Kornheiser says Favre is "fueled by vanity and hatred"

Just for tonight (and only tonight) we wish that Tony Kornheiser was still in the Monday Night Football booth.

Then again, we have a feeling that Kornheiser’s eye-rolling show-opening essay wouldn’t have included the description of Brett Favre that Kornheiser offered during Monday’s PTI.

Kornheiser said that Favre is “fueled by vanity and hatred.”


But Kornheiser might have a point.  If Favre had a true, unquenchable love of the game, he wouldn’t decide every February or thereabouts to call it quits.  Thus, Favre is driven to continue his career by more powerful forces, and few are more powerful than vanity and hatred.

So, yes, he wants to “stick it” to those who doubted him in Green Bay and, yes, Favre loves the attention, even when he acts like he doesn’t.

63 responses to “Kornheiser says Favre is "fueled by vanity and hatred"

  1. Kornheiser said that Favre is “fueled by vanity and hatred.”
    ….. Who amongst us isn’t?

  2. Thank God Monday Night Football does not have this ego idiot Kornheiser in the booth. He may be right about Favre but outside of his family does anybody care what he says? I’m waiting to hear kornheiser comment on his college team which made the NCAA basketball tourney last year for the first time and then last week the team lost most of their players over drug problems plus the AD quit.

  3. I bet you post 4 more Favre related stories before the game tonight……
    at least admit to your mancrush on the guy…..sheesh

  4. Now all you jagoffs are going to agree with Kornheiser? When before he was an idiot, and you couldn’t stand him?
    Yep, sounds like a typical Packer fan.
    Favre was the best as a Packer, now he’s a Viking, he’s bad and over the hill.
    Hey, at least your consistent in your idiocy!

  5. This is so not fair… how can one pick between Tony Kornheiser and Brett Favre… they both play the same position… douchebag.

  6. florio speculating again. what a bunch of crap. yea favre is going to go through the nfl grind just to play the packers twice. that’s stupid! did you even see the td pass he threw last week to win the game? he loves to win football games and obviously he’s still got what it takes. thats why he’s still playing. talk about hatred, what about thompson’s toward favre?
    you suck at this florio, you flamed out as an attorney and you suck at this!!!

  7. ….and I bet ppl believe Kornheiser when he says he left MNF on his own. I would bet money he was given the option to leave or be fired!
    He sucked on MNF and he sucks on PTI. Most children have more knowledge of sports than he does!

  8. I think greed has nothing to do with it. Bus Cook is the one who is after these big contracts for him. Favre would accept the league minimum if it means sticking it to Ted Thompson.
    & Kornheiser is dead on.

  9. Kevin Spacey is gonna kill Brett Favre and it’s up to Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt to save him

  10. Never mind that Kornheiser had a crazy man crush on Favre and anything he says about Favre is pretty BS. Secondly, that’s cool that you can read some dude’s mind. Such a handy skill, you’d think you could parlay it into more than a rumor mongering site. Seriously, let’s see you see a nice or neutral thing about Favre. You can do it I bet. Try real hard? No. Okay. Can’t wait for the next post slamming Favre unnecessarily. Let’s see if you can tie ripping Favre together with your assertions that the Viking are an awful team that’s going to be moved to L.A. Your standard double made up bullshit stuff whammy?

  11. Clearly a breaking news story!
    I would add greed too. Quite a nice contract to come back to.

  12. ……….and I’m fueled by my hatred of that worthless, know-nothing moron Tony Kornheiser. So what?

  13. If Farves going to be an interception machine, it’s going to be tonight! This could be very interesting in so many ways!

  14. I’m so sick of Brett Favre and his ” same soup just reheated ” crap for the last 3 years! I hope the Pack can find a way to open a can of whoopass on ” Brett and the Favrettes ” tonight that hell won’t have!!!!

  15. This isn’t a Steve Young/Joe Montana situation.
    Brett isn’t mad because the Packers went with Aaron Rodgers. Brett is mad (and spiteful,) because Ted Thompson wouldn’t let Brett run the team.
    Montana never expected to be able to name the head coach. He never expected to dictate personnel moves. He never expected to dictate the offensive philosophy and he never threatened to demand a trade if his team didn’t acquire the players he wanted. Montana never held the team hostage and never pulled a stunt like Favre did last week, trying to split the team and turn fans against the GM.
    Favre is a diva and he’s out for vengeance against Ted Thompson and the Packers, because they wouldn’t let him run the entire show. Plain and simple.

  16. So funny all these comments about Favre. Why
    can’t it be that the man enjoys the sport, can make 12 million dollars this year doing it, can play with Adrian Peterson in the backfield and a fairly good roster, and possibly try to do a Super Bowl run? So he’s waffled a bit. So what. Every guy I’ve ever talked to on the verge of retirement, with all the money they need, still feels their life is defined by their job. That’s how they got to where they’re at. Give him a break.

  17. Thanks footballrulz, but I’ll be covering my eyes and ears. DildoBaggins, that was great.

  18. Yeah, Florio, you suck as a blogger. You’ve only built one of the most successful blogs ever, from the ground up, and are now a part of NBC Sports. What an abject failure!
    I don’t check reader comments every day but NOTHING is more boring than seeing what the readers have to say when half of them are saying, “Write this, don’t write that, write that, don’t write this.” What a bunch of whining losers.
    Keep bringing it, man. Most of your naysayers are just bent because you hit it big and all they can do is “reader comment” all day long.
    Isn’t “envy” one the 7 deadly sins?

  19. The man is 40 years old and has been “old” for the past five years, his considerations of retirement are not because of a question of passion its a question of age.
    Why is it that every athlete over 35 contemplates retirement, yet when Brett does it, it’s unjustififed?
    Why is Brett held to different rules?

  20. I can picture Favre and Chilly going through the drive thru at White Castle right now… with Chilly behind the wheel of course.

  21. Chickenfoot says:
    Now all you jagoffs are going to agree with Kornheiser? When before he was an idiot, and you couldn’t stand him?
    Yep, sounds like a typical Packer fan.
    Favre was the best as a Packer, now he’s a Viking, he’s bad and over the hill.
    Hey, at least your consistent in your idiocy!
    You’re describing Viking fans here, not us. Consistent in your idiocy, that’s the single most hypocritical thing I’ve heard on here, and that’s saying a LOT.
    Kornheiser is a blowhard, but a blind squirrel can find a nut occasionally, and so Bald Tony can say something reasonable, occasionally. like this.
    Also, damn right Favre was better as a Packer.. He was 25! Almost 40 now, hence “over the hill”. Does that simple bit of math make sense to you, or do you think players get BETTER as they age?? If so, someone better call Tarkenton quick….
    ONLY cow-humping Dallas fans have all of you purple, celebrity-electing transplanted Canadians beat with the homerisms and “he sucks-oh wait he’s on my team now-HE’S THE BEST EVER!” mentality. DO NOT try to put any of that on us. There are some really stupid Packer fans out there, and on here, for sure, but I fear you just singlehandedly made them all look like Mensa candidates with that one statement.
    To think you were one of the few purple fans on here I considered rational..

  22. kornholer is looking for attention, thats all there is to this. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that espn let him go and he has nothing going for him, so he resorts to saying stupid like this.
    i’m so f-in glad we don’t have to listen to you on monday nights anymore. you’re a talentless hack and espn (however bad they are) is better off without you.

  23. and Yes Florio, you continue to squeeze every last sentence out of the Favre saga. “vanity and hatred” never would have guessed.

  24. Remember viking fans Favre’s love for incest too, and love for sheep too. Yup Favre is addicted to vicoden, incest and sheep, perfect fit in h o m o town Minneapolis, after all they do have a g@y 90’s and Lorin park right, LMFAO!

  25. Okay, this is seriously going too far. Brett Favre is not a Sith lord battling the powers of good for control of the universe. He is a jock playing a game for our amusement. Let’s keep the language consistent for an entertainment event. This isn’t WWE, though I wonder sometimes.
    Tony K’s statement just has no place here. It would be different if Favre were running around calling out Ted T and Green Bay and telling them to go to hell. But he is not. He has been fairly civil about the thing considering how much emotion is involved and considering what so many are saying about him. Very few people have bad things to say about Brett from their personal dealings with him over 17 years. I have a hard time believing that his is a terrible person.
    When the F is everyone going to stop crying over him playing for the Vikes. Green Bay didn’t want to put up with his special needs. I don’t blame them one bit. Nobody does. Hell I mocked them every time they had to go through it. But now they are dealing with the consequences. OMFG Brett isn’t an angel sent from heaven to be the perfect Packer. He’d a dude with his own life and wants that aren’t always consistent with his boss’s and his company’s.
    None of these asshats would give a damn if the Vikings were 4-12 last season and off to a 0-3 start this year. They are mad because this might actually work. They preferred last year’s version where he peetered out and missed the playoffs on an AFC team.
    Who are the vain ones? Brett who is trying to win on the only decent team that wants him (and his baggage). Or all the people that are pissed because he just might have success doing it in a way that they didn’t want him to for their own selfish reasons.

  26. Favre will lose tonight, bottom line. The Vikes are the worst undefeated team in the NFL. Even the Broncos are better than them.
    Once they lose tonight and win another by default next week in St. Louis, this team will hit some meat in their schedule and flounder like the mediocre team that they are.
    It’s funny how they add Favre and all of a sudden they are better than the team who faltered in the playoffs last year. It will be the same result this year. Only difference? Favre will win them 1 or maybe 2 more regular season games than last year. Playoff result will be the same.

  27. This from the same guy that worshipped Favre, as much as, if not more than John Madden, Christ last year he talked about Favre on just about every single MNF telecast. Well atleast Madden knows football Kornholer knows nothing. Wow, and to think I used to think this guy was allright. Wilbon should kick his arse.

  28. Journalist or Professional Mind Readers? So basically Favre was a Jedi Knight and now he has been lured to the power of the Dark Side. Its just football Flo. I predict AP and the Vikings D will be the talk of the game, not Favre. Not sure the Packers have it together, yet.

  29. Hey nerd, you’re right! Montana never did complain about the players surrounding him!
    Funny thing about that tho. Bill Walsh and Carmen Policy loaded that Niner roster with a who’s who of HOF football stars. During the Montana years, Those niners had the highest payroll, the best talent and the grandest perks. #1 in offense and defense consistently! What was Montana going to complain about? Silver played gatorade cups instead of paper? The teams payroll was 40% of above everyone else except Jerry’s kids.
    Nerd is an apt nick. Go back to protractors and pocket protectors, as football accumen is not your forte.

  30. I’m gonna unleash my vanity and hatred on this d@mn cat if it keeps pooping on the basement floor. Anyway… Favre’s a wanker. And so’s Kornholio. I still treasure all the games he played for the Pack. For me, watching Favre over the years has been a thrill that I will always appreciate. But it doesn’t change the fact he’s become a total tool. I’m totally tired seeing his mug everywhere… tired of hearing his voice… tired of the million posts that PFT and all the other NFL covering media pump out. Gawd almighty. I would respect him more for joining the Vikings if he didn’t have to make such an all out, over the top media circus style drama out of himself. He’s worse than T.O. in some ways. bleh.

  31. Enough with the freakin’ drama Kornholio!!! Whats next?? Before the game is Favre going to take center stage in the coliseum and shout to Commodus Thompson
    ” I am Maximus Favrumus. Commander of the NFC North,General of the Minnesota Vikings,loyal servant to Chilly Aurelius. I am ex son of Green Bay,husband to a pissed off wife. And I will have my vengeance,in this game or the next!” What a soap opera.

  32. psu, thanks for admitting that Favre is a diva.
    No player is more important than any team. Except Favre, with the Queens.

  33. “What about Greed?”
    He turned out a $20 mil bribe to do absolutely nothing in order to play football again.

  34. not that i disagree with korno re vanity, hatred (and yes greed as an earlier poster said…), is he THAT qualified to ring in…
    Joe Everyman says said that Kornho is “fueled by vanity and hatred.”
    But Joe Everyman might have a point. If Kornho had a true, unquenchable love of the game, he wouldn’t decide every February or thereabouts to call it quits from MNF or PTI or whatever silly show he is on at the time. Thus, Kornho is driven to continue his career by more powerful forces, and few are more powerful than vanity and hatred (and greed).
    and lo, doth not Kornho have the marker cornered on lust, envy, sloth, greed, gluttony, wrath, pride… and bad hair days, to boot.

  35. If Favre had a true, unquenchable love of the game, he wouldn’t decide every February or thereabouts to call it quits.
    Or maybe, just maybe, his “true, unquenchable love of the game” is what keeps him deciding to keep coming back “one last time.” Maybe he can’t give it up yet because, even though his body is starting to show its age, he still loves the game. As with anyone who loves something, making the decision to walk away FOR GOOD must be an agonizing thing. Ask Michael Jordan. Or Vinny Testaverde. Or John Lynch or John Elway….(no Elway didn’t try to come back, but his retirement announcement tells you all you need to know).

  36. Kornholio can’t go 5 min without sticking his head up Lord FavRay’s butt and slurping his good stuff!

  37. If someone would have described this scenario to me five years ago I would have laughed in their face. Packer fans enraged because their ol’ country boy hero had turned Benedict Arnold and gone over to the dark side, Kornheiser (of all people), one of the biggest supporters of Favre dumping dirt on him, most NFL fans seeing Favre as an egomaniac and a self-centered idiot – and the only people left defending Brett Favre are the Viking fans and pimple faced (post 96′) former Packer fans. Unbelievable!

  38. @packerblitz
    One of the dumbest comments ever posted!
    Yeah, it’s sad that people in Minneapolis have night clubs to go to… Opposed to Green Bays one and only place to go…. Applebees. Yeah, I’d trade everything for that. Before you attempt to bash Minneapolis take a look in your backyard. I’ve never understood where some of these people think they live. Nobody is flocking to come to Wisconsin. That’s like someone from Detroit talking sh@t about New York.. Travel the f@cking country and you will quickly realize that Wisconsin is one of the worst states in the U.S.
    Oops.. Second worst. I forgot how bad Texas is

  39. When you you people get it straight, we asked Brett to stay, we begged Brett to stay. He said no thanks, no thanks, wait… maybe I’ll… nope still no thanks. We didn’t cut him, we didn’t fail to resign him, we didn’t release him, we didn’t piss in his Cheerio’s, he CHOSE to leave! He was the best, he was fun, thanks for the memories but he chose to leave.
    Late April he calls up & says I’m back, awesome…wonderful…the sky has parted…were sending a private jet in the morning to pick you up!!!! Next morning before the jet leaves Brett calls, hey guys… after a nights sleep don’t send the jet…I’m not coming up. Again we begged him to play and he said you need to just move on without me. Ok Brett, will do.
    Along comes June 30th and he says I want back in, I want back in now, I want to be named the starter, I want…I want…I want…
    We want Brett to move on & quit saying we didn’t want him. Keyshawn Johnson was cut for being an asshole so yes I can see him wanting revenge, Curtis Martin was a free agent & was pissed at the Patriots offer so I can see him wanting revenge… Chris Carter was cut becouse it snowed year round in Philly for him…Shut the Hell up… All we did was offer Brett $20 million to retire & stay a part of the team! Yeah he sure should try to get revenge, I guess we insulted him by not offering $30mil.
    Last point… he chose to leave & when he left he slept with our sister!

  40. I.F. said “and, yes, Favre loves the attention, even when he acts like he doesn’t.”
    In this case, the adage “it takes one to know one” so holds true.

  41. hey kornholer, tell the truth ….. that penguin dance you love so much was just a cover up cause you couldn’t sit still cause yer ass hurt from …… well kornholer you tell us
    moron and i agree ….. you didn’t decide to leave …. you just decided to not tell us you were asked to leave cause you suck and no one could stand listening to you …. i’d pay jaws to bitchslap you if ya really want to be on tv

  42. socalsean tell the truth ….. your just jealous of people wearing cheese on their head

  43. ESPN MNF still sucks, but with Tony it was unwatchable. He is so into himself it’s remarkable he isn’t a chick.

  44. If people would tend to their own business and keep their nose out of other peoples lives things would be a whole lot better in this country.
    If Favre is anything like me he could give a shit what anyone else thinks about when and how he decides to play football or live his life.
    The people that want to get their nose into another persons business are pathetic.

  45. He’s made more than 20 million playing the last two years, no? Like 2 million more?

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