 minutes ago.
    Me : You may want to check your facts Florio.
    Florio : You son of a bitch you set me up!

  28. Message to Green Bay fans: Just keep enjoying the games, eat your brats, drink your beer, and cheer on your favorite players as you always have. Oh, don’t forget to do something about that cheese smear on your forehead from your cheese hats.

  29. How many times do they need to show it? The interview was like 30 seconds. I blinked and missed half of it. Im not even sure you can call it an interview.

  30. Minn Star Trib
    “The stat 31 Teams that Brett Favre has beaten during his 18-plus NFL seasons. The only team Favre never has beaten is the Packers. And, of course, he never has played against them. Until now.”

  31. All this Packer fan crying is music to my ears.
    Once again, this burning bridges crap is just nonsense.
    These players don’t give a shit about what the fans think.
    It’s your own fault if your ” heart is broken” because he plays for the Vikes.
    Grow up for shit’s sake!!!

  32. “I live in Green Bay, and Favre is dead on. These people do need to move on. He gave us 16 great years and then was forced out. He signed with a good team that has a shot to win the Super Bowl.
    So burn his jersey??? Give me a break. Get a clue. You’re embarassing those of us with brains. And start counting your calories on occasion while you’re at it. A dangerously obese city Green Bay is.”
    You said it perfectly. I am a Vikings fan, Im not in love with Farve or have any animosity towards GB fans. I just want what any TRUE fan wants, to win.

  33. Go Brett I hope he just destroys them and to who ever said that the packers defense has been getting better you are crazy. They are giving up just under 130 yards a game rushing which is 23 in the league. Oh and by the way they are going up against the best running back in the NFL tonight. I don’t think brett is going to have to do much tonight besides turn around and give AP the ball. Vikes win 31 to 17 and AP goes over 150 rushing. Yes I am a packer fan but I am one of the few who remember favre for the good times he gave us and I wish him the best.

  34. Being a Packer fan I think many people are dwelling on the wrong thing for this game…..Adrian Peterson is going to have a field day against our defense….Farve should be the least of the Packers worries right now.

  35. When the time finally comes for the silver fox to hang up the cleats and retire,I’m sure he will be just fine. Hanging with the family,drinking beers with the boys,shooting deer and maybe coaching some high school football. For those who think he burned his bridges and will be some lost retired soul are most likely valuing yourselves too highly. Do you think he will wake up every day and think ” Gee,I wonder what the people of WI,MN or New York or thinking about me today??'” Get over yourselves Packer fans..time moves on. Lose the Favre man crush.

  36. either way it means the same”Kick Rocks Bitch”packer fans are nothing but a bunch of hanger on loooooosers that have no life. LET IT GO. he’s found someone new and more exciting

  37. Favre was NOT forced out, he retired cause he didn’t want to do preseason work (just like what he did in Minny). Management said get into camp or we’re moving on. He tries to come back the day after OTA’s end and management told him the truth, too late. Love the Favre apologists on this site.
    Then Favre act like a little T.O./Jay Cutler wannabe he truly is and tries to force GB to trade him to a division rival. They said, ARE YOU CRAZY, and send him to the Jets.
    Now he comes and signs with Minny to get “REVENGE” as stated by him on the Packers. Dude is a whackjob egomaniac.

  38. A lot of Packer fans have moved on. It’s the grandoise overhyped reporting on a few pockets of die hard fans. If the media wasn’t digging for scraps on every Favre story it could get its hands on, would anyone really care what’s going on at a bar in EAU CLAIRE? (not GB for geograpically challenged)
    It’s one bar in Wisconsin, not 5 million people of the state all meeting in Lambeau for a giant bonfire.
    What team doesn’t have their embarassing fans?

  39. @hrmlss – You want a prediction, here ya go……
    Favre 22-34 2 TD, 1 INT 300+ yards 2 sacks
    Peterson 200 yards Rushing
    Rodgers 25-40 250+ yards, 1 TD 2 INT, 4 sacks
    I admittedly don’t know who the GB main RB is, but I would guess he will get around 100 yards.
    Final Score: Vikings 31 Packers 10
    Get your facts straight dumbazz. While the words “forced out” were never used by either side, telling the man who has started for you for 16 years that he now needs to “compete” for *his* job? What a crock of shyte!
    Wow, the voice of reason. I don’t think he is gonna have a field day as you say, but I do think he will have a couple hundred yards. Some people just can’t get things thru their thick skull though!
    @Florio, I knew you didn’t have the sack to respond to me as I said earlier. Pretty much proves me right if in fact the interview was edited. Version I saw this morning was NOT edited!

  40. The Favre appologists on this site need to get a life. Most Packer fans have moved on. Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback, and most of us support him. It’s you that change your allegiances because a Hall of Fame retired, then unretired, then retired, then unretired.
    Can posters like Fan_Of_Four and just_a_cigar understand how most true Packer fans can be upset with the man? Oh, wait, you are too blinded by your god-like idolization of Brett Favre and your searing hatred of the Packers organization to see things clearly.
    But if the Vikings win tonight, you will all be redeemed because your hero stuck it to the Packers. Not that Jared Allen may be the best DE in the league and Adrian Peterson is hands down the best running back in the league…

  41. As a lifelong Packer fan, this is a big yawn for me. It’s not like Favre came into Green Bay two years ago and said, “Hey, I’m tired of playing for this team. I want to play for someone else.” It was the PACKERS who told him they didn’t want him, not the other way around. And they told him that after he’d had the third best year of his career, and led the team to a 13-3 record. Which, by the way, is the only winning season the Packers have had in four years under Ted Thompson as GM and three years with McCarthy at the helm.
    If the guy wants to play, and he still can play, then he has a right to seek employment elsewhere. Football, at the end of the day, is a business. The Packers made their business decision, and Favre made his. If Packer fans are upset about the choice Favre made, they have no one to blame but their own team. Because when you let a guy go, the possibility of him playing against you is always there.

  42. Favre is right. Its time to move on. He is happy where he is and I am glad for him. I never liked GB anyway. I believe the Vikings will win over GB because Favre is determined to do that. They didn’t want him as their QB when he got older and they were glad he retired. Favre stayed there too long. He should have moved on to another team that would appreciate him. He is a great QB and the Vikings like him. Favre should stay on for another year. And I hope they play in the Super Bowl however it could be the Manning brothers against each other.

  43. The reason that many Packers fans are upset is that they are envious of the talent on the Vikings team.
    Everyone thought that the Vikings were one Pro-Bowl type quarterback away from being Super Bowl contenders.
    Then the Vikings signed Favre.
    Now the Packers fans are upset.
    I am tired of this “don’t sign with a division rival” talk. Tell that to Marcus Allen (Raiders to Chiefs), Curtis Martin (Pats to Jets) and Alan Page (Vikings to Bears).
    Packers fans weren’t upset when Ryan Longwell or Darren Sharper or other Packers came to the Vikings.
    They are only upset now because they are envious of the talent on the Vikings team.
    Packers fans, please just be grateful for the years that Favre gave your team. Your team did not have to trade Brett Favre to another team, but it happened.
    Move on.
    Go Vikings!

  44. Hey “This Class Sucks”…..predictions are like buttholes….everyone’s got one.
    Why should Favre move on from a game he loves to play. My memory of last week’s game won’t be for the game winning drive and TD pass as much as it will be for sprinting 30 yds downfield after a pass to throw a block for his receiver. THAT my friend is LOVE OF THE GAME!

  45. The only way the Packers lose tonight is if Adrian Peterson carries the team. This is exactly the type of big, important, position-dictating mid-season game that Brett has never been able to deliver on. Stop Peterson…stop the Vikings.

  46. GobiasINC – That’s why they call it a “TEAM” game!!! No one ever said Favre will win the game by himself.

  47. Sterling,
    Couldn’t agree more with most of what you said. Here is the problem that I have and Tom Perlisso brought this up in his press conference with the Wisconsin media last week. Favre decided to unretire and the Packers went through a whole offseason program without him and moved on. Fine. He was then TRADED to the Jets. Favre had a contract through 2011. At the end of 2008 Favre says he’s had enough and retires. The Jets unexplicably give him his outright release at his request. THAT makes absolutely zero sense for the Jets to do anyway you look at it. Rex Ryan publicly stated he would love to have Brett back. Didn’t hear anything from Tannenbaum. The packer writer asked him “Why didn’t you just stay in New York with a team that was on the cusp and you had a year with to build on?” Favre’s answer was “None of that matters now. All that matters is the game Monday night”
    Within the scope of player contracts and the CBA Favre was treated very well by the Packers who tried to find him a new home. They had two bidders and the Jets won. Why did the Jets just release him? It makes zero sense. They wouldn’t have to pay him, they could have traded him and received compensation…I mean its amazing that they did that. Bottom line Favre finagled his way too Minnesota. We might all find out someday what exactly went down. We might not.

  48. @Ambrose
    Yours is one of the most idiotic statements made in this blog. Your stupidity is rivaled by only Florio!
    Except for one 35 yard run, the Niners stopped Peterson and how did that game end? Granted, it was one hella (lucky) catch, but in the end, the Vikings won the game, they were not stopped!
    You will see things tonight that will surprise many, including Vikings fans!
    GO VIKINGS!!!!!

  49. Hey Ambrose…..Is it my imagination or were the 49ers undefeated last week when Brett had an all world performance? Last week Peterson had 85 yards rushing, no TDs. He’s great….but Favre directed that game winning drive, threw the TD pass to win. And he also sprinted downfield 30 yards to throw a block after a completion. I’ve never seen Rodgers, Manning, Manning, or Brady do that. That’s what separates the Great QBs from the Legendary QBs. Favre is a Legend and his legacy will live long after he is gone. He ranks up there with Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, George Blanda, et. al. I hope the Packers focus on stopping Peterson….because if they do, Percy Harvin will have a career nite. And Favre will just be Favre….he shines on Monday nights.

  50. Yep Ambrose, the 23rd ranked rush defense should have no problems stopping All Day!
    SF has a tougher Defense than the Packers and Favre threw for 300 on them.
    Harvin is averaging a TD a game, don’t worry about him.
    Your O-line is also in for a long night.
    If the Vikings win, I’m wondering what type of excuses we will hear?
    The Packers have NEVER lost a game.
    The refs screwed us.
    The Vikings “lucked out”.
    The Packers beat themselves.
    A car wasd coming, it didn’t count.
    Rodgers was on gool.
    Or some other such nonsense.

  51. Me thinks the whole situation is vastly overblown, much like Favre’s reputation.
    Almost all (small % are still idiots) have indeed moved on, with or without Favre’s advice. For those that haven’t, the press picks up on their antics and attempts to have the jersey-burning idiots as representative of Packer fans. And that’s sad for the rest of us.
    Meanwhile, the Viking fans continue their smack talk of winning back to back Superbowls and how their team is going to win big on MNF forgetting the recent history of these games coming down to the very end. We all look forward to it but the pressure is squarely on Mr. Noodle and Mr Revenge, for they have already stacked on their chips in the center of the table and cannot afford to lose.

  52. @Schau3r
    Kudos to you and all the other respectful Packer fans.. I gained a lot of respect for your comments. I wish more Packer fans were like you and see it how it is and was! Too bad the morons who can’t get over the love lost have no perception on how dumb and childish they act.
    I think the Packers are going to show up and put up a fight that most Minnesota fans keep trying to ignore. I’m a Viking fan, but can show respect for a good team, regardless if they are a division foe or not. The NFC north is back!!

  53. Just more made up Olbermann-ization of the news by Florio. With Uber-Moron is was George W. Bush, with Florio it’s Brett Favre. Just “make up” bullsh– and say it enough times and the slavish fools will start to believe it. Fact is, ESPN DID leave it in and Florio knows they did, but since most people will just react to the headline – rather than viewing it for themselves. It’s just another example of how Florio is just a whore. He’ll do anything for a few bucks. He knows any post about Favre (true or just “made up”) will generate clicks (and thus money for himself) so he just sits there and like Uber-moron, just “makes” stuff up, time after time after time.
    It’s really sad that Florio has to resort to this type of crap just to make himself a few extra bucks. So there’s really NO DIFFERENCE between Florio and the street walking whore – each will do anything for a few bucks, although I’m sure Florio would tell us that he’s a “GOOD” kind of whore, wouldn’t you Florio ??? What a sad and pathetic man you must be.

  54. I could care less if Spurgion Wyne was our Quarterback as long as the Vikes are 4-0 at the end of the night thats all that matter, Green Bay grow up and enjoy the game, besides the Favre hupla, forget about it. Peterson will go for 180 and 2. Snooch.

  55. Seems kinda funny to me–The post is about Favre telling Packer fans to move on and most of the responses here are either bitching about ESPN’s integrity or are Vike fan’s telling Packer fans it time to move on. With the excepton of a few IDIOTS, most Packer fans “moved on” last year.
    Trust me folks, the last thing Favre will be thinking about when he retires is what his fans think. Hell, he doesn’t care what they think now, & why should he? That goes even if he ends up playing for every franchise in the league.
    Enjoy the game tonight.

  56. @ Fan_Of_ Four
    “you really need to take a long hard look at your life because Football has become way more important than it should be. ”
    – Says the guy who’s posting on a NFL rumors website and defends Lord Favre every chance he gets.
    You, gwinn(if that’s Gwinn, MI – your comments start to make sense) and Cigar should really try to get away from polishing Favre’s throne every once and while.

  57. Love how everyone has a crystal ball. If any of you knew what was going to happen tonight (which none of you do) you wouldnt be sitting on this site typing retarded unqualified “predictions” and “statements of future occurernces” How gay..

  58. Packer fans HAVE move on – he is a Viking player – thus – we hate you. Simple as that! Plus – I believe HE is the one that left GB – not the other way around.
    I think Viking fans should stop using Favre as a crutch – they are a good team without Favre but as long as they have him they are are ONLY as good as he is to the rest of the world.
    As for ESPN – they are morons. Being a Packer fan I was amazed at how many idiot-like comments they have been making.
    Should be a good close game tonight – Minnesota is NOT as good as people think and the Packers are better then they have played.

  59. I mean…its gay. Unless one of you people have 1.21 jigowatts coming out of your ass there should be no statements made about the friggin future as fact!

  60. @ supersuckers
    that’s funny ( the gay future posts)
    and all this time I thought Fan-of-four was female.

  61. People seem to selectively forget Steve Mariucci’s report that Ted Thompson sat Favre down the day after the NFC Championship Game loss to the Giants and told him he wouldn’t be a starter for the Pack come 2008. They were going with Aaron Rodgers.
    Favre made a decision based on the GM telling him in no uncertain terms he was no longer wanted in Green Bay.
    He bowed out, or should I say, caved-in. He thought better of his decision and said he wasn’t going to take it lying down. Can’t fight City Hall. He tried none the less, and the haters given cause to spew their venom.
    Any truth to Mooch’s report? Favre didn’t use his voice in the media, he conveyed it via Mooch. I was convinced when Favre’s family members confirmed it to a source I respect.
    It reinforces the perception of Favre the waffler. IMHO he showed himself to be the fighter that made him a future HOFer.
    Ted, Karma’s a Bitch.

  62. All of the new Favre fans speak as though they have been watching him regularly for sixteen years. And now they are Favre experts after watching him play three times. Mark my words….these are the (very important) mid-season games in which he chokes. What was at stake in your first three games? (nothing.) And what is at stake tonight? (everything.) Are you with me here? You can learn about the real Favre the hard way or the easy way. Packers will take it tonight, if Favre has anything to do with it. Stop Peterson, stop the Vikings.

  63. How nice of Mr. Favre to soak up all the attention while the real war machine quietly squats mountains,studies your D, and tunes his world class engine. Favre may the the story but the beast AD is going to run wild tonight. This game may be the most watched MNF ever and AD knows it. Must suck to be a defender when the modern day Jim Brown on jet fuel is bringin’ it.Pack won’t stop him and Brett gets whatever it is he wants out of this game with the win.

  64. If Favre had not jerked the Pack around for the last 5 years with his will I, won’t I game, he would still be the QB. for GB. Don’t also forget that after he retired, Thompson and McCarthey were ready to get on a plane to go down to Mississippi to announce that he was coming back only to change his mind once again. Favre wanted Thompson and McCarthey to kiss his a** and based on his lack of committment to the team, they were not willing to do it.
    I appluad Thompson and McCarthey for not caving in and can’t wait for Minn to experience the same garbage both Dallas, Philly, and now Buffalo are experiencing with TO.

  65. “People seem to selectively forget Steve Mariucci’s report that Ted Thompson sat Favre down the day after the NFC Championship Game loss to the Giants and told him he wouldn’t be a starter for the Pack come 2008. They were going with Aaron Rodgers.”
    Please provide a link, I call bullshit

  66. Biff,
    That story is bullshit. Thompson didnt sit him down and say he wasnt going to be the quarterback. What a irresponsible post. Prove that. Geez. This is what I mean when I say Americans are so stupid and the media knows it. Geeez.

  67. Biff
    I don’t get personal usually on these things but your last point makes you the protypical “American Idiot”

  68. just_a_cigar says:
    I live in Green Bay, and Favre is dead on. These people do need to move on. He gave us 16 great years and then was forced out. He signed with a good team that has a shot to win the Super Bowl.
    So burn his jersey??? Give me a break. Get a clue. You’re embarassing those of us with brains. And start counting your calories on occasion while you’re at it. A dangerously obese city Green Bay is.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  69. I’m a lifelong Packers fan and I’m sick and tired of hearing people defend Favre. I can honestly say I appreciated the 16 years he put in here and truly enjoyed watching him play. The Favre situation was unique in all of sports, so I tire of listening to the idiots who say “let him play”. He had an opportunity to go down as the one of the most beloved sports figures of any era in sports, but chose to shit all over his legacy and his fans. Don’t compare his situation with Montana or whoever else you want to dredge up. Montana did not go to an NFC team and especially not to one of San Francisco’s biggest rivals. While I don’t put all of the blame on Favre, the lions share is his to bare whether he believes it or not. Like they say, I root for the name on the front and not on the back. While I think Adrian Peterson will beat the Pack tonight, Favre surely will not. Go Pack and Favre, just go away. Oh yeah, one last thing. 0-4 and 41-0. Vikings fans will know what I mean.

  70. supersuckers & marcduke
    Thanx for the bullshit call. I’ve spent the last hour trying to find any proof of TT telling Favre he wasn;t going to be the QB. Geez

  71. packrulz1969 – Just curious? What do YOU do for a living? I think you should just give up your job too….and retire…..even if you think you’re still capable of making cheese or whatever it is you DO for a living. NOBODY has a right in the America “I” live in, to tell someone that they must retire and are not allowed to change their minds and unretire. Get a life idiot.

  72. Footbalrulz:
    packrulz is someone whose mind you are never going to change.
    He is one of those ilk that think his heroes” owe him something.”
    Packrulz: No football player needs to consult his fans as to what he wants to do with his legacy.
    It didn’t fit what you wanted to happen so he’s a jerk?
    I think it’s funny that people like you get your panties in a bunch over it.
    Then you call us hypocrites for rooting for Favre now?
    Well, I too, root for the name on the front, not the back.
    Typical classless fan that has to bring up the Super bowls, that is because your arguement is lame.
    I mean a fellow Packer fan is calling you an idiot, you can’t know a whole hell of a lot.

  73. Supersuckers says:
    October 5, 2009 12:16 PM
    I mean…its gay. Unless one of you people have 1.21 jigowatts coming out of your ass there should be no statements made about the friggin future as fact!
    Run for it Marty!!!

  74. Supersuckers,
    I hear what you’re saying. But have to disagree somewhat. I can’t explain the Jets simply releasing him. But it may have something to do with the complex contract Thompson insisted on – may have been easier and cost them less that way. We don’t know all the details of that contract.
    I think if Favre had intended, from the start of the offseason, to play for Minn. this year, he would have had the surgery earlier. He waited instead, and had it so late, he almost couldn’t play this year. Given that, his choices as to teams were limited – most teams already had a QB in place and one they were happy with. He has friends on the Vikings staff, and he knew their system. And he had a chance to make $10 or $12 million. Who among us would not sign a contract with a division rival if it means another $12 million?? He’s only got this one chance to play football. It’s not like he can leave the game for 10 years and come back. So what the heck. This was the gamble Thompson took when he traded him.
    I don’t agree that the Packers treated him well. For one, Thompson lied about several things, chief among them the story about him chartering a flight to go down to Miss. at the end of March, when Favre thought he might un-retire. He never did that. He was on his way to league meetings in Florida, on a pre-arranged flight, and stopped by Miss. to tell Favre they wanted to give him his old locker. If the Packers were truly in the right, they wouldn’t have needed to hire a high-profile, rather notorious spin doctor to spin their end of things.
    Favre, on the other hand, stayed away from training camp, even though it was his right as a Packer to be there, and by doing so, he actually helped the Packers avoid n even BIGGER media circus. And you know it would have been substantially worse had he come in to camp. He showed them some respect, in other words. More, I think, than they showed him.
    Thompson’s trade for Favre was more about getting something for Favre AND making sure he didn’t sign with a division rival, than it was anything else. Thompson had an obligation, under the union agreement, to either trade or release him; he wasn’t being “nice.” There are reports that some other teams were interested in Favre but Thompson wouldn’t talk to them. I don’t know. Personally I would have liked to see Favre end his career in Green Bay, but even Joe Montana didn’t get to stay with the same team forever. That’s the way it goes.
    In the end, you still come back to this: Favre knew the system and he knew the team; he’d played at a high level the year before so there was no obvious decline in his skills (remember, he finished 2nd in the MVP voting two years ago). But Thompson made a decision to go with a different QB. He didn’t have to take a hard line. He could have welcomed Favre back to camp. He set the tone for that whole thing that went down, and as GM, it was his responsibility, everything that happened. Favre was under contract to him, not the other way around. So this was a business decision that was totally in Thompson’s hands. He did what he did, and I don’t blame Favre for wanting to continue to play, whether it was in New York, or Minneapolis, or wherever.

  75. Sterling, you couldn’t be more wrong about the facts. I don’t know where you get them, but you can look them up. Brent was just playing semantics. Whether or not they chartered a plane solely to see him or not is irrelevant. It had NOTHING to do with his locker. They planned adding another leg to their flight on the way to or back from league meetings to talk to Brent, but he called back 3 days later to say he wanted to stay retired. Brent was just splitting hairs and has told so many lies that he can’t keep them straight or tries to re-write history with what he said publicly.

  76. You said it all by saying you cannot explain why the Jets released him either. There is no offseason in the NFL anymore. You are either committed 100 percent by the first OTA’s or you’re not committed and he obviously wasn’t. You cannot allow one player to hold up your team by sitting ont he notion that the one player may change his mind. You are suggesting that after Favre cried and said he was done and had nothing left to give that the Packers should have put a astericks sign next to Rodgers name at the top of the depth charge? With the footnote of “we’ll see”? No. They had to move on. Thankfully they did make the right decision. Of course he has a right to play and continue his career. The money? Its give or take the same amount he was scheduled to make in New York. In fact, he was scheduled to make a million more in New York. I think. The meeting you are referring to doesn’t matter. After watching that press conference I wouldnt have taken him back. Lost his edge. he doesn’t ooze confidence to this day. His interviews reek of self doubt. Like many of us he has insecurity issues only his are in the public eye. Thompson had a third choice by the way. Compete for the job. That’s what they offered him. Favre declined and that is the real reason he didn’t show up for camp. Not because he didn’t want to be a distraction.

  77. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere – Brent? I’m sorry….didn’t know there was a Brent in the picture….oh….maybe I too am playing semantics. Given that Ted Thompson has said very little about the entire situation…I tend to believe BRETT (a.k.a. Brent…I assume that’s who you were talking about). Sterling was more right than YOU were!

  78. WHO CARES whether it’s his fault or Thompson’s. IT’S OVER, they’ve both moved on, so should you. It’s the media, a very select few, overly emotional Packer fans, and a bar in Eau Claire that just wanted to get some free advertising that are keeping this stupidity going.
    To hell with the Vikings AND Favre, but this time he’s right. It’s time to move on people. Let it go, and focus on something relevant for a change.

  79. Supersuckers,
    You’re a bit mixed up. Thompson did not offer to let Favre compete for his job. Favre asked to be able to do that, and Thompson and McCarthy refused. They told him to stay away from camp. He did so. See this article in the NY Daily News in which Favre says he wants to compete for the job, but Thompson “pleaded” with him to stay away from camp:
    And here is one from the Green Bay Gazette that states clearly that Favre asked to compete for the starting job and Thompson told him no dice, that Rodgers was the starting QB, end of story:
    Hello, Whatthehell…
    I got the story about Thompson from the Milwaukee newspaper. They’ve got a reporter dedicated to covering nothing but Packers, and this story came out after the start of the season.
    You and I really know nothing except what the papers etc reported. You have no idea who is lying, whether it’s Brett, or Ted. But the Milwaukee newspaper, along about October 2007, corroborated Favre’s story. Which is probably why the Packers felt they had to hire Ari Fleischer, aka Mr. Spin Doctor.
    And by the way. His name is BRETT. Not BreNT. If you don’t even know his name, how can you possibly know anything else??

  80. And by the way, the Jets also released Chad Pennington w/o seeking a trade. Who knows why they did it? They could have sought a trade, and it was much later in the year, and closer to the season, than when they released Favre. So I wouldn’t read too much into the Jets releasing Favre, beyond the fact that they were moving on with a new coach and a new system, and that was that.

  81. Well Sterling I read your article and its typical Favre (if he indeed said those words) saying one thing to one person and another thing to another. In his interview on Foxnews last year he replied “Why?” to the will you compete for the starting job last year. This guy has mental issues and is a needy bitch.

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